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Ramblings: Pink Nails and Chopsticks.


My brain is too (school-related) fried to put together a coherent post right now. So, this means you get some random thoughts from my day. Smile

1. I’ve never been one to enjoy the colour pink. I was pretty tomboy-ish when I was a kid, and then I went threw my rebellious/goth phase in high school, so it’s just never been high on the list when I go shopping for anything.

But, my mother-in-law gave me a Shellac nail kit for my birthday, so I finally broke it out last weekend and painted by nails what I thought was going to be red.


They’re bright pink (picture not doing them justice as to how bright they are!).

And I think I like it.

Deep down, apparently I’m a pink fan. Good to know.

2. They were playing some absolutely awesome music at my gym today. As in, stuff I hadn’t heard in years and had to restrain myself from singing out loud. I heard Disturbed, Trapt, Papa Roach (basically summing up high school right there) and this little gem:

Anyone remember  this song? I would have been 11 when it came out, but I loved it! I remember thinking that the cheerleaders were unsettling.

3. This may be the best chocolate bar I’ve ever had in my life.


And I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate in my day, so that’s saying something. Dark chocolate, caramel and sea salt might just be the ideal combination for my sweet/salty tooth.

4. Today, I wore a sweater and my fall bomber jacket. It was 2 (35) degrees out. Yes, I am absolutely in winter denial.

Such denial.

5. I’m doing my Christmas decorating on Saturday, a.k.a. December 1st. That is also when I’ll break out the advent calendar (of course) and the Christmas music. WalMart may want to start celebrating Christmas the day after Halloween, but my rule is always December 1st.

(I adore Christmas, I just don’t think it needs to be celebrated for THAT long!)

6. I took the leftovers from Tuesday’s slow cooked chicken and made a teriyaki chicken stirfry with veggies and brown rice. My favourite part is the water chestnuts – weirdest/best texture ever.


7. Whenever I make something even remotely resembling Asian food in my household, I absolutely must eat it with chopsticks.


Because chopsticks = authentic. Of course.

8. Speaking of chopsticks…

Because I have a blog, I can tell that the last time I ate sushi was October 13th. That shit is not acceptable.

Odessa roll, I miss you so much. BBQ eel and avocado, topped with salmon and more avocado. Definitely need one of these in my life soon.

9. Having a small program (6 people in my year) has some good advantages. Two different professors are treating us to lunch next week; one day Indian, another day pizza. Anytime someone buys me food = awesome.

10. If I’m having a bad day/get stressed out, I browse the humour category on Pinterest.

Seriously, always makes me giggle. (and that’s happened to you before, right?)

Have a happy Thursday!

<— Do you have a set date for Christmas decorating?

<— What are your strategies for cheering up when you’re stressed or in a bad mood?


19 thoughts on “Ramblings: Pink Nails and Chopsticks.

  1. Ahh I need to get that chocolate bar next time I’m in the states! Chocolate + caramel is the best, and I bet that added salt takes it to a whole new level of amazingness!

    I can’t believe you’ve gone that long without sushi! It’s been like 9 days since I last had it and I’m already craving it again haha.

  2. These are seriously my favorite posts to read and write haha. I love reading other people’s random thoughts and sharing my own! I was never a pink girl growing up either, but it’s definitely growing on me as I’m getting older, and I think your nails look fabulous 🙂 Your food looks delicious, and I do the exact same thing to cheer myself up when I’m down…and I always end up giggling like a little girl 😉

  3. So many good bits in here! The teriyaki chicken looks sooo good, obviously I want that chocolate in my belly now and I have been wearing my winter coat since October, so you are TOTALLY in denial!!

  4. I love the nail polish! So bright 🙂 I’ve bought that chocolate before and I actually found it too salty. But my mom really loves it and she knows her chocolate so it must just be me. Basically I love anything trader joe’s so I can totally see why you love it!

  5. the humor pinterest is my go to in a bad mood. that and 90s music. got to love it. I am very opposed to pink, tomboy through and through. haha

  6. Hehe I was the same way with pink while I was growing up – I made it a huge point to hate on the dreaded nasty color, buuuuuut the older I got, the more I started to enjoy it… and now, dare I say, I kind of love it? It works with my skin tone – that’s my story and I’m sticking to it 😉 And ditto on December 1st being THE day to decorate. I’m already getting all sorts of antsy to bring out the snowmen and reindeer this weekend while watching Eld and listening to Christmas music non-stop. Whoop!

  7. I’ve never tried that chocolate bar but I KNOW I would like it. I love the sweet and salty combo!

  8. Pinned that last image to my Funny board. Thank you! I freaking hate it when people do that haha. I legit get mad inside at them making me do the awkward jog. Just ignore me! Don’t be chivalrous!
    “That shit is not acceptable” made me laugh. Girl, get some sushi in you STAT!
    So proud of you for being an undercover pink lover. 😀

  9. Boulevard of Broken Dreams was playing in my Dad’s car as we drove in to work this morning. I totally sang in my ohsoemo tone while he gave me weird looks. Totally a throw back!! Loved every second of it.
    I loved pink and purple until I turned 8 and decided to become a tom boy overnight (literally — to this day my Mom is still surprised by it. haha). However, neon pink is now my power colour. I won’t go running without it on me somewhere. How times change!! And I love that colour on you, so glad you’re embracing it!
    Annnnnd I’m TOTALLY guilty of being a door holder. It happened today, actually. Twice. Oops! The worst time, though, was when I guilt-hurried a patient in a wheelchair through the door. I really felt terrible after that one.
    Here’s to a happy Friday!!

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