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Six Weeks of Apartment Living.


Eric and I have been in our apartment for approximately 6 weeks. So, what have I learned about independent living in that time period?

1. You don’t miss cable nearly as much as you thought you would. But, you miss having a dishwasher more than you ever thought possible.


Especially if baking is involved.

2. Do not buy plastic wrap at the dollar store. The extra dollar or so at the grocery store is worth the frustration and slight agony you pay otherwise.


Seriously awful.

3. Bathrooms get dirtier so much faster than you would ever expect.


Good thing it’s pretty.

4. Choosing holiday decorations is fun. Like, makes me incredibly giddy sort of fun.

PicMonkey Collage

Just wait until Christmas. I’m going to go slightly nuts.

5. Dinner is whatever the hell you want it to be. Even breakfast.


Scrambled eggs, a piece of (a little too crispy…oops) bacon, and toast, one piece with butter and one piece with no sugar added blackberry jam. Delicious.

Although it’s been a little bumpy in some places, I think we’ve done well so far. Definitely in love with our little place and our little co-habitating situation. Smile

<— What have you learned lately?

<— What’s your favourite breakfast for dinner? I’m thinking I should bust out the waffle maker soon. Waffles for dinner are always a good way to go.


22 thoughts on “Six Weeks of Apartment Living.

  1. OMG the bloody footprints. Hahaha I’m shaking. That is so creepy. And are those like…baby feet?! Eek!
    TOO crispy bacon does not exist in my book 😉
    Love doing two diff toppings on each piece of toast. I can never decide so I do that too. I don’t usually do breakfast for dinner though!

    • They are ridiculously small! I’m pretty sure bloody baby feet are even creepier than regular bloody feet. :-p

      And the more toppings, the merrier…why have 1 when two pieces of toast is the perfect opportunity to have 2?

  2. Ahh apartment living 🙂 I’m almost done with it, and I know I’ll miss it, so definitely enjoy! Super excited for your Christmas decorations!

  3. Haha omigosh I love this. I definitely know what you mean about the bathroom… and it’s probably the one room that I hate cleaning the most. Ick. I’m kind of a decorating fiend and I wish I could go all out for all the holidays, but one of the pains about living in an apartment is that storage space is kind of limited, so I have no idea where I would pack away most of my decorations during the off season. When it comes to Christmas, though, all bets are off. I stuff wreaths and garlands wherever I can. And girl you knowwww I’m all about breakfast for dinner. My favorite is definitely a big cereal mess, but I’ve also been known to enjoy waffles and pancakes on occasion 😉

    • My least favourite too! I try to pawn it off on the bf as much as possible. :-p

      I’ve been buying dollar store decorations, so if I have to throw it out (or it gets stolen) it’s not too bad. I’m SO EXCITED to start shopping for Christmas decorations. With a set of stairs in the apartment (and leading up to it) I can promise a lot of Christmas lights and tinsel everywhere. 😀

  4. i could not agree more with a lot of these things. i live alone and my place gets so dirty so fast i am like WHAT THE HECK IT IS JUST ME. crazy. i have a dishwasher but don’t use it. I am also thinking about cancelling my cable, i think I am going to miss it but it will save some money big time. i haven’t decorated, i feel like of lame doing it when I live alone.

  5. haha I still live at home but I know what you mean about bathrooms— they do get dirty fast!

  6. Hey, Sam. I just came across your blog after you commented on my guest post on Amazing Asset. I love this post! I’ve lived without a dishwasher before and it. is. torture! And I’ve always said that plastic wrap is one of my least favorite things ever- even if it is the quality brand, it still sticks to itself and not to what you want it to! At least you bathroom is very adorable though  My favorite “breakfast-for-dinner” is either an omelet with veggies or a bowl of cereal (<–never gets old).

    • Gad you like it! And totally agree with the plastic wrap…but at least a decent brand won’t make me want to huck it out the window every time I break it out.

      And you can’t go wrong with a bowl of cereal. Like ever. 🙂

  7. Oh my word. I would miss my dishwasher SOOOOO much!!! That’s insane.

  8. Is there such thing as too crispy bacon? I don’t think so. Haha LOVE the Halloween decorations! We have a couple, but yours are FAB. Totally feel ya on the not missing cable so much. Last year I got addicted to DVD television seasons and that passed the time. What I didn’t get used to was not having internet. Or the presence of some really nasty cockroaches and cellar crickets (*shudder). Luckily, I dont live there anymore, but I did learn to get over my fear of killing bugs, and got a lot more homework done since I had to go to the library to use the computer-much less distracting than home.

    • Ugh, I could NOT handle not having the internet! We didn’t have it for the first 6 days after the move and it was driving me slightly insane.
      Definitely appreciating tv shows on DVD though! We have a huge pile to get through that’ll last us a while.

  9. You’re apartment doesn’t have a dishwasher? I would die without mine! It was essential when I was looking at places to live.

  10. I’ve been living in an apartment for my first time for the past several weeks too! I’m lucky enough that my complex pays for cable and I have a dishwasher but I’m not such a fan of how much I have to clean, especially the kitchen. I just spill and drop stuff all over so it’s pretty bad by the middle of the week!

  11. I’m not sure if I could survive without a dishwasher. If i didn’t have one my dishes would be piled up a lot higher.

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