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Groceries and Meal Plans: 10/20–10/27.


Happy Sunday!

I got my paper done yesterday that I was working on as well as all my readings for next week, so I get a bit of a free day today. Fortunately the paper was only a 3-4 page-r as opposed to the 15 page paper I wrote last week, so it didn’t take me nearly as long.

I did groceries yesterday and realized I haven’t done a shopping/meal plan post in a while. So…clearly I’m doing on today. Smile

Yesterday I hit up the farmer’s market, 2 grocery stores, and WalMart (I have my main grocery store and the market, and then I check flyers for sales at other stores/WalMart. I am a bargain shopper, what can I say?)

So here’s the haul!



  • spreadable butter (I would rather eat butter than margarine, but I was sick of destroying my toast everything I time I’d try to butter it. So this will do!)
  • egg whites
  • unsweetened vanilla almond milk (I usually buy Almond Breeze, but thought I’d give Silk a try)
  • 2 portions herb and white wine salmon from the seafood counter
  • whole chicken (it’s buried back there somewhere. They had a sale on at Zehr’s for chickens at $5.00, so I was the crazy person throwing chickens around trying to find the biggest one)
  • Basa fillets
  • eggs (always go for the flat – we eat a lot of eggs here)
  • natural lunch meat – deli ham
  • unpictured cottage cheese



  • precut broccoli and cauliflower (more expensive to buy the prechopped stuff, but I really hate cutting it. I end up with little broccoli bits stuck on my counter for the next week)
  • bananas (of course)
  • red onion
  • romaine
  • baby spinach
  • frozen spinach
  • lime juice (I’ll buy real lemons, but I rarely use limes so I’d rather just buy the juice for when I need it
  • bell pepper

The Rest


  • whole grain bread
  • whole wheat lasagna noodles
  • red curry paste
  • curry powder
  • no name ketchup (that is bargain shopping at it’s best)
  • coconut milk (can you tell I’m planning a curry of sorts?)

And then me, just earning some girlfriend points.


Boy loves his Kettle chips. I aim to please. Smile

I tried a handful and they were really tasty!

I managed to come $10 under budget this week. Useful, because Eric and I have to do laundry this week (seriously, why are laundromats so expensive? Awful).

When I grocery shop, I shop with a meal plan in mind. I get the basics for breakfast, lunches and snacks (eggs, bread, english muffins, egg whites, stuff for salads, lunch meat, cottage cheese, yogurt, nuts, cereal, etc.) and then I plan dinners for the week. I usually plan for 5 meals, leaving two for leftovers, dinners out or quick meals (grilled cheese, anyone?)

So the meal plan for October 20th – October 27th.

  • Saturday: Wouldn’t-Believe-It’s-Healthy Lasagna
  • Sunday: salmon, brown rice and broccoli
  • Monday: roast chicken, sweet potatoes and salad
  • Tuesday: shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches
  • Wednesday: going out for dinner cause it’s my BIRTHDAY!! (can you tell I’m excited?)
  • Thursday: curried fish, brown rice and cauliflower
  • Friday: leftovers/out/wing it because that will be when we go out for the birthday!



According to said meal plan, I had my favourite lasagna on the menu. Eric’s friend was coming over, so I wanted a big, easy meal that I knew was going to be tasty. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out and he wasn’t able to come, but it means that Eric and I have lunches for a while. Smile


Too impatient to let it set properly = messy, delicious plate. Smile



(plus one more square that managed to make it into my mouth before I took the picture)

Camino dark chocolate + coconut. Definitely happiness-inducing on a Saturday night.

And I couldn’t rest knowing that yesterday’s manicure picture was subpar.


So shiny. Open-mouthed smile

Enjoy the last day of the weekend, everyone!

<— Do you have a washing machine? Or do you have to laundromat it like me?

<— Any meals you have planned this week that you’re excited about? I’ve never actually made a curry before, so I’m excited to see how Thursday’s dinner comes out.


14 thoughts on “Groceries and Meal Plans: 10/20–10/27.

  1. i am so jealous, I wish I had a walmart near me. I really don’t buy a lot each week because of the high prices. boo!

  2. Oh girl you are SO much more organized than I am. I usually have no idea what I’m going to be eating until like… 20 minutes before I have to eat 😆 I’m not huge on meal planning because I never know what I’ll be craving in advance, but then I hate not knowing what I’ll be eating because sometimes I just end up throwing together whatever out of sheer frustration. Ahh well… somehow I manage 😉

    • Hehe that’s fair! I feel that if I don’t plan something I’ll either be eating carrots and hummus or Subway for dinner almost every night, plus it helps with the budget a lot! I usually figure out what’s on sale and then plan dinners around that, unless there’s a recipe I really want to try.

      Yes, I am type A personality, clearly. :-p

  3. ZOMG the nails. The disco nails. ADORE.
    Is it weird that I find chopping veggies to be therapeutic? I pack myself salads for lunch each night and I always have to have them chopped into oblivionnnnn. Whenever I am doing so I feel kinda at peace!
    I have a washing machine and for this I am glad. I disliked doing the public laundry room thing in college. Just a pain! Although at least the laundry room was in the building. Some friends had dorms that had laundry rooms nearby in other buildings and I can’t imagine lugging the laundry to the washing machine in the winter time! And senior year my dorm room was two steps away from the washing machine room. SCORE!
    That bread you bought looks so nice and hearty. Love bread like that. Word to buying spreadable butter. Destroying bread while trying to spread a hard topping onto it is no fun. I hate when I go to restaurants and get hard butter. #foodieproblems

  4. I have a washing machine. It’s in the basement and it’s pretty much the bane of my existence. I’m glad I don’t have to go to a laundromat though.

    I’ve been taking a break from meal planning for a while because that works better for our current budget. I’m just keeping things really simple: hamburger, on sale or cheap vegetables, beans, rice, potatoes, eggs, on sale fruits. I haven’t really been doing recipes. Lately I’ve been craving nuts so if we can afford it, some cheap nuts are on the menu too. Nuts are rarely cheap though. Last week I paid $3.00/lb for on sale, not organic peanuts. They were worth it though. Organic sunflower seeds are around the same price (usually a little cheaper) so that’s what I’ll be going for next. I asked my husband if there was anything hecwas craving and he said bread, so home made bread might be on the menu for next week. We’re expecting a few checks next so it will probably happen. :). I kind of love home made bread.

    I’m glad you posted another picture of your nails. They are pretty!

    It’s great to see how you shop and meal plan. I really enjoy these posts. And your lasagna looks yummy!

    • I love nuts too but don’t buy them too often – they are expensive! I don’t buy organic in general as much as I’d like to just because of the prices – student budgets don’t really allow for that. :-p

      Glad you like the posts! I’ll have to make sure to keep them up once in a while.

      • Yeah, I can relate to the price of organic being out of the budget. When I was a student and before I was a mom, I bought much less organic food than I do now even though I did appreciate it intellectually and gastronomically. When I was pregnant with my daughter and even more as I was breastfeeding her and then even more as she started to eat solid food, organic became a bigger priority. We don’t buy everything organic but we do avoid all animal products raised with hormones and antibiotics and we do probably buy maybe 90-95% organic. Our food budget is $15.00 per day plus some splurges when we can afford it. We never eat out or spend money on entertainment (except Internet) and the rest of our budget goes to bills. I feel like we are making sacrifices but I know I have so much more than many other people, so I try to be grateful. I know I could afford more and different food if we didn’t choose organic, but it’s worth it to me. I hope that by spending my money with farmers who are good stewards of the earth that I can help grow the organic movement so that someday in the future, maybe even in future generations, the price of organic food won’t be unaffordable for students.

        Yeah, please do keep them up! It’s fun to see how other people plan their meals.

  5. Wednesday is ur bday? Yay!!!!! My best friends bday is that day too! 🙂 these meals sound so good!

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