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Groceries and Meal Plan 11/3–11/09.


Good morning!

Hope everyone’s weekend has been fabulous so far…I’m still buried in schoolwork over here. The paper is slowly coming together though – almost there!

I took a study break yesterday for grocery shopping/meal planning. And by took a break, I mean it took me about 3 hours. Smile with tongue out We needed a lot, so it was one of those hit-up-multiple stores kinda thing. I went to the Farmer’s Market, the Dollar Store, the mall, Walmart and three grocery stores. But I got a lot of food and stayed in budget, so mission accomplished. Smile



  • deli ham
  • 3 1 lb containers of ground chicken ($1 each!! Can’t beat that)
  • a package of pork side ribs (Eric’s favourite, definitely going for girlfriend points here)
  • flat of eggs
  • almond milk (unsweetened original…I prefer vanilla, but they didn’t have it)
  • extra firm tofu
  • 2% plain Greek yogurt (Danone Oikos)



  • whole wheat english muffins
  • whole wheat bread
  • spaghetti
  • egg noodles (no plans for these yet, but I love them and they were on sale. So into the cart they went)



Loaded up!

  • sweet potatoes (3 lbs for $3.50 at the market…unbeatable)
  • grapes
  • red bell pepper
  • green beans
  • baby carrots
  • spinach (buried under the carrots)
  • apple juice (for ACV cocktail purposes)
  • pineapple



  • paper towel, dish soap and kleenex (all dollar store purchases. Yup, I’m that cheap)
  • PopChips (they were on sale…could not help myself. Smile)
  • frozen meals (for Eric when I’m not home)
  • cheap BBQ sauce (for the ribs)
  • rice cakes

I think I came in at maybe $2 under budget? I’ll take it.

Extra purchases:


Gotta load up! I was actually planning on getting vanilla this time, but they were out. But, I can never say no to chocolate. Smile You’d think I would just try a different brand, but nope – I love my Whey Gourmet



I FINALLY got a foam roller!

The program I’m doing right now incorporates a lot of lower body work (read: squats and deadlifts) so the muscles in my legs have been super tight lately.


I’ll definitely be spending a lot of time with this baby over the next couple of weeks. Smile

The Meal Plan

Dinners for the week:

  • Saturday – soup and sandwiches (was originally on the plan for last Thursday, but I got caught up at school and we ended up just having leftovers)
  • Sunday – spaghetti with ground chicken Bolognese
  • Monday – chicken breasts with sweet potato fries and green beans
  • Tuesday – leftovers/wing it
  • Wednesday – slow cooker ribs and salad (so excited to finally break out the slow cooker!)
  • Thursday – leftovers/wing it
  • Friday – smoked ham with pineapple and veggies (either leftover beans or salad)

And that’s the plan, anyways. I’m not super strict about it by any means – I’ll switch it around or remove/add stuff if need be. I just like having a general idea of what I’m going to be making that week.


As per the meal plan, soup and sandwiches tonight.

I’ve had a huge craving for butternut squash soup lately, and the other day I noticed a recipe for curried butternut squash and apple soup in the November issue of Shape.


I didn’t follow the recipe 100% to a tee (but close enough that I can’t repeat the recipe here) but it turned out fabulously.

Velvety, thick and delicious. Although, making a pureed soup when the only blender-like device you have is a Magic Bullet is a little bit of a pain. A lot of blending in batches!


Totally worth it because it was awesome.

Complete with sandwiches:


Grilled cheese made with cheddar, ham and spinach. Made for a fabulous (and filling!) dinner!

Enjoy the final day of your weekend!

<— What do you buy from the dollar store?

<— Do you foam roll?


11 thoughts on “Groceries and Meal Plan 11/3–11/09.

  1. Hehe your big grocery hauls sound a lot like mine – tonnes of stores to visit. SO annoying when you have to visit a place for like… one thing… and then you end up leaving with 3 bags of stuff that you ‘didn’t know you needed’ 😉 You got a foam roller! Woop! Prepare to love/hate it. I’ve been trying to do a lot more foam rolling lately because walking has been leaving my legs sore, and it definitely helps loosen things up. And your curried apple butternut soup reminds me of one of my favorite soup recipes… I think I’m going to have to pull that one out and make it soon.

  2. I buy cleaning supplies and ibuprofen at the dolor store, and if it’s the season, holiday decorations!

  3. Ugh, I’m jealous of your tub of 2% Oikos! I just recently found the whole milk version and I love it, but the 2% is my FAVE! I definitely give you props for meal planning. I’m such a “free spirit” that I tend to rebel against myself if I try to plan out my eats for the week. I can never pick my clothes out the night before either…always end up changing my mind! Lol

    Nice job on the soup with only a Magic Bullet! And that grilled sammich 😉 looks like the perfect compliment! Mmmm!

    I love hitting up the dollar store for little odds and ends…mine has a pretty good selection when it comes to mixed nuts, trail mixes, and “healthy” chips like baked sweet potato ones…sadly no Pop Chips though. That would ROCK!

    I love/hate foam rolling like most everyone. I think it would be so much better if I could just pay someone to do it for me! Lol

  4. I wish I was better about the meal planning thing. Your week looks like it’s going to be filled with lots of delicious things 🙂 It’s always so hard to figure out what to make for dinner after being at class/practice all day, and then I get home and I’ll have an idea of what I want, but I won’t always be ready with thawed chicken or whatever else I’m planning on eating.
    I love the foam roller. It literally works miracles on my legs in between massages.

    • That’s pretty much the reason why I started meal planning…I’d get home and want chicken tacos or something, and of course, everything is in the freezer. So I’d end up with a salad or a bowl of cereal or something! Not nearly as much fun.

  5. POP CHIPS my favorite. I seriously love them, don’t get to buy them a lot unless they are on sale but totally my favorite thing alive. I wish I meal planned because I seriously lack on all good choices lately, I have been slacking … not good.

  6. I usually go to multiple grocery stores too! But lately to save time I’ve just been going to Loblaws because it’s my favourite and it has most of the stuff I need (Except for kabocha squash. Boo! :()

    I like to get parchment paper/wax paper from the dollar store. Oh and also jars for storing my grains and flours! You can’t beat the $1 price tag on those.

    • Is it the Loblaws in Masonville? I used to go to that one all the time, I liked it a lot.

      I bought my last batch of mason jars from the grocery store…pretty cheap, but not that cheap! I’ll have to look for them next time I’m at the dollar store.

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