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Fast Food and Weekend Rambles.


There is absolutely nothing tying the majority of this post together, so a list-type post it is. (I’ve done this a lot lately, haven’t I? I love it though).

1. I bought a massive jar of almond butter about a month ago and have been eagerly awaiting it’s demise.


For some protein oats in a jar, of course! (clearly that was a massive jar. That’s 1/3 cup cooked oats + toppings and it barely got halfway up).

1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/3 cup oats, 1 tablespoon chia seeds and 1/2 scoop protein powder, thrown into a jar with cheerios and Cinnamon Chex. Delicious.

2. I’ve been eating the same post-workout snack for the last several weeks and I have no intention of changing it.


1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a frozen banana, 1 scoop Cookies and Cream Whey Gourmet protein powder, and a handful of spinach. Super thick and custard-y. Of course, eaten with a spoon.

3. Speaking of workouts, I have yet to see another girl in the school gym lift anything heavier than ten pounds. It’s just me and a sea of testosterone over by the squat rack here.

4. My birthday is next Wednesday. That means I am officially in pre-birthday week. First birthday present to myself? A shiny manicure.


The picture sucks and I am far too lazy to try again, but I assure you that it’s pretty.

O.P.I. colours – I remember looking at the bottles and thinking “I should remember the names of these for later!” Did I? Of course not. But the manicure was cheap ($15 all in) and they did a good job, so this may become a regular occurrence. And yes, I have the shortest nails ever. I wore gel nails for about 5 years and just got them removed about 3 months ago. My natural nails are still recovering.

P.S. I love me an accent nail.

5. I have a paper due next week that I meant to start yesterday. Absolutely did not happen. So guess what I’m doing today?

6. The comments on my last post were awesome. I’m glad you guys realize how ridiculous labeling our food is and that guilt is not necessary.

7. Speaking of no food guilt, I had fast food for dinner last night. No other reason besides it sounded good and I had no intention of cooking.


I was absolutely TERRIFIED of fast food for so long. It was greasy, it was unholy, it could not go anywhere near my body.


Not the case anymore, apparently. The only fast food burger in my life I’ve ever liked (and I mean ever, I’ve never even touched a Big Mac) is Wendy’s Bacon Mushroom Melt. I know I like it, but I haven’t had one since I was about 12. Whenever it came out (it’s a rotating item), I would always tell myself I would try one again. Every single time, I would wuss out – fast food was still a bit of a fear food for me. I could handle the occasional fast food salad or chicken sandwich, but a regular burger I had trouble wrapping my head around. No time like the present though! We each got a burger, plus I stole some of Eric’s fries.


It tasted just as I remembered it. A greasy, melty, drippy mess, but a tasty one! I didn’t love it enough that I feel the need to make it a regular habit, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. Plus the stomachache and bloating that happened afterwards is ensuring it’ll be a while before I have the stuff again.

So the lesson here? Fast food once in a blue moon won’t kill me. In terms of my recovery, this was another tiny step I still had to make. Not because I want to eat fast food often, but because I need to understand that EVERYTHING is fine in moderation. I feel like I’ve almost entirely wrapped my head around that concept – I still struggle once in a while of course, but I think I’m doing extremely well.

8. Speaking of fast food, it’s interesting how much it’s demonized in the healthy living blogosphere (that I’ve noticed, feel free to disagree, of course). You can eat froyo several times a week and it’s fine if you eat sweet potato fries at every restaurant you go to, but to actually eat fast food causes a lot of shame and need for justifications. Almost every time I’ve seen fast food on a blog, it’s followed by “I had absolutely no other option” or “it was a dumb decision.” Not that you should be eating it on a regular basis, but I don’t think it warrants any more thought than any other bout of less-nutritious meals.

9. I’m writing this at 11 pm on a Friday night, and I’m about ready for bed. Yup, I’m an old lady.

<— Did you ever wear gel nails? I miss mine, but it was too expensive of a habit to keep up when I got laid off and then went back to school.

<— What’s your favourite fast food item? Or, what was it when you were a kid? I used to love me some McNuggets.


16 thoughts on “Fast Food and Weekend Rambles.

  1. HA! I used to LOVE a Big Mac when I was younger. Of course I haven’t been inside of a fast food join in YEARS. The only thing that comes close is Chipotle. Love Chipotle. Of course my stomach can’t really tolerate gluten so that helps me avoid certain things.

  2. It sounds so funny to say ‘great job on the fast food!’ but…. great job on the fast food, hun! I definitely know how big of a step that is in terms of recovery, and I love how you said that it’s not about eating fast food every day, but about understanding that everything is fine in moderation. So, so true. I tried a lot of junk food during my recovery, not because I necessarily wanted it, but because I wanted to prove to myself that I wasn’t afraid of it. Fast food was definitely on that list, and I remember the first time that I had McD’s fries and chicken nuggets in years… omigosh it was like a little taste of heaven. Those were always my fave 🙂

  3. 1. I want me that much almond butter.
    2. Bitches got lift heavy!
    3. I ❤ gel nails sooo much better than acrylic
    4. Papers suck
    5. I don't know why I'm making such an extensive comment haha but great post

    Ps I also love Wendy's fries and frostys!

  4. I am so glad you did that. I am all about doing something that tests me in my recovery. I think I need those moments to remember the fight is worth it. You are one awesome girl to say the least.

  5. #3 is crackin’ me up! A guy at my gym just offered to move a bench so I wouldn’t “hurt myself”, I almost backhanded him with the weight in my hand. Burger King chicken nuggets or french toast sticks were a fav in high school…so yum & so kind of nasty — especially considering that’s what I ate as a snack! Your nails look awesome!

  6. You are awesome! I pretty much NEVER see fast food on blogs, so I love that you keep it real. 😀 To be honest I haven’t had a fast food meal in years (other than Chipotle and Subway) because I haven’t really had the chance – none of my friends/family even like fast food. But I have had McDonald’s McFlurries. Those are my favourite! 😀

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  9. Ugh, I swear it feels like it takes FOREVER for me to polish off a jar for some good OIAJ…hmm, probably because at any given time, I have like 6 jars open! Oops? And omg, it KILLS me to see girls pushy pansy weights at the gym! I saw a girl about my size the other day using 6 pounders for bicep curls! I was like, seriously honey, grab your ovaries and get a 10 pounder at least! 😉

    I’ve never tried the gel manicures, but I want to. We can’t have acrylics at the hospital (not that I would ever do THAT again…I swear I about lost a REAL nail the last time I was trying to get those off), but they don’t say anything about the gels.

    Good for you for stepping outside your comfort zone and going for the burger! I have to say, there are times were I get a fleeting craving for some of my old favorites (I was a DIEHARD McNugget girl), but just the thought of the havoc that is later wreaked on my stomach is enough to change my mind. Honestly, I’d rather make my own “fast food” at home. Nothing like a homemade, hot off the grill(pan) all beef burger! And I can load it up with whatever I want…no waiting for rotational flavors here! 😉

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