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Scolding Hot Gravy.


Good morning!

Saturday night ended up being a bit of an adventure for me. At the last minute, two of Eric’s friends ended up coming into town and staying the night. We headed downtown for a bit, and needless to say, I did not get a lot of sleep that night.

Thank goodness for simple, delicious breakfasts (when you’re running on 3-4 hours of sleep…oops).


Egg white oats with a sliced banana, peanut butter and blueberry muffin Mini Wheats. When I saw these on sale at the grocery store Saturday, I had to pick them up. I freakin’ ADORE Mini Wheats – and the blueberry is definitely my favourite.

In the afternoon, I got a visit from some of my favourite people!

My parents came up for the day to say hi and take us out for lunch. We ended up going to the nearby town of Paris – they were doing a Christmas shopping event with local artisans and my mom wanted to check it out.

We ended up eating downtown at 2 Rivers Bistro and Bar.

(I would show you a picture of the exterior, but it didn’t turn out. Blogger fail).


Better watch out for that gravy…


It’ll scold ya! Smile with tongue out (And yes, that is poutine. And yes, Eric ordered it).

Considering the cookie dough, cookies, and pizza yesterday (and a few rum and diets, ahem). I wanted lots of green in my lunch.

I went for the spinach and fruit salad – spinach, cranberries, candied pecans, goat chevre, cucumber and red onion, with a honey mustard vinaigrette. I added salmon to add a bit more protein to the meal.


It was exactly what I was craving – so good (And I need to buy goat cheese again immediately. That stuff is amazing)!

Although the interior of the restaurant seemed a little diner-ish (read cramped and none-too-attractive), the food was definitely great quality. Everyone else was happy with their meals. My dad ordered a burger with their soup of the day, which was a squash and apple soup. I tried a spoonful and I definitely approved!

Because my mom is so awesome, she told Eric and I to each pick out something in Chocolate Sensations just down the street. Free chocolate? Be still, my beating heart. Smile with tongue out


Eric went for a chocolate guitar (and yes, he does play. Few things are sexier than a guy that can play a guitar Smile with tongue out) and as soon as I saw these chocolate covered animal crackers, I had to have them. Considering my disappointment over the lack of iced animal crackers at Yogurty’s Wednesday, these will definitely make up for it.

Slim And Sculpt

After my parent’s headed home, I went down to the gym for my final session in Week 7 of my Slim and Sculpt program with Carrie of This Fit Chick.

I have to say, there’s definitely a huge change in my workouts when I’m tired. I got fatigued more easily during the weight session, and I only made it through 1 of 2 rounds of the plyo circuit. Definitely a lesson for me: more sleep = better workouts.

So this week:

Workouts skipped: none

Workouts added: none

Workouts changed: on Wednesday, I ended up changing the treadmill on/off to an elliptical on/off routine. My gym only has 3 treadmills to begin with and 1 was out of order that day – a bit inconvenient! I cranked the resistance up a bit so I felt like I was still getting a good cardio workout – mission accomplished.

Then there was today’s workout…after one round of plyo circuits, my body assured me that that was quite enough.

I usually have a lot of trouble listening to my body when it comes to my workouts – if I have a plan, I want to get through it, even if it results in blood, sweat and tears. I’m learning that there’s a difference between pushing my body to get results and pushing it too much. I workout because I enjoy doing it, but if I push my body too much when it is legitimately worn out, I’m going to physically get injured or mentally burned out – and I would much rather just back off on the workout than go through that.

Can’t go balls to the wall all the time!


My parents were nice enough to bring a little present with them:


A collection of Clubhouse seasonings. Parmesan and herbs, fiery habanero and roasted garlic, lemon and herbs, and roasted chili and tamarind. Thanks guys!


Quinoa cooked in water with habanaro seasoning, a bit of lime juice and a smidge of butter, tofu (that I had cooked earlier in the week after marinating with chipotle sauce), and green beans with parmesan and herbs. Simple, delicious.

And now I’m off to my final day of classes before the Chicago trip! *insert excited squeal here*.

<— Do you know when to give your body a break when it comes to your workouts?

<— Do you tend to notice typos/grammatical errors? All the time…I have a thing for correct spelling/grammar.

19 thoughts on “Scolding Hot Gravy.

  1. I LOVE Mini Wheats too!

    I’ve become a lot better at listening to my body when it comes to workouts lately. I’ve started taking a lot more rest days and really toning down the length/intensity of my workouts. Sometimes it’s still hard to tell if my body legitimately needs a rest or if I’m just being lazy though. 😛

    • It is hard to make that distinction sometimes! I went from 1 rest day a week to 3 rest days, and it seems to be working really well for my body – I have more energy and enthusiasm for my workouts and more time for school; all important things!

  2. That’s really awesome that you listened to your body and cut your workout short, Sam! I used to struggle SO much with thinking that I had to go all out all the time, and I definitely burned myself out as a result. It got to the point where I started to dread exercising because I was just constantly feeling too worn out to expend that much energy. I really cut down on the intensity of my workouts (usually just walking intervals) and I can honestly say that I feel and look better than I did when I was exercising hardcore.

    • That’s what I’m realizing – I’ve been feeling a lot better and getting better results from working out 4x a week as opposed to 6. I was burning myself out so much before but this method seems to be working a lot better.
      All about listening to your body, right?

  3. When I have a bad eating day I end up craving lots of healthy foods the next day too. It must mean that we’re just healthy people 😉 Although I do like my cookie dough once in awhile. That’s so great that you got to see your parents! I can’t wait to see mine!!

  4. Man I am jealous you had some family visits. always fun. glad you were able to go out with his friends and enjoy yourself even if it was last minute. way to go on listening to your body

  5. Ha! The title of this post cracks me up! Sometimes things on menus make zero sense! And yes on listening to your body, I’ve gotten much better at that recently!

  6. I only slept 3 hours Saturday night as well – Rough, but so worth it sometimes!

  7. My husband calls me grammar patrol, can’t help it!
    I’m really trying to listen to my body more when it comes to working out, I just wish it wouldn’t tire out so easily!

  8. Great job on listening to your body!! It’s a bit tougher when you have a workout planned out for you, but you knew your body wanted to stop so that is great! I think I’m slowly learning that that’s so important on living a truly healthy life. Is not being fatigued because of exercise but energized and refreshed after workouts! PS I am SO sorry I didn’t get a chance to get that guest post to you! I had a bunch of things happen today, and just didn’t have time. I suck, but I promise next time you need a guest poster I’ll be there! Have a safe trip beautiful lady! xo

    • That’s how I’m trying to see it – it feels a lot healthier to feel refreshed after a workout than to feel like you’re dying!

      And don’t worry about it! I was able to pull enough together that I’ll still have a good amount of content while I’m gone. And I still think think you’re fabulous! ❤

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