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Goal Talk–November.


Beginning of  a month means beginning of a new set of goals. Smile

But first,

Does the beginning of November mean the end of fall? Because suddenly I’m not craving pumpkin-flavoured everything.


Hello, banana oats! It’s been a long time since I’ve had them, but I was feeling a banana this morning. My usual protein mix: 1/3 cup oats, 2/3 cup water, 1/3 cup liquid egg whites in the microwave. Cinnamon, vanilla extract and a sliced banana mixed in with peanut butter and wildberry jam on top. Delicious.


I can’t decide if this is genius or madness.


I had some leftover tuna salad from the tuna melts I made on Tuesday. I was having a sweet potato craving, so I microwaved a sweet potato and the tuna on top with a bit of cheddar. Sweet potato tuna melt?


It was delicious, so I’m going to have to go with genius.


First, reviewing the goals I made for October.

1. Do yoga twice a week.

Did I accomplish this? Well…sorta.

For the first two weeks, yes – I was enthusiastic and loving it. By the third week my enthusiasm was beginning to wane, and by the end of the month? Didn’t do one session by the final week. I had gotten busy, yes, but I’m realizing that I’m more inclined to commit to yoga when it’s once every week or two. I enjoy it, but I usually don’t enjoy it until it’s over, you know? I’ll still try to break out the yoga mat for a session once in a while, but I won’t stress out over how often I do it.


2. Up my protein up to 110 – 130 grams a day.

Done and done. Smile I was routinely hitting my protein goal – I tried not to rely too much on powders, but a scoop of whey during the day and a 1/2 – full scoop of casein before bed definitely helped. I also made sure every meal and snack had some sort of protein. Keeping this up should be no problem at all, now that I’ve gotten into a good routine with it.

Protein molecule. Biology lesson? You’re welcome. 🙂


3. Eat more in general.

Yes and no. I’ve come to some realizations lately, that I will elaborate on in a post next week – I have a lot to say about the topic.


4. Have a fabulous Thanksgiving, birthday and Halloween.

Thanksgiving? Minus a little bit of food guilt/anxiety, done. Birthday? Absolutely fabulous. Halloween? Subpar, but at least there was Nightmare Before Christmas. Smile


So all in all, pretty happy with those goals!

And the new ones:


1. Stop counting.

Again, going to elaborate more in a future post (look for it Tuesday) but I’ve realized I’m happier when my food doesn’t have numbers. I know how to eat a higher protein diet so I know counting protein grams/anything else isn’t necessary.


No numbers, unless being rated on a deliciousness scale.

2. Keep on top of my schoolwork while still allowing time for myself daily.

I was explaining to my mom the other day that things like cooking and blogging are my de-stress time. But it’s hard to put a lot of time into it daily while staying on top of my schoolwork. So the plan: Work on school related things until dinner, then it’s food, blogging and couple time with the boy. I don’t believe in an all-or-nothing approach when it comes to school – I do better when I don’t obsess and force myself to do nothing else but schoolwork.


3. Have a fabulous time in Chicago!

I’m off the Chicago for a conference in mid-November! Although I’m going to be at the conference for a lot of the trip (obviously) I will have some free time and plan on using it exploring and eating my way around the city. Clearly, starting with some deep dish pizza.

This needs to be in my belly.


4. Keep chugging away at Slim and Sculpt.

On Sunday, I will be halfway done my program with Carrie. I feel like I am starting to see some good results! It’s definitely gotten harder in phase 2, but I’m determined to stick with it.


And that just about covers it. Have a fabulous Friday!


<— Are you still on the pumpkin bandwagon?

<— What are your goals in November?


14 thoughts on “Goal Talk–November.

  1. To be honest, I don’t think I ever hopped on the pumpkin bandwagon this year. I tried to get a few pumpkin things in me just to say that I did, but other than that… haven’t really been craving the orange stuff. Apples, on the other hand… yeah… we’re just not going to go there. And I can’t wait to read your thoughts about eating more and stopping the counting. You probably know how I feel about that stuff, so I’m super curious to see what your experiences with it are!

  2. I am totally with you when it comes to trying to eat more protein, eating more in general, and stopping the counting. I’m trying to get out of the habit of putting numbers in everything. Also, I want to try to drink more water!

  3. I am loving your goals, so realistic and positive. I need to get that much protein, so says my stomach doctor. I need to start catching some of your vibes. You are rocking it! Can’t wait to hear about your elaboration on eating more/less. I never calorie counted but glad I never did, food doesn’t have numbers in my book.

  4. I can’t stop looking at that pizza. It looks so good. I think those are pretty good goals… can’t wait to read how it goes for you! The counting thing is something a lot of us continue to work on, I think. Happy November 🙂

  5. Always have wanted to try deep dish pizza in Chicago. Envious! Excited to read about your realizations about food/numbers. That has been huge for me in recovery. I was at a Mexican restaurant a couple weeks ago and left realizing I had no idea how many chips I’d eaten. DAMN that was a good feeling! We must be breakfast twins b/c my breakfast this morning was a similar banana mess in a bowl and it was fabulous. OK, I want that sweet potato and tuna. IN MY STOMACH. NOW.

    • And cue craving for Mexican 😉 that is definitely a fantastic feeling! So happy you got to experience that ❤

      And I'm cool with being breakfast twin! :-p

      I'm glad you think it sounds good! My mom just emailed me like "umm…that's weird." Weird, but delicious. 😀

  6. Um, hello?! The tuna melt tater is totally genius and I can say that because I’ve done it! I probably put the idea in your head without you even realizing it. Mmmhmm, check my ninja mind skills gurl! 😉

    Stil craving pumpkin, but I will say not quite as much as last month…now I’m all about the cranberries!

    Holy mother of pearl! I NEED THAT PIZZA NOOOOOOOW!

    Um, is it wrong that I can’t look at the protein molecule without thinking it looks like a sperm? 😉

  7. Wellll I’m still on the pumpkin train. I went to Bath and Body to get more pumpkin cupcake candles and they were like…sorry, we only have winter scents now that its November. So you might be right about Fall being over 😦
    Can’t wait to see your Tuesday post!

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