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6 Down, 6 To Go.


Happy Monday!

Sunday mornings are definitely happier than Monday’s around here (especially Sunday’s where I get an extra hour of sleep!)…early morning class (and I have to be there half an hour early today) means a lot of rushing around.

And I might be biased about Sundays because of this.


Chocolate chips in my protein pancake. Never deny the sweet tooth, even with breakfast. Smile

Workout Plan

So yesterday I completed the final workout in week 6 of my Slim and Sculpt workout with Carrie of This Fit Chick.


This means I am officially halfway done the program! This was week 2 in phase 2 of the program, so it was a repeat of last week. I followed the plan to a tee this week – no changes to the workouts, and no added workouts either. It’s definitely working so far, I’m starting to notice a difference in my leg muscles – they feel stronger and they’re starting to look more muscled too!

In the first week, I had a lot of trouble getting through the circuit workout. I already feel like I’m improving with them, so I’m ready to completely rock them out next week! Smile Of course, looking forward to seeing more changes as I keep building that muscle.


Sunday night dinners should always be something hearty, shouldn’t they?


Spaghetti with meat sauce always screams comforting and homey to me. I’m usually too lazy to make homemade sauce, but I always amp up the jarred sauces I buy. For this sauce, I sautéed a chopped onion, 2 teaspoons garlic, 1/2 diced bell pepper, a pound of ground chicken and a bunch of Italian seasoning until cooked. I added the jar of sauce and a few handfuls of chopped spinach. Sneaky way to add veggies while adding flavour and bulk – it’s a good way to go about it. Smile

Although, I realized halfway through cooking that I didn’t have Parmesan cheese. Definite fail – just not the same without the cheese.

Nonetheless, still made for a good Sunday night dinner.

Off to start the long day at school – have a good Monday, everyone!

<— Random side note: I have the driest lips EVER right now. As in, so dry chapstick barely does anything. Any suggestions?

<— Are you a chocolate-with-breakfast sort of person? I’m of the chocolate-at-any-time sort, myself. Smile with tongue out


16 thoughts on “6 Down, 6 To Go.

  1. Woop! Congrats on rocking your workouts, girlie! So exciting to see changes and feel like you’re getting stronger, eh? 😀 And definitely exciting to wake up to the promise of chocolate 😉 I used to be a biiiiiig fan of chocolate for breakfast back when I was having oatmeal every day, but it kind of died off since I started eating more cereal. Might have to look into bringing it back. As for the dry lips, I’d probably recommend a lip scrub. If you have a LUSH near you, they sell some amazing lip scrubs. Or you could make your own by mixing some sugar with olive oil and working that into your lips. There should be a tonne of recipes that you can find online… but yeah,… if you have a lot of dead dry skin built up, then chapstick won’t do much so you have to get that off first.

  2. I love chocolate, but mostly for dessert (unless it’s in the form of hot chocolate). I do have a massive sweet tooth, though, especially at breakfast! Your food looks delicious 🙂
    Have a great day- you should be nice and well-rested after daylight savings!

  3. it is great to see improvements like that, it really makes you feel like you are doing what is working for your body. that breakfast looks amazing, i want to dive my face into that. have a great monday!

  4. Everything is dry on me right now, hands, lips, face, it’s killing me! I keep rosebud salve with me for a quick fix! And chocolate with breakfast all the way. Nice work on the workout program, seeing results is the best motivator!

  5. Congrats on making it halfway! That’s awesome that you’re seeing progress.

    I love amping up my pasta sauce with meat and veggies like that too! It makes it so much more filling. Lately I’m obsessed with adding turkey sausage to mine.

    Hmm, have you tried Blistex (in the blue pots) for your lips? That stuff works miracles for me!

  6. Awesome job building muscle and getting stronger!

    I love chocolate, but am not eating it while breastfeeding because it affects my daughter’s digestion. I miss it though! It’s the only thing I’ve cut out (including caffeine and alcohol) that I’m genuinely excited about having again. One of the last things I had with chocolate was actually a chocolate chip pancake! They are super good!

  7. Woohoo! Great job on your improvements with the workout!! Halfway! It’s amazing you’re already seeing progress!! Oh great idea with the chocolate in the protein pancakes. I’m living vicariously through others, since I can’t eat chocolate right now. Boo.

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