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Christmas Dance Party.


Good morning! This post is going up a tad late today…I had a bit of a late night/insanely busy day in general yesterday. The busy-ness started with my weekly grocery shopping/meal planning.



  • potatoes
  • bananas
  • Ambrosia apples (local apples out of the Niagara region. They taste similar to Honeycrisps, but they’re way cheaper!)
  • tomato
  • spaghetti squash (I’ve never actually made spaghetti squash, so we’ll see how well this goes)
  • grapes
  • green beans
  • an avocado
  • unpictured baby carrots



  • local old cheddar
  • Whole chicken
  • herb and garlic cream cheese
  • cheese strings (on sale. They make an awesome snack!)
  • sour cream (Yes, I eat sour cream sometimes. Full fat. It’s delicious)
  • ground chicken
  • lunch meat – sliced chicken
  • unpictured egg whites



  • Frozen meals
  • frozen stirfry veggies
  • Deep ‘n Delicious vanilla cake (Going for major girlfriend points here – Eric was mentioning a few weeks ago that he loved the vanilla version of these cakes, so I’ve been keeping my eye out since but haven’t been able to find them. I finally stumbled across them yesterday, and on sale, no less! Whenever I eat these, I just scrape off the icing – the best part)

The Rest


  • coffee (For Eric, clearly)
  • travel sized deodorant (so I’m not as smelly after my mid-afternoon workouts Smile with tongue out)
  • Frosted Flakes (all over the girlfriend points this weekend, clearly)
  • taco kit (tacos are absolutely on the menu this week)
  • toothpaste
  • notepad (for scribbling thesis related observations/inspirations)
  • printer paper

Due to a couple of extras I went a bit over budget this week, but it happens!

Meal Plan

  • Saturday – out at Eric’s company Christmas party
  • Sunday – out
  • Monday – salmon sandwiches
  • Tuesday – roast chicken and veggies
  • Wednesday – chicken stirfry
  • Thursday – tacos
  • Friday – roast beef and mashed potatoes

Tuesday I’ll be cooking the chicken in the slow cooker…my favourite method to cook a whole chicken! It’s how my mom always made it growing up, so it definitely reminds me of home.

It’s Getting All Christmas-y up in Here

Last night, Eric and I headed out to his company holiday party. The party was held at Carmen’s in Hamilton; which part of the Best Western hotel chain. His company was nice enough to offer busing from Brantford to Hamilton, saving us from having to make the drive.

We floated around for a bit before getting seated for dinner. Carmen’s definitely knows how to decorate for Christmas!


Absolutely gorgeous.

When we walked in, the first thing I noticed was a chocolate fountain. Of course, I headed straight for it – I love those things!


So much fun – they had all the usual chocolate fountain options (fruit and marshmallows) but they also had graham crackers, biscotti and rice crispy squares. Rice crispies and marshmallows were definitely my two favourites. Smile

This made me want to drag out my chocolate fountain, if just for my own amusement (fun fact: my parents and I each have mini chocolate fountains that we got the same Christmas – I want to get one going with dark chocolate and the other with milk or white chocolate, and have dueling fountains. Wouldn’t that be awesome?)

After socializing with and meeting Eric’s coworkers, we got seated for dinner. I was expecting buffet style, so finding out that we were going to be given a seated multi-course meal was pretty awesome.

A few glasses of wine consumed throughout the evening:


I couldn’t tell you what kind it was; I just know that it was white. And the bartender filled this glass right up to the brim – I don’t mind getting my money’s worth!

A crusty roll with butter to start:


(ignore the fact that I accidently managed to put a hole through the top with my thumb)

Followed by the first course: cheese ravioli.


Although the pasta was tasty, they were a tad scimpy on the cheese filling – I prefer a more even pasta/cheese ratio Smile with tongue out I ate about 3/4 of the plate and handed it off to Eric – I wanted to save room for the rest of the meal.

Main course: stuffed chicken with potatoes and veggies.


The chicken was absolutely delicious! It was stuffed with peppers and cheese, with some sort of sauce and a light breading (I love it when it’s actually lightly breaded – it’s annoying when lightly breaded at a restaurant = lived in the deep fryer).

Mid-meal photo op Smile with tongue out


The waiters came around with salad and roast beef, which I had a little bit of each.


I’ve determined that after a few years of eating romaine and spinach, I just don’t like iceberg lettuce anymore. It tastes like I’m chewing water!

And the dessert round.


They brought out a nice, light tiramisu. Usually I’m a huge fan, but in this version the cake in the bottom was absolutely soaked in coffee, which we all know I’m not a fan of! The whipped cream was delicious though Smile with tongue out

Following dessert, we hit the dance floor and stayed there for the large majority of the evening.


I can’t even remember the last time I went dancing…it needs to happen more often! I’m thinking I need to talk to some girlfriends and plan a club crawl soon Smile with tongue out

It was one of those “you-take-the-shoes-off” sort of nights.


Yes, those are my four-inch spiked stilettos, affectionately referred to as my “stripper shoes.” I’m 5’7 and I love those babies – clearly I have no issues being tall Smile with tongue out

It was a great night!


They bussed at back to Brantford around 12:30; I walked through my front door at 1:00 and was in bed was 1:15 – it was an exhausting night.

It’s really beginning to feel like the beginning of the holidays around here!


(PicMonkey, you are too fun).


<— How tall are you? Do you like to wear heels?

<—Are you as excited by chocolate fountains as I am?

<— Any suggestions for my spaghetti squash?


21 thoughts on “Christmas Dance Party.

  1. I love your dress! And the heels. I can’t walk in them so I take them off after pictures. I’m 5’7″ too so I guess I technically don’t need them anyways. I’ve never had a chocolate fountain before but it’s something I’ve always wanted to try. Chocolate is my jam!

  2. Hi I’m new to your blog! Love your shopping list.. I have totally fell off the planning train lately.. my grocery bill is feeling it too… eek!
    beautiful dress!
    I’m 5’9, I like heels but my hubs is 6’2 so they are never HIGH heels.. and since I had twins I only wear them for special occasions!
    spaghetti squash spaghetti is always my fave!

  3. That was weird.. it posted before I finished! oops!

  4. Hot damn, Sam! You looked RIDICULOUSLY good! Those shoes are the bomb too. I think besides food shopping, shoe shopping is my other favourite, they’re kinda my thing. And I’m 5’1″ so I can’t get enough of the “stripper heels” 😛 Oh, and totally with you on the iceberg thing, tasteless.
    P.S. I discovered peanut butter M&Ms last night!! Holy crap!! Have you had them??

  5. Don’t… like… coffee? 😯 But… but… it’s delicious! I actually overheard someone once saying that no one really likes the taste of coffee and that people just drink it for the buzz, but I seriously do adore the taste of coffee and wish I could handle drinking more than I already do.

    But girlllll, you look so fabulous! And it’s great to hear that you had a great”take the shoes off” kind of night! I love heels even though they make me ridiculously tall. I’m 5’9, so putting on heels makes me kind of a giant.

  6. Hello chocolate fountain! Yum! I’ve only been to one party where they had a chocolate fountain & pretty sure I stayed near it the majority if the night! As for being tall & heels, all through high school I tried to be shorter than my 5’9″ frame & finally embraced it! Cute dress & cute shoes 😉

  7. I’ve never actually been somewhere that had a chocolate fountain, but I would be in heaven around one!

    And you look gorgeous! I’m glad you had such a fun night. 🙂

  8. Yum! All that produce looks great!

  9. I would do backflips for a chocolate fountain!! YUM!! I am 5’6ish, but don’t wear heels all that much anymore..I am a big wuss and they hurt my feet!!

    The best spah squash creation I have done was this:

    I went vegan a while back so I haven’t eaten my spag squash like this since, but it was SO good! You gotta try it. Otherwise just like any other spaghetti recipe!

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