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Ringing In 23.


Good morning blog loves! I missed you guys yesterday…it’s been a while since I missed a day of blogging. But I woke up yesterday feeling a bit under the weather (hung over, ahem) so I took the day off. But rest assured, I am back (because I know you were worried Smile with tongue out)

So, Friday night around here was a busy one. Why?

I was celebrating my birthday! (I turned 23 last Wednesday). It was one of those nights where you’re pretty sure you had a fabulous time. Winking smile

The best friend and three of my other London friends drove up in the afternoon to spend some time with me beforehand, and we headed over to the mall so I could pick up something new to wear that night, as well as some pretty new school clothes. I had a new accessory taken care of, thanks to an incredibly thoughtful gift from Laura:


A Coach clutch!

I’ve never owned anything even remotely designer label in my life, so this made me extremely happy. And I love anything silver (it’s my second favourite colour, next to purple) so I know I can match it to most of my outfits.


So pretty! (less pretty is my now-haphazard manicure. I should get on that).

After shopping, we picked up some Subway (no picture, but I had my usual) and then we headed back to my place to watch a scary movie – the weekend before Halloween it’s a must, right?

We put on a movie called Grave Encounters – I hadn’t heard of it, but apparently the sequel just came out?

Oh goodness. If you’re a horror fan, you will love this movie. It’s like Paranormal Activity, but it takes place in an abandoned mental institution. Terrifying.

(Fun fact: when I was about 16 I actually explored an abandoned asylum with some friends in a town nearby. It was one of the scariest experiences in my life, but how many people can say they actually did this? And yes, I did not believe for a second we were alone in there).

After the movie, it was party time!


Wearing my new shirt!

And I have no idea why I’m not smiling. I assure you, I’m enjoying myself.

Pretty ladies!


I’m not going to lie, I have no idea why there’s so much pointing going on.


The further we got into the night, the sillier things seemed to get.

Anyone remember Party Boy? ‘Cause Laura got Party Boy’d.


I kind of think I need to start wearing one of those hats – It looked surprisingly cute!


Best facial expression? You decide.


I actually have nothing to say for that one.


Super maturity right here. :-p

Around 9, we headed over to the Brantford Casino for a while. I went in with $50 and came out with about $70. Better than nothing, right? I don’t have pictures from the casino (apparently, you can’t take pictures in casinos) but I can assure you it was a great time. I met a few of my friends from school down there so we had a nicely sized group. Only a few people had good luck, but that’s a casino for you!

We headed to another bar for a while before heading home, meeting up with my brother and his girlfriend back at my place.


Awesome night! It must have been, considering that I didn’t make it to bed until about 4:30 in the morning. Smile with tongue out I couldn’t have gone earlier! We ended up with 8 people sleeping in my tiny-ass apartment (thank god for air mattresses) so I couldn’t really go to bed until everyone else was ready. It made for a long (but fun!) night.

So in bed at 4:30, awake at 9:30? Yea, I was not feeling my best yesterday morning.

Nothing a good hole-in-the-wall greasy diner breakfast can’t fix. Smile

We walked down to Lonnie’s, which is an open 24/7, breakfast all day diner downtown that serves everything from burritos to salads to ice cream sundaes. And breakfast – definitely much needed!


I ordered the peameal and eggs – 2 poach eggs, peameal bacon, brown toast and hash browns. I left about half the hash browns and cleared the rest of my plate – I was starving! And my stomach definitely felt settled afterwards.

The rest of the day involved a lot of resting, schoolwork and marking – I’m going to be insanely busy the next couple weeks! I’ve got papers to mark, a 10 page paper to write and a 90 minute presentation to prepare for. Intense.

And I finished the night off with a cupcake – deliciousness. Smile

Plans for today involve grocery shopping, hitting the gym and more schoolwork (of course).

Have a great Sunday!

<— When was the last time you had a diner breakfast/brunch? What did you order?

<— What did you do for your last birthday?

<— Do you like scary movies?


9 thoughts on “Ringing In 23.

  1. HOLY MOSES I need to see that movie. I am a horror movie fanatic and need to see that now. Man I need to find that movie. i am glad you rang in 23 with some fun and friends. Here’s to another great year

  2. Awesome way to ring in 23! Definitely hoping that it sets the tone for the remainder of the year 😀 My last birthday was actually pretty low key – just dinner and a small party at home with some family and close friends. I used to go all out with parties when I was younger, but I think I must be getting old or something… maybe next year I’ll try to milk it for a little more 😉

    And I do NOT do well with scary movies at all. In fact, that Grave Encounters sounds like the kind of thing that would terrify me the most… I just can’t handle anything psychological/asylum related. Even thinking about it give me the heebie jeebies.

    • Small parties are nice too! By the end of the night I was just kinda thinking “Ok…I want to go to bed now.” Can’t pull the all nights like I could a few years ago, apparently. :-p

      I’m thinking I need to find the sequel to that movie, it freaked me out but I love that sorta thing!

  3. Dang girl! You know how to have a good time! Looks like it was beyond fun! And I love your Coach! And your top!

    Congrats on the casino win…I’ve never gambled before…mainly because I’m too afraid of losing my precious moolah! Lol

    I can’t do scary movies. I quit watching them a few years ago when I met my ex-husband and now I’m like a total wuss! Think I’ll stick to my stupid humor movies instead…Monty Python anyone? 😉

    My last birthday was just supposed to be a quiet evening at the parents. Mom made one of my favorites for dinner (chicken pot pie) and pumpkin pie for dessert. Then dad brought out the apple pie shots (yeah, so obviously it was a PIE NIGHT!) and it was all over! I ended up having to crash on the couch because I couldn’t drive home! LOL

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