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Guest Post: Brittany


Hi guys! My name is Brittany and I blog over at I am a teenage fitness enthusiast with a passion for lifting weights and educating others the importance of living a balanced lifestyle.

As a gullible teenager, it’s really easy for someone like to me to be coaxed into believing something that is really not useful or true, this being especially true in the ‘healthy living’ realm.

I’ve built the ability to not believe everything I read, but not everyone is like this. It’s really important for you to discover what’s best for YOU, which may not be what is best for somebody else.

How many times have you read about the ‘necessity’ of eating on a Paleo diet? How many times have you heard that eating vegan is the only way to be healthy? How many times has someone informed you that their definition of fitness is the only accurate answer?

I’ve heard it thousands and thousands of times. The truth is, everyone’s body is completely different from someone else’s. Okay cool, your friend can’t tolerate eating grains. Does that mean you have to give up your oatmeal? NO! If it works for you, then why question whether you should get rid of it? Don’t fix it if it isn’t broke, as the saying goes.

In terms of food, some people have legitimate food allergies where they are restricted to eat certain foods. Mainly, these allergies have to do with gluten and dairy. I have a good friend who is highly allergic to eggs, dairy and gluten. Do you know how many food items these days that eliminates? A grand majority. But I’m not going to stop consuming my fair share of pancakes, frozen yogurt and bread because I feel the need to compare myself to my friend. Don’t eliminate foods for the sake of experimentation. Sure, you could decide to cut carbs because that’s the ‘trend’ but you’ll quickly discover that you wish you never did.

In terms of fitness, I get people preaching down my throat about what is ‘right’ and what is ‘wrong’ every single day. I’m told that running is the epitome of fitness, only bodybuilding splits make you completely fit, CrossFit is the grandfather of all things fitness-related, doing yoga makes you super healthy, etc. In the grand scheme of things, if you’re getting your butt off the couch in any way you choose, then that is literally all that matters. It doesn’t matter what fitness-related thing you are doing–as long as you are doing it, then that is what you should be proud of.

You just have to find what works for YOU and keep a balanced mindset. This is what helps me at the end of the day when I start to play the comparison game. I was born the way I was, so I should appreciate the way I am. 🙂


*Sam’s note: Thanks Brittany! I completely agree with you here, no one ever benefits from the comparison trap. In the end, it’s about what works for us and our bodies.


4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Brittany

  1. Such a refreshing approach – it’s wonderful to see a ‘lifting’ blogger who doesn’t attack running. It really shows maturity and security beyond that of many far older bloggers.

    Truly excellent post.

  2. Such a great post! I think balance is so important and the fact that you’re not willing to just cave and be like everyone else is really great 🙂

  3. wonderful post and so true! way too easy to compare when in the end, everyone is so different. 🙂

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