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Restaurant Rules.


You know all those healthy living articles that give you tips on how to eat out at restaurants? Well, I don’t like a lot of those. I don’t eat out often (maybe once every two weeks) and I eat well at home, so when I go out to a restaurant I’m perfectly fine with ordering what I like eating that day, whether it’s a salad, burger and fries, or a massive plate of pasta.

So I wrote my own list of do’s and don’ts when it comes to eating a meal out.


The Dos and Dont’s of Happy Restaurant Eating

DO get to the restaurant happy and eager to eat some delicious food.

DON’T stress all day over what you’re going to order.


DO eat whatever jumps out at you as the most delicious/fabulous sounding.

DON’T immediately order the healthiest thing on the menu, simply because it is the healthiest thing there.


DO eat it the way the chef wants you to eat it.

DON’T make so many alterations you turn chicken cordon bleu into a plain chicken breast.


DO eat bread/chips and salsa/order wine/order dessert, if that’s what sounds good to you right then.

DON’T skip out on those “extras” because you feel you should, even though you really, really want it.


DO eat until you feel satisfied, and then maybe a few more bites because it’s so darn delicious.

DON’T decide ahead of time how much of the plate you’re going to eat.


DO enjoy the company and savour the experience.

DON’T worry about how many calories your eating, or how you’re going to burn them off later.


DO enjoy yourself and have a fabulous night!

Speaking of fabulous nights, I’m going to be off celebrating my birthday with friends tonight! We won’t be going out for dinner, but believe me , I will make sure I have an awesome time. Open-mouthed smile

<—What are your restaurant rules?

<—Any restaurant plans this weekend? Which one?


7 thoughts on “Restaurant Rules.

  1. Now these are healthy rules! I think part of the point of going out to eat is to enjoy the experience and the food, not to turn it into some horrible number-crunching ordeal that causes you more grief than anything else. I completely support being conscious of what you’re choosing to eat and not going crazy, but trying to keep it 100% clean and healthy kind of defeats the purpose of going out in my opinion… better to just eat at home. I hope you have another awesome birthday celebration with your friends 😀

    • That was my thoughts with this, I don’t want to feel stressed and guilty during an activity that’s supposed to be relaxing and fun. It’s not the end of the world if the chef puts a bit of butter in your veggies. 🙂

  2. I love this because it makes me so mad when people go out to eat to enjoy themselves and then in the end obsess about what they are eating rather than enjoying the company. Again, great post

  3. “DO eat it the way the chef wants you to eat it.” –> YES! It drives me crazy when people modify the heck out of their meals so that they end up just ordering plain meat and vegetables. That’s fine if you’re at a roadhouse or some cheap restaurant, but please don’t do it at a fancy upscale restaurant. It’s an insult to the chef!

    • Exactly! If you change it too much it’s entirely different from what the chef envisioned – which kind of defeats the purpose! People know how to make plain chicken breast and steamed veggies, why would you ask a well-trained chef to do it?

  4. Ugh, I HATE it when people make so many substitutions to a dish that it practically becomes something else entirely. Like, what’s the point? Just order something else!

    My only food rule is to stay conscious of my eating. I want to enjoy the food AND the company, but I don’t want to be mindlessly shoving food into my mouth long after my full point. For that reason, I usually steer clear of the basket of chips at the Mexican restaurants…but it only makes me appreciate my meal even more (you know, since I’m not already full on chips!)

    PS, that wrap in the second pic looks AMAZING!

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