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Chicago Recap: Fish, Planets and Deep Dish.


(Chicago Recap Day 1, Day 2, Day 3)

And this rounds out the final day of Chicago recaps!

Last Friday, we decided to take the final day off from the conference to do tourist-y things. I had no idea when I was going to be back in Chicago, so I was 100% for this decision. I headed to the gym as soon as I woke up to fit my workout in, then I headed down to breakfast.


Oatmeal with blueberries, a sliced banana and walnuts with a side of scrambled eggs. It’s the sort of breakfast I would eat at home, so it was extra appealing to me that morning. Although once you have “your way” of making oatmeal, no one else can really make it the way you like it. This was a bit mushy for my taste, but it still did the job.

Before we went to Chicago, a few of us each bought a Chicago CityPASS. Basically, it’s a pass to all the tourist-y things in the area (Willis Tower, the Field Museum, Shedd Aqarium, either the Hancock Observatory or the Museum of Science and Industry, and either the Planetarium or the Chicago Institute of Art) for a discounted price, and the only one we had done up until Friday was the Field Museum. So, we decided to try to squish in a few more to get our money’s worth.

We jumped in the car and headed over to museum campus. We definitely picked the perfect day for it – I was walking around all day in a light sweater and I was fine.


So beautiful.

For our first stop, we headed over to the Shedd Aquarium.


Like the Field Museum, I had absolutely no idea they had an aquarium in Chicago. I’m extra glad we found this one though – they had some fascinating stuff.


When we first walked in, we looked around at the different stuff they had on the first floor.


  • 1. Some sort of eel.
  • 2. Piranhas…those things are damn scary! They were absolutely still in the tank, just watching people go by. I was a little afraid they were going to break through the glass and we’d have a Piranha situation on our hands.
  • 3. Massive, massive bullfrog.
  • 4. Massive, massive iguana
  • 5. I have no idea what they were called, but they were some really odd fish. It looks like they all just has bumped their head too many times.
  • 6. Another odd sort of fish
  • 7. Seahorses!
  • 8. A giant crab.
  • 9. Moray eel. I swear, those things just look like cartoons in themselves.

We wandered around a bit more and found the tank with sharks.


And it is really, really hard to get a good shot of a shark.

Although I’m not a swimmer at all (I will never do a triathlon, mainly because I can barely doggy paddle) but I find sharks fascinating. It’s actually on my bucket list to do a shark cave dive some day.

We saw some jellyfish…


And we watched an aquatic show complete with Belugas, dolphins and a sea lion.


Wouldn’t being a trainer at one of these places be such an epic job?

We looked around downstairs for a bit and saw some penguins…


and Belugas.


By then it was about 2:00, so we decided to move on. Seriously, Shedd Aquarium was amazing – I could have spent all day there.

Stop two was the Adler Planetarium.


And first stop: cafeteria.

I had had a Luna Bar in the Aquarium, so I kept lunch on the lighter side.


I grabbed a container of tomato-basil soup with crackers and two hard boiled eggs. Weird combo, but it worked for me – the soup was delicious! It was thick and heart – it was almost like eating a marinara sauce soup.


I grabbed this on a whim – chocolate pudding with whipped cream and oreo crumbles. Gotta have lunch dessert once in a while!

We wandered around the Planetarium for a while – I’m not a huge science-y/space person, but it was pretty interesting. Was anyone else really disappointed when it was announced that Pluto wasn’t a planet anymore? I still refuse to believe that.

They had an exhibit about the history of astronomy, complete with a Middle-Age classrom set up and costumes.


Just some Middle Ages astronomy students here. Smile with tongue out

Unfortunately, after the Planetarium, we didn’t have enough time to hit up Skydeck at Willis Tower of the Museum of Science and Industry, which is what we had planned on to round out the CityPASS. But 3/5 is acceptable.

Chicago, we know you’re beautiful, just stop it.


After the Planetarium, we headed back to the hotel for a bit (which is when I ran out to Trader Joe’s and got some fabulous stuff), and Nicole and I headed over to Magnificent Mile. While I love looking at $600 trench coats from Nordstrom’s, I bought a dress from Forever 21 and considered myself covered. Smile with tongue out

For dinner, we decided a trip to Chicago would not be complete without…


Chicago style-deep dish pizza.

Apparently, there is real deep dish and there is cheese-stuffed, which masquerades as deep dish but isn’t the same thing. We were informed that Pizzeria Uno or Pizzeria Due were the places to go for real deep dish, so of course, we headed over there.


Low lighting, deep, tons of stuff on the walls…look like an authentic pizzeria to me!

Nicole and I decided to do the sharing thing again for dinner. We started with the Caesar salad with homemade dressing.


So good! Usually when I order a Caesar salad there’s so much dressing that it’s sloppy and limp, but this was perfect! I let Nicole have the croutons though, I have an inherent dislike for croutons.


Nicole and I decided to split two individual pizzas for dinner, the spinoccoli and the BBQ chicken.


The spinoccoli was pretty good, although I still have no idea where the broccoli was. I didn’t see it or taste it at all.


The BBQ Chicken was definitely my favourite of the two. The BBQ flavour really came out – nice and tangy!

Overall, I can see why people love Chicago deep dish so much. I was expecting it to be a greasy, cheesy mess, but not at all! The crust was light and fluffy – it reminded me of focaccia bread. Overall, it was a lot lighter than I expected. I’d definitely eat it again, it was fabulous!

We ordered some cheesecake with strawberries and whipped cream to round out the meal.


I love how it’s absolutely surrounded by whipped cream! You could tell it had been frozen previously (the middle was still a tad frozen on one of the pieces) but overall, it was yummy.

We all definitely agreed that it was a fabulous dinner to mark our last night in town! Overall, Chicago was an amazing city and I’m definitely going to be back someday. I had an amazing time with a great group of people!

Chicago, I will see you again. Smile

<— Would you ever cage dive with sharks?

<— Whipped cream on pie or cheesecake? Really, I could eat it with everything. Smile with tongue out


12 thoughts on “Chicago Recap: Fish, Planets and Deep Dish.

  1. I love penguins and seahorses so waking up to find pictures of them on your blog makes my morning 🙂 Good to know about Chicago deep dish pizza, too! I thought it would have been grease ball heaven! No way would I ever cage dive with sharks…don’t trust those cages no matter how safe they are haha…and whipped cream belongs on everything 😉

  2. Now I’m 100% sure I have to go to Chicago. My dad and I want to take a weekend trip somewhere to the States and from your pictures it looks amazing!! You really can’t go there without having the pizza, can you? It’s like going to Switzerland and not eating chocolate (something I almost didn’t do because of ED). And I have to say, I don’t like cheesecake at all!! I’m a total dessert person, but something about sweet cheese just puts me right off. Everyone thinks I’m a weirdo

  3. Your aquarium pictures are so cool! I’ve always found the ocean so fascinating. When I was younger I actually wanted to be a marine biologist!

    And wow that deep dish pizza looks good! I’ve never had it before but it’s definitely on my foodie bucket list. 😀

  4. Those pizzas look awesome! I’ve been to that aquarium before… it’s my favorite one! Sounds like a great trip overall!

  5. Penguins! EeeeEEE! I love them! Sharks actually scare the crap out of me, but I find them so eerily fascinating that I’d definitely be willing to cage dive. I just hope I wouldn’t pass out 😆 And I don’t know if I should be admitting to this one, seeing as I already lost Brownie Points for not liking fish, but… I’m not a fan of cheesecake either 😯 I love my desserts, and my sweet tooth is crazy, but cheesecake just doesn’t do it for me.

  6. Everything sounds amazing! I love when I find healthy and home-y breakfasts out of town:)

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