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I Have a Grocery Obsession.


Jesus, I am a foodie.

On vacation, I can’t wait to hit the grocery stores. At home, I’m excited to be buying groceries and cooking again. I like food, what can I say?

So, first I have to show you the goods I picked up in Chicago.

On the way down, we stopped at Whole Foods in Ann Arbor, MI (and I had my first ever WF salad bar experience, but we’ll get to that tomorrow) and of course, I had to pick out a few things.


Bars and almond butter…that’s me. Smile


  • Luna Chocolate Peppermint Stick
  • Luna Chocolate Dipped Coconut
  • Luna Protein Cookie Dough
  • Clif Z Bar Chocolate Brownie
  • Clif Z Bar Iced Oatmeal Cookie

I’ve never seen Z bars anywhere around here, so of course I had to go for a few of those. The wall of bars at WF was amazing! I tried to restrain myself, because I knew I had a few more grocery stores to hit up.


I’ve been wanting to try Justin’s Almond Butter for years. Umm…wow. The wait was 100% worth it. That is amazing stuff! Definitely worth the price tag.

And of course, I love my Zevia. I hadn’t tried Dr. Zevia before and it was pretty good! My favourite is still Ginger Root Beer

Trader Joe’s


So. Excited.


Cats Cookies! I had to double check to make sure I wasn’t accidently buying myself cat treats, but we were good. Smile with tongue out They kind of remind me of animal crackers!


The famous cookie butter!

I pretty much want to eat that stuff with every meal – I don’t think it’s going to be lasting very long. (and note to self: clean the microwave).

P.S. Dipping the cat cookies into the cookie butter is the best idea ever. Heaven.


I might actually like these better than Reese’s. That is a big deal, people.


Can you tell I like dark chocolate? This was a reader recommendation and it sounded amazing, so I picked one up.


I was disappointed by the lack of pumpkin-flavoured things…I must have been a few weeks too late! Good thing I like plan yogurt too. Smile


I like hummus. A lot. Therefore, I’m going to like 3 kinds of hummus at once. I tried this stuff at lunch yesterday and it is wonderful!


Panda Puffs! One of my favourite cereals, and it was ridiculously cheap to boot. I can’t decide if I like the new Panda Bear though…

Definitely happy with my TJ’s purchases! But because it wasn’t enough for me…we stopped at Meijer’s on the way home.


Precious, precious Chobani! I got apple cinnamon, pomegranate and strawberry banana.


I’ve determined that pudding is amazing and needs to be consumed more often. Plus I love cake. and sprinkles (obviously). So I’m excited for this!

And a final stop at Duty Free…


I have an obsession with flavoured vodkas – usually, Three Olives. This is added to the cupboard that also contains bubblegum vodka, cake vodka and marshmallow vodka.

I’m already making use of the new purchases:


Chocolate protein pancake + Justin’s Vanilla Almond Butter is amazing. The texture of the almond butter is a bit gritty, but the flavour is absolutely delicious – sweet and nutty. I really need to pick up some pretzels for dipping!

And just in case that wasn’t enough, now you get to see my regular grocery purchases. Smile with tongue out I went out yesterday afternoon – we were desperately in need of produce. I managed to hit my budget almost to the dollar; not bad!



why hello, sea of plastic bags.

  • white potatoes
  • spinach
  • broccoli
  • sweet potatoes
  • bell peppers
  • bananas
  • butternut squash
  • romaine
  • grapes


Protein and Dairy


  • smoked salmon
  • pork chops
  • unsweetened almond milk
  • stewing beef
  • Veggie Patch Buffalo Wings (they were on sale and I was intrigued)
  • butter
  • eggs (disappointed that I wasn’t able to make it to the Farmer’s Market this weekend! Much prefer my farm fresh eggs)

The Rest


  • canned diced tomatoes
  • plum sauce
  • bagels
  • lean cuisines
  • canned beans
  • whtie flour
  • white sugar
  • icing sugar (there was a sale on baking stuff, I decided to stock up in anticipation for Christmas baking)
  • english muffins


Definitely got my moneys worth!

The meal plan for the week:

  • Sunday: chicken and veggies
  • Monday: Slow-cooker beef stew and garlic toast
  • Tuesday: smoked salmon and cream cheese on a bagel
  • Wednesday: pork chops and salad
  • Thursday: baked penne
  • Friday: leftovers/out
  • Saturday: out at Eric’s company Christmas party


It’ll be a good week. 😀


I was so excited for a good, home cooked meal last night.


Baked chicken breast, roasted butternut squash and steamed broccoli.


I roasted the squash in coconut oil with cinnamon, salt and a bit of brown sugar. This was the simple, tasty meal my body was craving!

I was going to talk about my workouts while I was in Chicago, but I think I’ve chewed your ear (eye? How does that saying work over the internet?) off enough for one morning, so I’ll squish it in tomorrow.

And now, back to the reality that is graduate school. Chicago, you were fun while it lasted!

<—Have you tried any of the products I picked up? Any favourites?

<— Do you love grocery shopping as much as I do? Or are you a grocery-hater?


27 thoughts on “I Have a Grocery Obsession.

  1. Ahh you got some awesome stuff on your trip! Chobani is the best – I love both the apple cinnamon and the strawberry-banana flavours. I wish we had those flavours here!

    And heck yes, I love grocery shopping too. Even I just go to the same old store every week, it’s still exciting haha.

  2. sooooooooo we’re kind of the same person in regards to grocery shopping…’s one of my favorite things to do. I go to Trader Joes on Friday nights for fun…it’s the highlight of my week usually. Dipping those cat cookies in cookie butter is always a good decision, as is buying any of the justins nut butters….and I always look forward to visiting different grocery stores when I travel places….Wegmans when i go to NJ to see some family…even Publix down south makes me grin haha….food dorks all the way 🙂

  3. Omg, SOOOO much stuff to comment on, I don’t know where to start! I’m pretty jealous that you found Luna Protein, you’ll have to let me know how it is! And I’ve been wanting to try Dr. Zevia too, but I’m also a ginger root beer lover 🙂 Those dark chocolate pb cups? I died a little, they’re beautiful! I love panda puffs too, they’re going to be a strong contender when I buy my first box of cereal.

    I love how most people go to the states to buy clothes and you’re just hittin’ up the food aisles, haha. I would be doing EXACTLY the same thing! Have fun getting loopy 😉

  4. Well… I’m glad we eat all the same foods? Really, though. Zbars, chicken, grapes, cookie butter. All favorites. I just discovered whole foods and it was really hard to restrain myself and walk out of the store with just a few things. Trader Joe’s is an entirely different story. I don’t feel as guilty about going in there. I just really love grocery shopping! I feel like I spend hours every week in the stores 🙂

  5. yay Sam’s back! that is the first thing I said when i saw this post in my google reader. I have missed you over here. Sounds like a fun trip overall and I have to agree, getting back to a schedule and a stocked fridge feels nice. I love dr. Zevia, I like all Zevias but rarely buy them for the price. I haven’t tried most of that stuff just because I am not a big bar person but when I go home for break I hope to hit up a TJ’s to find some delicious noms.

  6. Girl, I live off those Clif Z bars! The chocolate brownie, holy YUM! They are sooo derrrricious! And Trader Joe’s is my home away from home. Hope you said hi to home for me!

  7. I’m the same way – obsessed with grocery shopping. I am starting to like it more than clothes shopping as I get older which is saying A LOT for me. I literally just bought my first jar of Justin’s vanilla AB yesterday! I have had the sample packet of it and loved it but kept forgetting to buy it. You must’ve just missed the pumpkin greek yogurt – I have been buying that stuff like crazy at TJs. Okay now I want to just spend hours in grocery stores all day instead of going to work 😉

  8. Welcome back! omg I loooove that almond butter, I’ve only had it once, but boy was it good lol

  9. I am exactly the same! I absolutely love food shopping! Totally the highlight of my week!! Looks like you got some great stuff.

  10. The first time I walked into Whole Foods while I was down visiting the States, I legitimately squealed and starting jumping around like a little kid. So yeah, I guess you can say that I get a little excited by new grocery finds 😉 I’ve never been to TJ’s before, but it’s definitely on my list of places to visit when I’m down there next month. And I really, REALLY need to try that Apple-Cinnamon Chobani… my apple obsession is kind of through the roof right now, and I need more ways to cater to it.

  11. Wow, you got amazing food items!!! I guess that’s what happens when you get to visit the States, huh? Hah. Oh man, I get so excited when I find new foods at grocery stores, it’s a little too exciting for foodies like us:) I still have never tried Chobani! Sadness.

  12. Isn’t that vanilla almond butter the best thing ever?

  13. Yumm you just made me SO hungry! I have been spending way too much on foodie groceries lately–a Whole Foods just opened up in my town! Way too many delicious things to try! 🙂

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