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Taco Night Makes Life Better.


Oh weekend, I am excited to see you! I found out this week that my last assignment for the year is due December 17th, then I’ll have 3 weeks off. 17 more days…it can’t get here soon enough! In the meantime, I have to decide what shows to watch over Christmas break…

I’m feeling a tad burnt out right now, so knowing I’ve got less than 3 weeks to go is giving me something to look forward to, that’s for sure.

Although having some fabulous eats yesterday made the day better!



My usual banana protein oats (2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/3 cup oats, 1/3 cup egg whites, sliced banana, a splash of banana and a few drops of stevia) with a tablespoon of cocoa powder mixed in. Topped with peanut butter = chocolate, banana and peanut butter. Really, is there a better combo?

And dinner last night:


I can’t even remember the last time I had taco night. That is just unacceptable, considering my love for Mexican food! I made one small mistake though – I prefer the kits that have the hard and soft shell tacos, but I accidentally grabbed the one with soft shells only. That’s ok…I lived with it. Smile with tongue out

Of course, a taco night necessity:


Homemade guacamole. I used to buy guac on an almost weekly basis, until I figured out how easy (and cheap) it is to make at home. It tastes better too! I love adding a pinch of cumin to mine; it sounds really weird but it adds awesome flavour.

And another homemade side:


Salsa! My mom made her own batch of salsa last month and I’m finally getting a chance to try it now. She’s never canned her own, and I have to say, I am impressed. Nicely done mom! Good texture and flavour with just a hint of spice.

Mmm…tacos. (of course, said in a Homer Simpson voice)


2 tacos stuffed to the brim with all the fixings. Taco meat (I used ground chicken), lettuce, tomato, salsa, sour cream, cheese, guacamole. So stuffed that I couldn’t even fold them properly! Maybe that’s why I like hard tacos better – so much easily to judge how much filling I can shove in there. Smile with tongue out


I went back for a small scoop of the fillings…the best part anyways!

Followed by a few select pieces out of my chocolate cupboard, my night was complete. (Yes, I have cupboard space dedicated to my chocolate stash. I have priorities, people).

I actually don’t have any plans this weekend, which is nice considering that it’ll likely be the last one for a while. I’ve got the usual errands, plus I want to get a hair cut, do a bit of Christmas shopping and get the decorations up. The haircut is so needed; I’m pretty sure my last trim was is June? Oops.

Foodie things that must happen this weekend:

Yogurty’s – I walked past it the other day and noticed their seasonal flavour right now is gingerbread. Must.Happen.

Sushi – My sushi cravings will be dealt with! Eric and I are thinking of ordering takeout Saturday night. Cannot wait!

<— Do you have a chocolate/candy/salty snack stash? Chocolate must be in the household at all times, otherwise I resort to snacking on chocolate chips when I get a craving.

<— Hard shell or soft shell tacos? Chicken, beef, fish, shrimp, something else? I’ve only had fish tacos once when I was Toronto about a year and a half ago, but I really need to try them again sometime.


20 thoughts on “Taco Night Makes Life Better.

  1. Aw man! Taco night was my favourite night as a kid! My mum made these amazing refried beans…I’m going to have to share the recipe soon… And now I have a huge taco craving! Next time you find an excuse to head Guelph-ward we are totally hitting up Salsateria!

    • Yes ma’am! :-p As soon as I’m able to steal the car and make the drive, Ill let you know!

    • Me too?!?! Please?! Seriously though, we need to have an Ontario blogger meet up at some point!! I’m hoping to get Caitlin up to Ottawa for Canada Day (no better place to celebrate than the capital!) if either of you would be interested in coming up too! 😉
      However, I have been thinking about visiting family friends down in Oakville at some point. I’d love to be able to stretch it a bit further and to head your way! 😀

      • Well, as it turns out I may be going to a conference in Ottawa at the end of May – and it that happens, I’m pretty much going to be demanding some sort of meet up :-p

        And yes!! If you make it down to this area, we’ll have to plan some sort of big Ontario blogger meet up. That would pretty much make my life!

      • Keep me posted on your visit!! You have NO idea how huge a smile just burst onto my face. Okay. Oh wow. Yesyesyes to all of the above!!
        I’ll also keep you posted on my southern-ON wanderings. 😉

  2. Ok, now I want tacosssssssssssss. I am a combo soft and hard shell girl all the way, and I don’t discriminate…I’ll eat fish, beef, chicken, and turkey…all tacos are welcome in my book! Those look so good!! And I totally have a chocolate closet….and different stashes around my apt to boot!

  3. Those oats look amazing! I love love love PB oats

  4. We will get through it! 13 days left for me and even that isn’t soon enough!! A chocolate stash is so necessary 😉

  5. YOu can do it! so close! homemade salsa? now that is my kind of taco night

  6. The only combo better than PB/banana/chocolate is AB/banana/chocolate 😛 And you better believe I have a pretty epic stash of chocolate, candy, and salty snacks at home and make sure it’s fully stocked at all times. I’ve resorted to eating semi-sweet chocolate baking squares when no other chocolate was to be found, and that’s never fun.

    As for tacos, hard shell with beef and lots of cheese and salsa for me 😀

  7. i love taco night, soft or hard shells there the best!! i use refried beans i make in mine usually and cant get enough.. now i need tacos asap lol

  8. Ahh!! The title alone made me smile. I saw the words and literally shouted “You bet it does!!”. My Mom looked at me like I’m insane. Which I might very well be. But that doesn’t negate the fact that taco night sure as heck makes life better!! I can’t remember the last time I had tacos (well, I’m actually more a fajita fan — but I haven’t had them in forever either), but I’ve been totally thinking of bringing them back soon. Working up the nerve, but after seeing this I know that it’s a MUST. Count on it before the new year. 😉 Thanks, Sam!!!

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