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The Christmas List.


One of my favourite things about my apartment has suddenly become my least favourite.


Apparently, wooden stairs + socks = hazardous. Let’s just say that my back has had better days…ouch.

But, there is one thing that always make me feel better.


An excuse to eat chocolate daily. Smile with tongue out 


Every year, I get a calendar. I think that’s why I always associated December 1st with the beginning of the Christmas season.

Today I started with my Christmas decorations. I put up everything we have, but it didn’t feel quite Christmas-y enough. Thinking I’ll be looking for some more…you can’t be too festive, can you?

Hello, apartment-sized Christmas tree.


It’s little, but I think it’s cute. Smile

Although, I think we need a new topper. The angel on the top is clear and she’s missing a wing, so from a distance it’s hard to figure out what it is. I pointed it out to Eric and he said “It looks like a mushroom cap.”


Going to have to agree with him on that one. And it’s red too – Mario, anyone?

My front door is 100% perfect though –


Yup, those are little cupcakes.


With “sprinkles”…it doesn’t get much more fitting than that, does it? My mom picked this up at a Christmas Bazaar for me a few weeks ago and I absolutely adore it.


When I told Eric I was having a sushi craving and that we should pick some up, he 100% agreed – he’s as sushi-obsessed as I am. We usually go for all-you-can-eat, but last night we decided to order in from Sushi Eight, our favourite sushi place in Brantford.


Eric’s Black Dragon Roll on the left, my Odessa roll in the middle, and his salmon roll on the right. The Odessa roll is eel and salmon topped with avocado and more salmon – my favourite roll in existence.


A California hand roll for him and a mango one for me.


It was my first time ordering a mango roll (it had crab in it as well) and it was different! Not my favourite, but not bad either.

Black pepper tuna sashimi (excuse the poor photo, I was hungry).


Another different choice for me – it was pretty good! Although, I don’t think anything beats my salmon sashimi.

What’s better than following one of your favourite dinners with one of your favourite desserts?


Not much…that is a happiness-guaranteeing decision. Smile with tongue out


  • red velvet and ginger spiced cookie froyo (and now I’m thinking I need to make some gingerbread cookies in the near future…)
  • chopped Reese’s
  • cinnamon streusel
  • maraschino cherries
  • frosted animal crackers
  • mini M & Ms (kinda like really big chocolate sprinkles, right?)
  • caramel sauce

Delicious. Smile

Day 2

It actually works out nicely that day 2 challenge is my wish list – a couple people have been asking me and I keep giving the answer of “I don’t know!” Now I actually have to think about it, don’t I?

Ok, here we go!

1. A new set of pots.

My old ones are like tinfoil, they’re so thin – I’m actually afraid I’m going to burn through them eventually. I love Rachael Ray, so some of her cookware would be fabulous. The purple is just a bonus.

2. An Immersion blender.

I love soup, especially pureed soups. I don’t make them often because making a pureed soup when all you have is a Magic Bullet is pretty much the biggest pain in the ass ever. Still going with purple. Smile with tongue out

3. Gift Cards.

I could really use some new workout clothes, so a card to Lululemon (and then maybe I would actually own something from there) or Sport Chek would be lovely. Or GNC – I wish I could own stock in that store, I love it so much.

4. Fun-flavoured alcohol.

I’m not a huge drinker by any means, but I have a collection of fun flavoured vodkas. When I was hunting around the LCBO yesterday I found some fun looking ones:


The S’mores one just looks awesome. Smile

5. Cookbooks.

I collect two things: cookbooks and shoes (that being said, I wouldn’t mind some new shoes either. Size 9!) Anything by Rachael Ray, Gordon Ramsay or Bite Me Too by Julie Albert and Lisa Grant. (I have the original Bite Me and it’s one of my absolute favourite cookbooks).

6. Video Games.

These ones are both calling to me:


Little nerd girl at heart. Smile 

7. Concert Tickets.

I don’t have a specific concert in mine or even know of any of my favourite bands playing anywhere near here…but it’s been way too long since I’ve been to a show.


(my friend Mel and I at Warped Tour last July – the last big concert I went to. It was storming and poured rain for over an hour, but we still had a fantastic time! Wear a bathing suit under your clothes for large outdoor concerts – seriously the best decision I’ve ever made. And yes, absolutely guilty of the occasional duck face-d picture Smile with tongue out)

Edited to add: I thought of another one this morning:

8. Magazine Subscriptions.

I already subscribe to Cosmo (I know, but I love it) and Women’s Health, but I wouldn’t mine getting a few more delivered to my door monthly. I’d love to get a subscription to Oxygen, or to a cooking magazine like The Food Network magazine, Cooking Light or Rachael Ray.


And I think that’s it – at least, all I can think of right now. Enjoy the last day of the weekend!

<— What’s on your Christmas list? Any similarities to mine?

<— What was the last concert you went to?


31 thoughts on “The Christmas List.

  1. Oh my goodness I absolutely LOVE your door decorations – cupcakes for the WIN!! I think that would make me smile every time I got home. Love your Christmas wish list too, so many great ideas!

  2. i Love those cupcakes!! and the immersion blender is the best i use it for soups and sometimes smoothies ! Bite me is a top cookbook of mine too, so goodd

  3. so when I visit you (yes in my dreams but it will happen) you must take me to this sushi place and the froyo place. same night. YOLO. that is the perfect amount of chocolate daily, love the little reminder. I would love any sort of blender for christmas, just something so I can make meringues.

  4. Mmm… The Odessa roll would probably be one of my favourites too 🙂 I really need to find a place near me that does self-serve fro yo too, I’ve never been to one! That peppermint mocha kalhua is the bomb and the only thing that’s on my Christmas list right now is running shoes 🙂

  5. We have almost the same christmas list I think haha also, obsessed with advent calendars… I’m thinking I should go buy one now. That means I’d get to eat 2 chocolates for today, right? I’ve heard the s’mores flavored vodka is gross unfortunately, since that’s what I was planning on having as my first drink. Oh well, at least we can play sims and eat froyo all day long 😉

  6. Pots are a great one that I need too…giftcards and magazine subscriptions are sweet ideas as well (and I totally subscribe to cosmo too 😉 ) I’d love Runner’s World and Clean Eating…last concert i went to was miranda lambert last feb with my mum…and i love your door hanger!!

  7. I don’t even know where to start!! Cupcake ornaments?!?!? I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE!!! 😀 Your froyo? Delectable!! And if I don’t get a GIANT fun flavoured bottle of drinking fabulousness, I might just cry. Just a bit. And then I will head about and buy myself a bottle to help me forget my sorrow. Two birds? Meet your stone! 😉

  8. Those ornaments are too cute!:) ANd that sushi sounds so good, too!

  9. Eep! Those stairs would probably be the death of me! Although I usually have more trouble with falling UP stairs than falling down them. Hope your back feels better soon! The main thing on my Christmas list right now is a nice pair of brown riding boots. I’ve seen a few that I like, but the price tag has been keeping me away. Guess it’s the perfect thing to ask for for Christmas though 😀

  10. I LOVE that mini Christmas tree. I need one for my apartment! I also really need an advent calendar…I am thinking of getting one a week into December so I can eat 7 pieces on the first day 🙂 Good strategy.

  11. Woo, I’m so glad you’re on board with my Christmas Challenge 🙂 thanks for spreading the holiday love, girl! Hope Santa treats you kindly 🙂

    p.s. hope your bum is okay 😦 Wooden stairs are deadly!

  12. Great Christmas list! I may need to steal some of your ideas;) I need a good little Christmas tree for my place, my parents have a big one but I don’t have one yet. I really want a white Christmas tree, they look so classy. Oh, I feel you on the stairs. I fall down mine at least once a month, it’s bad news bears! Hope your back is feeling better asap!

  13. Great list! I don’t have much of a list. I get what I get and I like it to be a surprise! I will drop hints though 😉

  14. Oww your fall down the stairs sounds painful – I hope your back is doing okay!

    Also I think I need to come visit you so we can go to that sushi place – I would be all over that Odessa roll! And yummm, I love Yogurty’s.

    I’ve got some cookbooks, some books by food writers, Lululemon items, and a Le Creuset lasagna pan on my wishlist!

    • It was a little sore today, but I’m alright! 🙂

      Hehe you would love it! whenever we finally get to hangout, sushi should definitely be involved!

      All good things for a Christmas list, can never go wrong with Le Creuset!

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