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WIAW #9–Weird, But Tasty.


First off: I wanted to thank you guys SO much for your comments on yesterday’s post! It was not easy at all to write, but you guys made me feel better and not so alone in the situation. Sometimes I feel like because I consider myself recovered I’m not “allowed” to have negative thoughts or behaviour patterns, but you guys helped reassure me that it’s normal. But, I’m now at a full week without calorie counting and I couldn’t be more relieved. Any anxiety and nervousness I was feeling about food in October is gone, and I’m extremely happy to see it go.

So let’s get on with it, shall we?

It’s that time of the week again!

As always, many thanks to Jenn for hosting!

So, that title describes  I eat pretty accurately. I come up with some odd combinations, but they usually end up being pretty good (in my mind, anyways).

I’ll show you what I mean!


So this one was weird, but it wasn’t my fault – I promise.

When I went to go make breakfast yesterday, I was craving a yogurt bowl (all of Amanda’s yummy yogurt bowl pictures made me want one in a bad way).

So I took a picture of my yogurt for the post today:


And proceeded to make breakfast. I wanted to up the protein a bit, so I decided to add in my Whey Gourmet Milk Chocolate I picked up last weekend. I dumped half a scoop on top of the yogurt and began to mix it together.

And then I noticed:


I thought I had grabbed plain Greek yogurt, but I must have grabbed Key Lime off the shelf instead (you’d think the slight greenish tinge to the yogurt would have caught my attention right when I opened the package, but I’d not particularly observant at 8:30 in the morning). And I had just made chocolate-lime yogurt.

I tried it, and while it wasn’t bad, it was definitely a little weird.


Still made it work for breakfast though! With a sliced banana, multigrain Cheerios (boring, but the only cereal I have in the house right now. Note to self: buy more this weekend) and a small scoop of PB.

Cold breakfast in November requires hot tea:


Love this stuff! I add a few drops of stevia and it is delicious.


Weird shaped but still tasty:


Something about weirdly shaped sweet potatoes just makes me laugh!

Lunch was a weird salad combo.


I sauteed up some tofu in chipotle marinade, and added it to a salad with spinach, arugula (eaten right out of the container to save a dish), tomato, the sweet potato, peppers, carrot and almond, all topped with Italian dressing.


Chipotle and Italian? Why not?

Delicious – but of course, anything with sweet potato I will deem amazing.

Sweet tooth needed satisfying:


Handful of grapes did the trick! (ugh, my hands are so DRY!)

Afternoon snack

Packed away to be eaten during class:


Hard boiled eggs, just out of the water so they look all smooth, round and shiny (TWSS?)


Well hello, childhood flashback-made-healthier:


Mac and Cheese with chopped up hot dogs. Except instead of KD and creepy I-have-no-idea-what’s-in-these-hotdogs, Annie’s and all-pork wieners (I’m so immature, I still can’t say wieners without giggling.)

This might be one of my favourite dinners. It’s easy and delicious – I had nothing on the dinner plan tonight and I knew I had the hotdogs hidden at the back of the freezer, so I decided to pull them out.

While cooking, I snacked on some baby carrots:


Whenever I’m making dinner and I open the fridge, I always end up grabbing a couple. Love the crunch!

Dinner came together super quickly with almond milk, a bit of butter and snap peas for added nutrition/greenery.


And yes, I am absolutely one of those people who puts ketchup on their mac and cheese.


Much better. Smile

Although, it must be just on top – absolutely NOT mixed in. Just ruins it!

I know, I’m terrible.


I had a couple mini cans left over from my birthday weekend (bought them for mixing purposes) so I decided to break into one tonight. I like the stuff, but I try not to have it in the house so I don’t drink it too often. But while it’s here, might as well not let it go to waste. :-p


10 pm snack:

I usually break out the casein protein powder right before bed. Casein is a slow digesting protein that keeps your muscles from breaking down over a period of fasting (i.e. sleeping). Sometimes I mix it with cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, but I’m out of cottage cheese and wasn’t feeling more lime yogurt.


So that’s one scoop of casein protein, a spoonful chocolate PB2 (love my PB and chocolate combo), enough almond milk to give it a pudding like consistency and a few drops of stevia, with chocolate chips on top. I’d be lying if I said it tastes exactly like pudding, but it’s tasty (and I’ve inadvertently given myself a craving for chocolate pudding. Damn).

A day in my weird but tasty eats!

I’m off to class soon – today is the day I hand in my long essay and give my 90 minute presentation. And, I’ll be filming my first ever VLOG for tomorrow’s post (unless I lose my nerve). Wish me luck!

<— Ever accidently bring home the wrong thing from the grocery store? Did you eat it anyways?

<— What cereals are in your pantry right now? I need ideas for a new box Smile with tongue out

<— Do you/did you put ketchup on your mac and cheese? Only on KD and Annie’s, never homemade.


21 thoughts on “WIAW #9–Weird, But Tasty.

  1. I’ll put ketchup on just about anything….proof can be found on my WIAW post haha…and I have that new post Great Grains protein mix which is pretty good…need to do a better job of stocking up on my cereal sadly. And, in regards to yesterday’s post, I know how you feel about wondering if it’s ok to admit that you’re struggling even when you think of yourself as recovered…it can seriously stink, but I’m glad that you realized you can and (I think) should! Only way to really keep growing 🙂

    • I’ve had that great grains stuff before – it’s tasty!

      And thanks chels! Really, I just it’s just another aspect of my perfectionism, but admitting to struggling just helps me deal with it and get support, retrospectively. 🙂

  2. I love the lime flavoured Oikos! Next time you should try it without the accidental chocolate haha. 😉

    Right now the cereals I have are Kashi Honey Almond Flax (my favourite!), Erewhon buckwheat hemp flakes, Cascadian Farms ancient grains granola, and Back to Nature vanilla agave granola. I’m kind of obsessed with granola!

  3. I had Annie’s last night too! Soo good. It was the best flashback ever! And carrots- my personal favorite food- good choice. And grapes- my even more favorite food? Girl, we’re like the same person or something! 🙂

  4. Eee! Good luck on your presentation, hun! You’re gonna rock their socks off… especially after a dinner like that 😉 KD with wieners (eeehhehehe) and ketchup is like the epitome of my childhood years. Definitely tasty stuff. And speaking of tasty, if you ever need cereal, feel free to hit up my pantry because I have waaaaay too many boxes. I have a tonne of different Kashi cereals, and Puffins, and Weetabix, and Rice Crispies… But what can I say? I’m kind of a cereal junkie… and sorry I’m not sorry for being a bad influence on your breakfast 😉

  5. I love tofu on salads, so I think that looks great!

  6. i am the same way, I feel like I can’t have negative thoughts or urges but in reality that just means that we are fighting that much harder. I WOULD HAVE BEEN PEEVED, I hate all other flavors except the plain, seriously the plain is like heaven to me.

  7. I’ve heard a lot about casein protein, maybe I should look into it!

  8. I laughed out loud at your “TWSS” reference haha I also am a big ketchup fan but I don’t just stop at mac n cheese – I put it on things that it is definitely not meant to be put on. My favorite cereals are anything Kashi and chocolate peanut butter Puffins. Love mixing the two with coconut milk.

  9. Weird shaped sweet potatoes ARE funny. Me & my friend had a grande time giggling at odd(/phallic :p) shaped butternut squashes at the grocery store just yesterday:). I mean , other shoppers gave us strange looks, but I know they’re just jealous of our amazing sense of humour. Obviously.

    All your eats look crazy delicious! Mmm, Diet Coke.. hello lover.

  10. mmmm all of your eats look amazing..your shiny eggs look more like candies! haha!

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