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Candy Corn and Sushi Comas.


Happy Sunday!

Being back in school, I’m definitely learning to appreciate the laid-back atmosphere of Sundays. A day to relax before the week starts again. It’s interesting how when you’re unemployed the days all just kind of blend together, and a Sunday becomes no different than a Wednesday. Just sayin’!

Yesterday was grocery day. After my first stop (the farmer’s market, of course), I managed to lose my shopping list. Like, I have absolutely no idea where it went. So I had to do the rest of the trip by memory. Which totally allowed for some impulse purchases. Smile with tongue out

I had to stop in Bulk Barn for some ACV (yup, still going with that) and I couldn’t resist.


In a cute little Halloween bowl too!

So, now, this is staring at me from my coffee table. This may or may not be the best idea ever – my hand was sneaking in there all day. Smile with tongue out Such sugary deliciousness.

I also noticed that my nut butter stash was running low…


I can’t have that, can I?

Of course, I broke into both jars at lunch today (salad with chicken and two rice cakes) and they both got approval. Although the Skippy’s does have some sugar and palm oil, it tastes exactly like the hydrogenated oil-laden peanut butters of my youth. A little bit of extra oil and sugar is 100% worth that!

Although it totally lied – stirring was required. Can’t trust you anymore, Skippy.

Sushi Dinner


Date night!!

Nadine gave us a bit of money for dog sitting a few weeks ago and told us to go out for dinner. Of course, our minds immediately turned to sushi. Free dinner = we’re going to pick sushi. Minor obsession, no? So around 7 we headed over to Sushi Eight with growling stomachs for All You Can Eat.

Sam’s appetizer choices:


Sweet shrimp sashimi. Meh – it was ok, but tasted like regular shrimp to me.

But then there was salmon sashimi…


Salmon sashimi is easily one of my favourite orders at sushi places. So buttery and melt-in-your-mouth. Amazing.

Eric’s choices:


Vegetable and shrimp tempura, along with a california roll. Of course, I snatched up the pumpkin and the yam tempura – kinda what I do.

Also, some unpictured deep fried scallops and dumplings. His sushi appetizer necessities.

Sam’s choice of rolls:

Yoyogi roll.


Black peppered tuna and avocado with spicy tuna on top. The tempura bits were news to me (not mentioned on the menu) but I still loved it. Cannot go wrong with tuna two ways!

Odessa roll:


EASILY my favourite roll of the night. BBQ eel and avocado with salmon and avocado on top. Avocado, eel and salmon – my top three choices for sushi in one roll. Definitely can’t beat that.

Eric’s choices:

an AK47 roll…


With a name like that, you know it has to be intense, right? A deep fried roll with fish, salmon, crab and avocado inside, topped with tobiko and green onion.

I didn’t even know you could deep fry rolls! Definitely good, but a little much.

Black Dragon roll:


A shrimp tempura roll topped with eel and avocado. This is one of Eric’s favourite rolls – every time it’s available, he snatches one up.

We dominated our rolls (but of course, we share) and enjoyed our sushi feast.

Of course, I can never pass up a dessert bar.


Shared pieces of cake. Some sort of butterscotch cheesecake and a chocolate mousse cake (at least, that’s what I think they were. Really, I have no idea).

I’ve been holding up doing a lot of schoolwork this weekend (12 page paper? Man, I haven’t written an essay in like, 2 years. It is not easy to get back in that mindset) so this was definitely a great date night to break it up a little.


Always a good night with that guy. I love you Eric! (and he reads the blog, so I know he’ll see this later Smile)


Nope, I collapsed on the couch and waited for my food to digest – nice idea though! Smile with tongue out

<— Candy corn – love it or hate it?

<— What’s your favourite thing to order at a sushi place? Or are you a sushi-hater? If that’s the case, we might not be able to be friends. (I kid!)


8 thoughts on “Candy Corn and Sushi Comas.

  1. looks like some great eats!! I need some candy corn in my life, I need to buy a bag! Love the sushi too looks so tasty!

  2. LOVe candy corn but can’t buy it. i would dominate that thing till I was sick. i like eating it but with others. I am surprised i haven’t bought any halloween candy yet, sad thing about living alone

    • Hence why i stuck with a small bag – I could eat the stuff all day! And if you want Halloween candy, go to a bulk food place – then you can control how much you buy.

  3. Confession: I’m a sushi hater… but can we still be friends? I have a good excuse! I’m actually allergic to a lot of seafood and what not, which is why I tend to avoid it. Candy corn, on the other hand… omigosh love. If I had a bowl of it sitting on the coffee table looking at me, I can tell you right now that bowl wouldn’t survive longer than 2 days. There’s just something about Halloween candy in general that makes it more appealing than other candy…

    • Fortunately Amanda, you are awesome so I can overlook the sushi thing. :-p Of course, we can still be friends!

      candy corn is amazing – I’m not counting on the bowl lasting too long!

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