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Fitness Plans + Old Stomping Grounds.


And just like that, Thanksgiving is over. It was a busy weekend! I never understood why people said the holidays were stressful, but now I think I do – it definitely applies when the holiday involves travel! We were only in London for two days, so we had to cram a lot in in a short amount of time. But we did get to spend time with family, so we’re happy. Smile

I woke up yesterday feeling excited – because I was heading back to my old gym! (yes, I get excited about gyms). I used to go to Goodlife Masonville 5-6 days a week, but unfortunately I had to put my membership on hold when I moved – Brantford doesn’t have a Goodlife. I had to go in today to sign the papers on the termination of my contract, but since Monday is a workout day, I went to get a workout in as well.

(not my picture, but it is my oh-so-pretty gym)

I miss this place so much! There’s so much equipment and it’s all new – they definitely spoiled me here. So being able to do a workout in here again was wonderful. I felt like I was back in my old stomping grounds. Smile



Thanksgiving leftovers already being utilized.


2 eggs overeasy (runny yolk goodness, of course), a banana, and some leftover ham. There was definitely more ham being picked at while I was waiting for the eggs to cook. Smile with tongue out 



One more Thanksgiving event before going home – lunch with my parents and my aunt and uncle. We met at a Kelsey’s – it’s a chain, but the food’s decent!

My uncle just returned from a month long yoga retreat in India – how awesome would it be to do one of those? It’s very Eat Pray Love, except minus Julia Roberts Smile with tongue out

I ordered the Greek chicken on a pita.


Cucumber, tomato, feta, red pepper hummus, chicken and lettuce on a grilled pita with tzatziki and a Greek salad on the side. Every bite gone. Smile


My aunt knows me too well.


She went to a library book sale recently and picked up too new cookbooks for me. I love how my family just associates me with cookbooks and recipes – their always sending or telling me about new ones! I’m definitely the foodie in the family.

After a quick stop to see Laura (and drop off some maple bacon cupcakes – she needed to try them!) we were on our way back to Brantford. All the leaves on the trees along the 403 (a major highway in Ontario) are changing colour, and made for a beautiful drive back!



With all the massive, fancy meals lately Eric and I were feeling a simple dinner tonight.


I had two rice cakes with herb and garlic cream cheese and smoked salmon. Unpictured baby carrots and hummus on the side.


I love how smoked salmon seems to go on sale this time of year – I love the stuff sooo much, but I rarely buy it because of the price. Once again, Nadine gifted us with some – two huge packages! They will not be going to waste, I promise. Smile with tongue out


Fitness Recaps

I totally meant to do this yesterday, but, oops. Holiday brain.

This last week was week 2 on my Slim and Sculpt program with Carrie of This Fit Chick. The program is set up as 3 phases of 4 weeks each, so this week was a repeat of last week. I was able to bring up my weight on my deadlifts, squats, and shoulder presses – I love getting stronger!

Workouts skipped: none

Workouts changed: I moved Sunday’s interval run to Saturday, and changed it to the elliptical. I went right after baking cupcakes – and icing and bacon do not make for the greatest running fuel. Smile with tongue out I got it done though!

Workouts added: 2 yoga workouts.


Speaking of yoga…

This was my first week with Courtney’s October yoga challenge! I made it my goal to complete 2 sessions a week, and I got it done.

Both times, I chose to do 20 minute yoga sessions from I love yoga, but I can only get myself to focus for short sessions at home – a 60 minute class at the gym or in a studio is fine, but at home I need 25 minutes or less.


(my Hot Yoga experience – I do not sweat that much at home)


I did one session on Tuesday and one on Sunday – done and done!

Yoga’s one of those things I always need to talk myself into doing. I start out not feeling really enthusiastic, but when it’s over I feel fantastic and I’m reminded why I like to do it in the first place. Makes me nice and stretchy!

I hope your Tuesday is fabulous!


<— Are you “known” for anything in your family? I’m known as a foodie and known for making awesome desserts. Smile My love of sushi is pretty legendary as well. Smile with tongue out

<— Are there are exercises you have to push yourself to do but you feel awesome afterwards? I feel that way with running sometimes too…I have to force myself up and out the door, but I never regret it afterwards, even if it wasn’t a great run.


19 thoughts on “Fitness Plans + Old Stomping Grounds.

  1. I definitely get where you’re coming from with your yoga feelings – sometimes I’m really not quite in the mood for it, but once I finish it always feels so good!
    Congrats on the challenge this week…keep it up! 🙂

  2. You are totally right about your gym — beautiful! I need some new cook books in my life!

    • Even though I get a lot of my recipes online/from blogs now, it’s nice to break out a cookbook once in a while!

  3. Ohhh Thanksgiving leftovers… I think I’ll be dealing with them for quite some time as well. That’s awesome that you’re known as a foodie in your family though 😀 I’m probably known as the “sugar loving hyper one” or “the one who will never grow up”. Lol what can I say… I’m a big kid at heart 😀

  4. i adore hot yoga it is just so expensive near me. I love leftovers, probably the best part. Man I want our thanksgiving to come soon!

    • It’s expensive here too, hence why I won’t be going back anytime soon. Hoping to take a regular class at the gym soon though!

  5. I’m definitely the foodie/cook in our family! I feel that way about running….I really hate it, but I feel so good afterwards!

  6. Holy moly do we have the same life or what. I love smoked salmon and that looks amazing. I’m glad I found your blog and I cannot wait to read more!v Have a great day!

  7. Leftovers from Thanksgiving are almost as good as the meal itself 😉

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