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WIAW #11: Chicago Eats.


Continuing with the Chicago recaps, WIAW style!

Thanks to Jenn for hosting, as always.

So, last Wednesday, we woke up for our first full day in Chicago. We wanted to be at the conference for 8, so we were definitely up with the sun.


Having this view outside the window made getting up early on vacation a lot easier, that’s for sure.


Chicago-ins, if this is what you get to wake up to in the morning, I’m definitely jealous.

After rolling out of bed, we made our way downstairs to the free breakfast.

When I think of hotel complimentary breakfasts, I generally think of a small table with bagels, muffins and some fruit. But Embassy Suites definitely blew me away a little bit. They had cereal, oatmeal and fruit, as well as a buffet with eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and all the typical breakfast fixings. Even more impressive – they had a staffed omelet bar. I hadn’t had an omelet in a while, so I decided to give that a shot.


An egg + egg white omelet (happy they were willing to do that for me! I like the texture of egg white omelets better than regular omelets, but the addition of the one yolk gives it better flavour) with ham, spinach, tomato, jalapenos and cheese. I topped with some salsa and had some fruit and pancakes with syrup on the side. I’ve definitely spoiled myself by buying nothing but pure maple syrup over the last few years…table syrup just is not as good to me anymore!

After breakfast, we hightailed it to The Hilton Palmer House Hotel. We were in Chicago for the American Society of Criminology conference – basically, a huge conference (over a 1000 people) of professors, students, journalists, police officers and professionals. Although my particular thesis is pretty specific (I’ll post about it once I’ve got my approval in the new year) so there wasn’t a lot that was really applicable for me. I still learned a lot of interesting information that can help me with my papers this year. So cool getting to see how people work in the field!


I grabbed a quick lunch between sessions.


There was a Freshii in the building, so I headed over there for the build-your-own-salad option. It looks less than impressive, but that’s because all the toppings are buried! I had:

  • spinach
  • BBQ chicken
  • quinoa
  • cilantro
  • black beans
  • corn
  • carrots
  • artichokes
  • goat cheese
  • balsamic vinaigrette

Weird combination? Probably, but I loved it.

By mid afternoon, we were headed back to the hotel. I grabbed a handful of unpictured dark chocolate covered almonds and went down to the gym for a while. After my workout, Nicole, Derek and I decided to take ourselves on a walking tour of Chicago.


I love how walkable Chicago is! We were walking everywhere.


We wandered past the Tribune building…


Trump Tower…


And up to Millennium Park to check out the Bean.


So cool!


After hanging out at the Manager’s Reception for a little while (and helping myself to a glass of White Zin and more cheddar popcorn) we were off for some nighttime entertainment. I’ve never been to a comedy show before, so I was incredibly excited when we made the group decision to go to Second City.

We bought our tickets, and headed next door to Adobo Grill for dinner. My love for Mexican food continues!

No trip to a Mexican restaurant is complete without some guacamole.


Especially when it’s done tableside!




(excuse the odd picture, I have no idea what my camera was doing)

I ate more than my fair share of chips and guac (and salsa) so I kept dinner on the light side and ordered off the appetizer menu.


I went for the salmon ceviche, which came complete with avocado, peppers, and pico de gallo with corn and plantain chips on the side.

Umm…this was amazing. I’ve never ceviche before, but I figured I would be a fan considering my love of salmon sashimi. This did not disappoint at all – absolutely incredible.


Happy dinner!

Afterwards, we hightailed it back to Second City for the show. The bigger show was sold out, so we bought tickets for the smaller one.

Clearly a comment on the recent election/American politics in general. Although I’m not American, a lot of the issues presented in the show can be defined as North American political issues in general, so I didn’t feel bad about laughing hysterically all throughout the show. There were times when I was keeled over and dying of laughter – it was so funny! The actors were great, and you could tell that they had amazing improv skills to make the show even better.

Having two of these delicious things probably made the show seem even funnier…


North Avenue Beach Martini.


(and yes, no issues with clothes coming off). I will definitely be recreating this drink at home…it was delicious!

It ended up being a three hour show, but I wish it was longer. There’s a Second City in Toronto (about 1 – 1 1/2 hours away from me) and I’m thinking I’m going to have to check out that one too…I could not believe how much fun I had!

When we got back to the hotel, I helped myself to a handful of trail mix (no hotel room is complete without hotel room snacks) and crawled into bed.

Coincidently, I’m watching the season premiere of Anthony Bourdain’s The Layover right now and he’s talking about how awesome Chicago is. And I got the exact same meal as one of the meals featured on the show…now you’re going to have to check back tomorrow and see which one Smile with tongue out

<— Have you ever been to a comedy show? Did you like it?

<— Ever tried ceviche? (assuming you like fish…it’s ok, I still love you Amanda Smile with tongue out)


28 thoughts on “WIAW #11: Chicago Eats.

  1. Mmm guacamole. There’s seriously nothing better! I always fill up on it too. 😉

    I tried tuna ceviche before and it was to die for! I’ve never tried a salmon one before, but I know I’d love it too.

  2. A bottle of Mumm for $37.75? Wow!

  3. I didn’t know there was a Second City in Toronto!! I would love to go there! That salmon ceviche looked incredible too. That is exactly what I would have ordered (if I didn’t have room for a big fat burrito). Oh, and totally with you on the yolk thing. After a realized that egg yolks are not the devil I realized that they actually taste good in omelets 🙂

  4. I’ve always wanted to visit Chicago and now you pretty much made sure that I put it on my must visit list!! And I’m ready for lunch after seeing all your eats…it’s going to be a longgggggg morning…14 screaming 3 year olds have nothing to do with that at all 😉

  5. I love trying out new restaurants! Looks like another good day of Chicago food 🙂

  6. Ok, too funny! I ate at Adobo Grill last time I was in Chicago & have it on my “list” of fav places to go when I’m there, that guac is amazing! And I do love ceviche but usually get it when I’m on a coast. Looks like you had some fab eats in Chicago!

  7. Haha omigosh girl, I almost spit out my coffee when I read your last question! Thank you for not holding my dislike of fishies against me 😛 I still love you too ❤

    Chicago looks like an absolutely gorgeous city, and it's great to hear that you had such a good time! I've only gone to one comedy show before, and that was to see Dane Cook. I love that guy…

  8. I want to dive into those plantain chips. I love when hotel breakfasts are spot on like that, makes so much happier. I actually really want to try ceviche because I love fish but have never had it

  9. Tableside guacamole is the coolest thing ever. And tastes delicious too! I’m so glad you’re back sam! Those pictures are amazing! And as much as I loved the sightseeing pics, my favorite was the martini haha. You’re shocked. Thanks for sharing, and have a great day!

  10. Your breakfast looks delicious – i havent had an egg white omelette in ages, might make one tomorrow!

  11. I finally tried the pb quest bar! I warmed it up too 🙂 it was kind of like a warm, nutty tootsie roll, mmm…

  12. That salad looks great. I have never seen those kind of toppings at a salad bar before! Alcohol and comedy shows definitely go together as well!

  13. ChIcago looks awesome! I must add it to my list when I visit America next year 🙂

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