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freEDom: Enjoying Christmas For All It’s Worth.


As we get closer and closer to Christmas, Sloane’s campaign becomes even more important to me.

For anyone who’s ever had an eating disorder, holidays are difficult. Thinking about all the food, parties and busy-ness (so you can’t fit in workouts) is enough to drive you insane. Even if you’ve never suffered, I think it’s very easy to have a lot of anxiety and apprehension this time of year.

For several years, I secretly dreaded the holiday season. I knew I’d be surrounded by holidays treats, I would inevitably eat some, and feel so overwhelmed with guilt I wouldn’t even know how to handle it. I hit my absolute lowest weight a few weeks after Christmas one year – I couldn’t deal with the guilt and anxiety surrounding what I had eaten over the holidays (and in hindsight, it was not much at all) so my restriction got even worse.

Thinking about that now, and thinking about how many people worry about their food intake over the holidays really just makes me sad. There’s so much bombardment of “How to Eat Healthy Over the Holiday Season!” and “Your Holiday Party Survival Guide!” They tell us to have a snack before we go to a party, fill up on crudités, avoid the cookies, avoid the appetizers, avoid the eggnog, avoid this, avoid that.

You know what?


It’s ridiculous. The holiday season is absolutely meant to be enjoyed. The idea that we need to “survive” the holidays is just plain wrong. When I think of survival, I think of zombies, (Yes, Walking Dead-obsessed. And depressed that I have to wait until February to see more) I think of camouflage gear, I think of being stranded on an island somewhere. I do NOT think of Christmas cookies and I don’t think you should either.

So…I’m looking forward to the holidays and everything that goes along with it. I have 2 holiday lunches and one party this week. Over Christmas itself, I’ve got at least three dinners planned. I have a list of cookies and desserts that I want to bake. I’m thinking about what drinks I should make for New Years.

My freEDom this week? I refuse to feel any sort of apprehension, anxiety or fear regarding the holidays. I’m thoroughly excited for all the good eats and parties that are going to be happening. I refuse to restrict, I refuse to strategize, and I refuse to deny myself. I plan on enjoying whatever Christmas cookies come my way this year. My focus is going to be on spending time with people that I love, not about how many calories I’m going to eat. I’m planning on taking the week of Christmas off from formal exercise all together, so I have more time to focus on family and our celebrations.

Now that sounds like a good Christmas, don’t you think?. Smile

Day 4

Christmas Challenge time! I’m really loving it, thanks for putting it together Jenny!

So…favourite Christmas song. This one is pretty easy, actually.

A few years ago, my parents organized a huge trip for family and friends to take a bus up to Hamilton to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. There was about 25 of us in total – it was amazing. It was actually the second time I’d seen the show, and both times it was incredible.






And I secretly wanted to learn how to play the violin after that.

So naturally, my favourite Christmas song is their rendition of “Carol of the Bells.”

Cause metal guitars = Christmas. Open-mouthed smile

<— Are you with me in my “no guilt” Christmas?

<— Have you seen Trans Siberian Orchestra before?


22 thoughts on “freEDom: Enjoying Christmas For All It’s Worth.

  1. YES! I totally agree with you here. It drives me crazy that magazines and websites give out all these tips to “survive” the holidays, which basically suck ALL the fun out of this time of year. As long as you don’t go overboard and eat the entire buffet table, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy treats and good food!

  2. ABSOLUTELY, I AGREE! I literally cringe when I see things like this. It’s probably because I’m still really struggling in recovery, but I can’t stand to hear someone talking about “surviving” the opportunity to eat so many wonderful things and enjoy the good times that comes with good eats. Life’s a blessing, and that includes food. Even cookies, candy and the like! Especially those things now that I think about it. We’re supposed to feel guilty? For what?! I’ve went through a holiday where I completely restricted myself; literally sitting at a Thanksgiving Dinner eating NOTHING and staring at the food while my family ate- and let me tell you, it was a MISERABLE feeling, and yes, it did make me feel very disconnected from the community and fellowship that the food itself provided. I wasn’t ‘surviving’ anything like that- it actually felt more like death. Ridiculous. Like you, this Christmas I’m not doing that to myself. Hell no. I can’t wait to bake and ice my favorite sugar cookies- and yes, eat them too 🙂

    I LOVE the Trans Siberian Orchestra! Their rendition of Carol of the Bells is my fave 😀

  3. BRAVO LOVE!!! Ahhhh, LOVE IT!! I’ve only read a handful of posts like this over the past few weeks, but yours is my favorite by far (probably because I recognize where you’re coming from haha)….I couldn’t agree more, and I am so happy that you are taking this route and encouraging others to do the same! I was thinking about taking a week off of exercise during the first week or two of January, but you are really inspiring me to at least try during the same week! Have to see how that will work out…and warn my family and boy ahead of time so they can help if necessary, but seriously…this post made my day!! Thank you, darlin 🙂 ❤

  4. Amen! I am going to make this the first restriction-free Christmas in years! I will be baking all week, making a gingerbread house with my roommates and going to a potluck on Saturday, and I will enjoy it all! This year, I actually ASKED my mom to put treats in my stocking instead of forbidding it. This post just makes me feel even more confident that I can do it 🙂

  5. Good for you not worrying about the Christmas holidays and all of the food! It is so good and so worth it! I think it’s really important to remember not to “detox”. The holidays are about spending time with family and friends while enjoying the greatest foods ever! I mean, life would be pretty sad if we couldn’t enjoy mac and cheese, cookies, cake, hot cocoa, etc.
    Hope your day is wonderful ❤

  6. I am in love with this post! Its so empowering and shows how far you’ve come. I’m so inspired by you, Sam you don’t even know. I can’t wait to hear how it all goes–this sounds like you’re set up to have the best Christmas ever. This time is not meant to be a hellish thing that have to drag ourselves through–its supposed to be a celebration of love and light!
    I’m obsessed w TSO. So jealous you saw them!

  7. AMEN. it makes me so sad that people are wishing away the holiday season, like come and go so fast so that temptation isn’t there. really? I want it to drag on, i want to enjoy what I want to enjoy and push away the guilt. I couldn’t agree more.

  8. Ugh. Seeing all of the holiday detoxes and survival guides just makes my left eye twitch uncontrollably. Like, way to suck all the fun out of life. I remember adhering to those ‘tips’ when I was in the depths of my disorder and they definitely didn’t make for an enjoyable Christmas. In all honesty, I think people spend way too much time thinking about food and weight during this time of year. I mean sure, all the tasty holiday food is fantastic, but there’s soooo much more going on that we miss out on if we’re only focused on how to keep ourselves from possibly gaining 1-2 lbs.

    And you got to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra? Gah! SO jealous. I would kill to see them – their Carol of the Bells is definitely on top of my list of favorite Christmas songs.

  9. AMEN. Avoidance of the best things about the holiday season basically takes the joy out of a time that should be amazing. I used to freak out before Christmas parties and use tips from websites about “visualizing” only having the healthy appetizers, yada yada. So sad. Now I am am STOKED for Christmas parties because I can’t wait to try the amazing treats that will be there and hopefully have a fun holiday cocktail!

  10. What an incredible evening! I’ve always wanted to see that show. I’m glad you addressed the holidays in this weeks freEDom post. The media and our society put SO much pressure on girls around this time of year when they should be enjoying this time the most! It’s such a shame but the more education that is spread through posts like this, the more people will find it easier to realize they deserve to enjoy the holidays and that they don’t last all year.

  11. ugh i no i did a post the other day about this bc i got so angry with all the magazine articles i saw about beating the holiday bulge and stuff.. i think its really a big cause and trigger for ED because its pretty much saying enjoy being hungry n happy or unhappy and stuffed/fat.. ridiculous, i cant wait to enjoy the holidays too! food and all :-)!

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