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Christmas Party: Round 2.


I’m a little slow moving this morning. But, I can assure you I had a great night. Smile

Last night was the GSA (Graduate Student’s Association) Winter Wonderland Holiday party. It’s held at the main campus in Waterloo, but they extended their invitation to us.

I really, really wish I had snapped a picture, but they sent a LIMO to pick us up! One of those cool SUV limos. It’s about a 45-60 minute ride, so we definitely did made the trip in style. I brought a bottle of champagne on board, which made for a fun drive!


I headed over to Nicole’s house (my friend from the Chicago trip) to get ready with her and her friend Kaylee. Fun story: I got to Nicole’s with about 25 minutes to get ready and realized that I didn’t bring the right bra with me. So I turned around, ran home, grabbed it and ran back – it’s was probably about .75 miles each way? If you ever question why people stay in shape, here’s your answer: so you can run when the situation calls for it. Now, let’s just hope I was running hast enough that the people I ran past couldn’t tell I had a bra in my hand. Smile with tongue out


Upon arriving in Waterloo, I was hungry so I grabbed one of the little appetizers they were passing around. This one was some sort of sundried tomato filling with a little bit of chipotle mayo on top. It was good!



A whole grain bun with a schmear of butter (I don’t why I’m saying schmear, I would never use that term in real life), caesar salad, veggies, baked chicken, and mashed potatoes. While I wouldn’t say the food blew me out of the water, it was good enough!

Blurry chocolate mousse cake for dessert:


I though about going back for seconds….but seconds of dessert is a lot more my style.


Cheesecake with chocolate chips and caramel. Now, the sweet tooth was satisfied.


This is Derek. He makes the same facial expression in every picture. Smile

The whole group!


And yes, I absolutely wore the exact same outfit I wore to this party. Why mess with a good thing?

The rest of the night involved a lot of shoe-less dancing before making our way back in the limo. It was a lovely party, thanks GSA!

I went back to Nicole’s, ate some ketchup chips (I forgot how amazing that flavour is), then went home and crawled into bed. A great night!

Jenny’s Christmas Challenge!

Christmas décor – I still need to get some more for outside, but I’m happy with what I got for inside the apartment now.

I’ve already posted this picture, but it’s my favourite so I’ll post it again:


Combining Christmas and cupcakes: two of my favourite things.

Have a great weekend!

<— When was the last time you were in a limo?

<— Do you re-wear party outfits? I’m cool with buying one outfit per season. Smile with tongue out

23 thoughts on “Christmas Party: Round 2.

  1. Haha, dessert seconds are the best kind! Why waste room on more real food when you can eat cake? I always recycle my best outfits for parties, dates, anything! Haha. You looked hot, so you were 100% within your right to do so, according to fashion police rule. Just wanted to let you know too that I nominated you for a Liebster blog award because you’re freakin’ fantastic. Check out ma’ blog yo!

  2. Funny story for you… I actually forgot a bra after yoga the other night when I was gonig out with some friends so I decided to just go completely bra-less (proud member of the itty bitty committee right here). Actually, I’ll never do it again, it was so awkward and I felt so self-conscious even though you literally couldn’t tell at all lol but still! Those desserts look heavenly! It looks like it was lots of fun 🙂

  3. What a fun night! I got the chance to ride in one of those huge limos for the first time during a friend’s wedding in October…sooooo much fun, esp with champagne 😉 And those cakes are making my mouth water…especially the chocolate chip caramel cheesecake…omgggggg…have a great Saturday love 🙂

  4. thats sucha funny story ! def something id do.. and those desserts look so good id have seconds too!

  5. limo!!! so cool, I am glad you had a great time. I wish I had a holiday party on my horizon.

  6. Hahaha! Bra retrieving is definitely a good reason to stay in shape 😉 And you look great in that dress, so I definitely don’t see a problem with re-wearing it. I’m pretty big on re-wearing outfits, but that’s mostly because I find shopping for them such a hassle 😆 I’m sorta, kinda tempted to pick up something new for Vegas though. Ohh and speaking of which, that was the last time I was in a limo, too. We stayed in the penthouse suite of the Bellagio when we were in Vegas this summer and enjoyed some limo service to go along with it. Good times 😀

  7. Haha thinking of you running through the streets with your bra cracked me up!!! Glad you had a fun night! Love taking limos to parties. I don’t see a limo in my near future but man do I wish I did.

  8. That sounds like an awesome party! And so cool that they sent you a limo. 😀 The last time I was in a limo was grade 12 graduation… so a long time ago haha.

    And you totally rock that dress, so no shame in rewearing it. 😉 I definitely rewear my party outfits… I actually don’t think I’ve bought a new party dress in a few years!

  9. I haven’t been in a limo since high school prom! Haha.

  10. The last (and hopefully THE last) time I was in a limo was for prom 5 1/2 years ago (whoa … I can’t believe it’s been that long already!!) — and I got SUUUUPER car sick and had to have the driver pull over. And no alcohol had been consumed either. I really dislike limos (I know, said no one ever. Except me).
    The party looks fab. Glad you had fun and love the colour of your dress!!

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