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A Cupful of Mayo.


Good morning loves!

Happy Friday! (happy weekend for me! I will never get tired of having Fridays off in grad school).

Does anyone have exciting plans for the weekend? My Saturday involves errands (mainly: laundry. It has been an embarrassing amount of time since I last did laundry. As in – down to my last few pairs of underwear sort of long). And Sunday my parents are coming up to visit! Always exciting when I know I’m going to see them.

Oh, and I LOVED doing the VLOG yesterday. I thought I would find it really weird, but honestly, it was a lot of fun! I could definitely see myself doing more of those in the future. And the consensus seems to be: The Canadian-ness comes out in the word “out” – interesting. Smile with tongue out



I like to say the protein pancake never fails me, but yesterday it did a little. I’m using milk chocolate protein powder right now, and mixed with cinnamon and maple extract – not the best combo. I still ate it, because really, when do I waste food?

I had a dinner meeting last night. Dinner meeting = comped dinner out – I can’t say no to that, can I? It was held at Piston Broke, the local gastropub.

I was eyeing a chevre salad, but decided last minute to switch to the Pub Club Sandwich – chicken breast, peameal bacon, field greens, tomato, roasted red peppers, harvarti and avocado mayo on marble rye bread. I ordered a garden salad on the side.


When I got the plate, I had to laugh. I ordered the mayo on the side – because I like a little bit, but I don’t like it when my sandwich is absolutely dripping with it, you know?


That is an inhumane amount of mayo. Like – probably closing in on half a cup. Who uses that much mayo for anything? It made me giggle. The sandwich was really good – the only issue was that they used a bit too much butter on the bread; so it turned out a tad greasy. I still put away half of it though. Smile

Overall, it was a nice dinner! We were meeting with the Graduate Students’ Association of the main campus (Brantford is a satellite) and got a chance to talk to them about different activities concerning both campuses. I also got a chance to chat with some other girls and make more plans for Chicago.

Definitely a great night!

And now – have a nice Friday!

<— Do you do your laundry at appropriate intervals? With having to go to the laundromat (no laundry on site) we tend to put it off as long as possible. Oops.

<— Do you usually request changes to your meal? I might get a thing or two or on the side (dressings, etc.) but I try not to mess with it too much – I figure if the cook wanted it there, it probably has some purpose!


25 thoughts on “A Cupful of Mayo.

  1. Hahahaha gotta love it different idea of portion sizes 😉 I have to do laundry every weekend sadly, since I only have a set number of work shirts that have to be worn each day…and I always ask for dressings on the side…thoroughly dislike salads and sandwiches dripping in condiments…unless it’s ketchup or honey mustard…or guac…those I’m ok with 😉

  2. Wow that is a HUGE portion of mayo! You should have asked them for a jar so you could take it home and put in the fridge ;)! The rest of the meal looks pretty spectacular. I always go for the goats cheese salad, sure I’m missing out on so many good things. I try to do my laundry at the weekend as I’m so busy during the week but it does tend to add up. Always end up spending what seems like an entire day doing load after load.

  3. Hey Sam! I just stumbled on this blog. I’m cracking up at that GINORMOUS plastic cup of mayo. Wow. I don’t usually request changes to my food because when I was in college, I was a waitress, and that’s generally a stressful enough situation as it is. BUT sometimes I do… case in point: Any time there’s mayo on a dish, I request they leave it off. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but I can’t stand the stuff! 🙂

    • That’s definitely fair – I’m sure if I had been a waitress I’d be more sensitive to making their job as easy as possible!

      And I actually didn’t like it for years until I discovered olive oil mayo. That stuff is amazing!

  4. Yuck, I’m not a fan of mayo at all. And a huge cup of it, I don’t know how I feel about that. I wait to do my laundry until it’s overflowing in my hamper. Luckily, I only have to walk downstairs to do it, or it might become slightly problematic! Have a good weekend 🙂 I’ll be running/dying at my last xc meet and then relaxing for the rest of the weekend!

  5. I haven’t folded my laundry in nearly two months … and my laundry from last week is still sitting in the dryer and about to be overtaken by this week’s wet stuff. I don’t want to think about it. haha. Good to know I’m not alone.
    OHMYGOODNESS!! Okay. So the veggie burger I ordered when I was out for my brother’s birthday — I asked for no pesto sauce and mayo on the side and they brought me a cup that was the exact same size. Seriously?! Do people actually eat that much mayo on a burger?! If so, that’s frightening!!
    And there was already butter on it? So they were going to do the butter + mayo? Odd. Maybe just to me? I’d prefer mayo though, I think, given the choice.

  6. I am weird with my laundry and hate when my bin is full so I do it once a week! Pretty much every weekend I do a load, especially since I go through my workout stuff so quickly. I never really ask for anything on the side – I like when dressing already comes on a salad because they toss it for you. But I absolutely HATE mayo so I never get that on a sandwich. That cup of mayo makes me cringe haha! Other than that the sammy looks amazing 🙂

  7. Laundry. Ugh. Girl, I have my own washer and dryer and I still can’t do laundry on a regular basis. Usually I have to run out of some essentials, like socks or underwear, before I actually commit to getting it done. And even then, I’m tempted to just go out and buy new ones instead 😉 And is that ever an epic amount of mayo. Yeah, I don’t think anyone actually uses that much on a regular basis 😆 I’m actually not even a big fan of mayo, so the thought makes me a little bit queasy…

  8. Haha, that is a giant cup of mayo! I typically order dressing on the side, but other sauces I figure who ever is cooking has a reason for the sauce so I stick with it 🙂

  9. I am a chronic meal changer. To be honest with you it started with my ED – asking for no oil, no cheese, no sauce, veggies instead of carbs, no bun, etc. But now I feel like I’ve developed a happy medium. I too ask for things like mayo, cheese, sauces on the side but a lot of the time it’s because otehrwise the restaurant will drown my dish in the stuff and that is not ideal! Nooope. Plus I like to do a little dunkaroo of my fork into the sauce or mayo on the side before taking a bite. Gives me the perfect amount! The rest of yoru meal sounds rad btw.

  10. Haha I always put off doing laundry until it is absolutely necessary too! One time I even bought new underwear instead of doing laundry LOL!

  11. I like mayo, but like you not that much. However, the kids I work with use mayo for dipping. It is insane the amount of mayo they put on their stuff, it is crazy

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