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At Least I Stopped at 35.


Yay weekend! Any exciting plans?

My weekend is going to be a continuation of what I did all yesterday – essentially, schoolwork. I’ve got a 90 minute presentation and a 10 page paper due next week, so definitely going to be busy with school this weekend.

I did make sure to throw some tasty meals in there yesterday!


Quinoa with raisins, arugula and two sunny side up eggs on top.


Love egg yolk on arugula! Delicious.

It’s a friend from my program’s birthday today (Happy birthday Tim!) so my program went out to Viet Thai last night to celebrate. It was FREEZING out (I broke out the winter coat and scarf for the first time this year) so I ordered a bowl of seafood Tom Yum (hot and sour soup) to warm up a little bit.


It definitely did the trick! I love Tom Yum soup, although I find some versions to be spicy while others to be on the tame side…this was definitely the former! Spicy food is one way to warm up the belly. Smile with tongue out


Not going to lie, some of the seafood in there was mystery fish/shellfish. There was shrimp and crabmeat, but the other stuff…squid maybe? Or scallops? It was tasty, so I guess that’s all that mattered.

Afterwards, we headed to the casino. Going to a casino two weekends in a row kind of makes me seem like a gambler, doesn’t it? But I promise – only the fourth time I’ve been to a casino!

It was not my lucky night – I got down $35 and I called it a night. Those slot machines were little thieves!

I was home before 11:00 and my sweet tooth was calling:


Followed by peanut butter on a rice cake – I love soup but it doesn’t fill me up for long!

Today will be some grocery shopping, meal planning and more paper-writing…the plan is to (hopefully) get it done today. Have a great Saturday!

<— Do you have a favourite Thai food order?

<— When was the last time you were at a casino? Were you lucky?

13 thoughts on “At Least I Stopped at 35.

  1. Hey at least you didn’t lose too much! It’s an experience everyone has to have… In moderation! Good luck with all your work this weekend- that was me last week and it definitely isn’t fun!

  2. Ack good luck on all of your homework, girl! Just remember… it’ll all be over soon! The last time I was at a casino was innnn… June? I was in Vegas and ended up winning $500, so that was kind of nice. Too bad I blew it all shopping 😆

  3. man that soup does look good but I am with you, never fills me up for long. I hope you have a great weekend!

  4. My weekend is going to be spent writing a paper too. Yuck! 😦 Good luck with yours!

    I’ve actually never been to a casino or bought a lottery ticket or anything. I’m too scared of losing money haha.

  5. TEN pages?! Ugh, good luck girlie! Definitely doesn’t make me miss school!

    I just recently tried Thai food for the first time! I ordered a pineapple curry and I was in love with the first bite! It only had a little bit of spice…just enough for this little wimp! 😉

    I’ve never been to a casino and I’ve never bought a lottery ticket. I like my money and I like to keep it…and I only say that because I believe I have the worst luck! Haha!

    And ps, egg yolk on ANYTHING is delicious! 😀

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