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The Non-Workout Workout Plan.

So, week one of my deload week is done. My plan was to stay away from intense exercise, but fit in yoga, foam rolling, and walks when I could. And the result?

I did absolutely no planned exercise. All week.

A year or two ago, that would have sent me into a crazy, anxious mess. I’d be freaking out that any muscle I gained over the last few months would have wasted away and been instantly converted to fat within the last week. Combined with the extra food and desserts that go along with Christmas, I would have been positive I would have been absolutely screwed (and up about 10 pounds).

So happy that that’s not the case anymore. None of that anxiety happened and I really enjoyed this week! I wouldn’t exactly call it relaxing (because of a lot of running around/holiday stuff) but not having to worry about when I was going to shove in exercise took a lot of the pressure off.

So basically – take a week off once in a while. Your body and your mind will appreciate it!

I’m going to be taking an easy week this week (my original plan – yoga, walks, foam rolling, maybe an exercise video or two) and then I’ll be starting Carrie’s Slim and Sculpt Elite. I bought the plan late last week and it looks great! Definitely excited.

And as for after I’m done this plan? Well…

Tough Mudder

Devon and I are trying to round up a team to enter a Tough Mudder! The one we’re looking at is May 11th and 12th, taking place in Coldwater (about 2 hours from Toronto). We’re going for certified blogger/badass status. 🙂

Seriously, I’m so, so excited about this plan. A mud run has been on my to-do list for a while now, and if you’re going to do it, you might as well go big, right?

From what I understand, the best part of a Tough Mudder is the sense of teamwork and accomplishment that you get when completing it with a group of people. So again, Devon and I would love to pull a team together! Please let one of us know if you’re interested in joining us!


The nice thing about being home all day is I can put a little bit of effort into making a good lunch, rather than my usual “heat something up and throw it on a plate” approach.


I put together a Mexican-style stuffed baked sweet potato. Black beans, turkey, my mom’s homemade salsa and sour cream. A simple green salad on the side – amazing!

The afternoon was spent relaxing, reading, and watching TV. I’ve been making my way through the first season of American Horror Story and I’m really enjoying it! I love anything creepy/supernatural-y.


For dinner, I made Tina’s Italian tortellini soup.


My second time making this recipe and I still absolutely adore it. Such a hearty and filling soup – perfect for winter.



I hope you all have a great New Years Eve! I think Eric and I will just be taking it easy tonight…movies and wine sounds nice to me right now. I think there’s an event/countdown going on downtown, so I may convince him to walk down with me. The trouble with not having cable = no official countdown at home.

Whether you’re going big for the night or taking it easy, have a good one!

<— Ever done a Tough Mudder? Would you?

<— How often do you take off-weeks from exercise? I think I’m going to aim for a few times a year. It does the body good!


Would You Want To Know?

Good morning! I hope everyone’s been having a fabulous weekend.

Today, I’m having a day of pure relaxation. After a busy holiday week, I’m looking forward to nothing but lounging today. That’s what Christmas break is for, right?

Yesterday I was up early and off to do my grocery shopping. By the time I got home, I had approximately 20 minutes to put groceries away, change and be out the door again, so no grocery layout for you this week. I do, however, have a meal plan:

  • Saturday: spaghetti
  • Sunday: Tina’s tortellini soup
  • Monday: lobster tails, rice and veggies (seems like an appropriate New Years Eve dinner, doesn’t it?)
  • Tuesday: turkey meatball subs
  • Wednesday: chicken, sweet potatoes and veggies
  • Thursday: Pork and sweet potato gumbo
  • Friday: leftovers/out

After almost a full week off from cooking, I’m happy to get back in my kitchen again.


Evidently Smile (Yes, seriously loving that apron).

Baby Shower

Although it was snowing yesterday, the roads weren’t too bad, so I made the trip home for the shower. My cousin’s wife (what is it when your cousin gets married? Are they now your cousin, are they your cousin-in-law…?) had a bit of a health scare earlier this week, but fortunately she and baby are both doing great.

When we arrived, I hadn’t eaten in about 5 hours and was starving.


Hello, cookie tray. I went right for a peanut butter blossom – quite possibly one of the best cookies in existence. After I had eaten my cookie, I went for the rest of the food. Hey, dessert first is ok once in a while!


Baked brie (cranberry sauce and puff pastry. So good!), crackers, and mixed fruit. I finished this plate and went back for another.

Of course, you need games for a baby shower, right? The first game we played was a guessing game for how big the mom is – we had to cut a ribbon at the length we thought Melissa was around her stomach. Apparently, I have a good eye; I had it almost perfect. So I won the first prize! They were wrapped, so I went for the one with the most interesting shape.


A cute little candy dish filled with mints! I showed it to Eric when I got home, and his response was “it’s like a Grandma jar!” It kind of is – I just need to fill it with Werther’s originals and you’ve got my childhood and my grandma’s right there. Smile with tongue out

The second game was a “what’s in the diaper?” game. Kind of gross, but clever! My foodie skills failed me at this one – I only got one right.


My mom ended up winning that one – she got a cute little pen and notebook set.

While Melissa opened gifts, we played baby shower BINGO; seriously, I love games. I need to play board games or something more often.


Melissa got a lot of really nice gifts! Because she and my cousin are keeping the gender a surprise, they got a lot of whites, greens and yellows for clothes and blankets. I love that – I’ve never been a fan of strictly blue or pink.

Would you want to know?

Between my family and seeing all the pregnancies/new babies popping up in HLBs, I’ve been thinking lately about whether or not I’d want to know the sex of the baby. While I love surprises, I think the wait would drive me absolutely insane! But at the same time, I’d want to keep the baby’s things as gender-neutral as possible, which is hard to do when everyone knows the baby’s sex.

I think I know what I would want to do though; last spring, I went to a “gender-reveal” baby shower.

I love this idea! One person knows the gender and orders the cake for the shower. When the couple cut into the cake, pink cake means it’s a girl and blue means it’s a boy. Such a fun way to figure out the baby gender! And if it’s at the shower, gifts have already been bought so you don’t have to worry about excessive pink or blue. Seriously, adorable.

It should also be noted that I am nowhere near being ready to have kids yet (23 and still in school? I think I’ll wait) but I have a planning sort of personality so I tend to think of these things really early. It’s just fun to think about!

Lunch Part 2

Of course, I can’t be at my parents without my mom offering to make me food. We’ll call this lunch, part 2.


An open-faced turkey and tomato sandwich with a bit of Miracle Whip. Seriously, the best thing about leftover turkey is turkey sandwiches. It would have been perfect if there had been a bit of cranberry sauce left over too!


After my drive back (which actually wasn’t too bad. I kind of love long drives by myself) I took a short nap on the couch before putting together a late dinner.


I made a beefed-up meat sauce (a jar of tomato sauce, an onion, 2 garlic cloves, 1 chopped bell pepper, 1 lb ground pork, 1 can of mushrooms, spinach, and Italian seasoning) over whole wheat spaghettini with Parmesan on top. Not bad, considering that I hadn’t made a proper dinner in a while.

Now, I’m off to enjoy a lazy Sunday. Hope you have a great one!

<— What you want to know the gender of a baby beforehand? What do you think of gender-reveal cakes?

<— Do you like long drives? I find them pretty relaxing, but anything over 2 hours and I’ll be needing some sort of break in the middle.


I Love Vacation Time.

Good morning! Those of you who went back to work yesterday and Thursday – how was it? Who’s still on vacation?

I’ve got another week to go after the weekend, but I’m definitely keeping busy. The boy and I had an awesome day together yesterday, and today I’m driving back to London for my cousin’s baby shower. She’s due in February (the 13th, so of course I’m hoping she’s having a Valentine’s Day baby) and I couldn’t be more excited for her.

Rewinding to yesterday:

Eric and I hadn’t been to see a movie since September, and since he’s off until the 7th as well (yay working in the education system!) we decided to take advantage of a gift card and go see one. We’re both Tarantino fans, so we settled on Django: Unchained.

Umm, please go see this movie.

Definitely one of the best new movies I’ve seen in a long time! Again, I’m a Tarantino fan so I’m probably a bit biased, but it was great. It was long (almost 3 hours) but I almost didn’t notice, I was so entertained. The acting was incredible – I think Christoph Schulz may be becoming one of my favourite actors. Between this and Inglourious Basterds, his pure talent really comes across. And of course, you can never go wrong with Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson in a movie, can you? Seriously fantastic.

I know there’s some controversy surrounding the film and the use of the “n-word”, but really, it’s unavoidable considering the time period and the context of the film. It did make me uncomfortable, but avoiding it would have made the movie incredibly unrealistic. So if you can get around that, definitely go see this movie!


It was a long movie, so even though I had a snack during (a cheese string and a Clif Z Bar) I was more than ready for (a 4:00 pm) lunch when I got home.


A purple sweet potato, blueberry goat cheese, and two eggs (supposed to be two sunny side up but I broke one of the yolks…oops) on a bed of spinach. A weirder combination, but it worked for me.


We ended up getting a last minute invitation from our neighbours to join them at Taal for dinner. Of course, I cannot say no to an Indian buffet.


Plate 1: salad with some sort of yogurt dressing, some sort of fish (I had absolutely no idea what it was when I choose it off the buffet…yes, I am adventurous), chili chicken, channa masala, and beef korma.


A small plate for round two: tandoori chicken, palek paneer and a piece of pakora. Because of my late lunch, this left me absolutely stuffed and I skipped dessert (seriously, when do I say that? My dessert stomach must have failed me)

After the boy and I got home, we cuddled on the couch and digested while watching a movie. Seriously, perfect day of vacation right there: Dates and relaxing.

Have a great Saturday!

<— Days off: would you rather relax or get stuff done?

<— Last movie you’ve seen in theatres? Plan on seeing Django?