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It Tastes Like Christmas.


There is only one benefit to running out of peanut butter.


And that is eating my breakfast out of it! 1/3 cup oats, water, and an egg cooked up, with banana sliced and jam. Plopped in almost-empty pb jar and you are good to go. I swear, the combo of oatmeal, banana and peanut butter always makes me feel better on a rough (read: hungover) morning.

I missed last week’s grocery shopping and meal plan, so I wanted to be sure to get to it today. I came in today at $5 under my budget, even with a few extras thrown in. One of my usual grocery stores was having a no-tax sale, so I made sure to take advantage.



  • egg whites
  • Oikos 2% plain
  • salmon
  • flat of eggs (I buy one every week or two…the boy and I eat a lot of eggs)
  • peanut butter (because really, I can’t go an entire day without it)
  • unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • tofu
  • turkey sausages

When I spotted this at the farmer’s market I had to pick it up:


Goat chevre is my absolute favourite type of cheese (although, goat brie is pretty delicious too) and blueberries are my second-favourite fruit, next to bananas. Since I can’t picture anyone coming up with a banana-flavoured goat cheese anytime soon (although can someone try to make that? Please?) I figure this as close as I’m going to get to two of my favourite foods blending together so perfectly. I tried it with my lunch and believe me, it is fabulous.

Fresh Produce


  • spinach
  • baby carrots
  • sweet potatoes (a massive, massive bag of sweet potatoes)
  • broccoli
  • green beans
  • yellow bell pepper

Pantry, etc.


  • cotton balls
  • olive oil cooking spray
  • whole wheat bread
  • sponges
  • mini bags popcorn
  • apple juice
  • canned mushrooms

This has been calling out to me from Chelsea’s blog. When I saw it on sale today, I couldn’t resist picking it up.


PC Candy Cane ice cream – french vanilla ice cream with fudge crackle and candy cane pieces.

This was my first time buying it and umm…wow. Why did I wait so many years? Canadian friends, this stuff is amazing. Eric and I both tried a few bites after lunch today. His response? “Yea. It tastes like Christmas.”

I concur. Smile Amazing!

Meal Plan

The plan for the week! My last class is on Monday, so in all technicalities I have more time to cook, but I’ll writing final papers, so that remains to be seen.

  • Saturday: steak, rice and veggies
  • Sunday: cornflake-crusted chicken fingers and sweet potato fries
  • Monday: grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup (never tried to make it from scratch before! We’ll see how it goes)
  • Tuesday: salmon, rice and veggies
  • Wednesday: turkey sausage on a bun and salad
  • Thursday: slow cooker salsa chicken, veggie and another side (quinoa maybe?)
  • Friday: it’s Friday and I don’t want to cook. AKA: leftovers/takeout

It’ll be a tasty week!


As per the plan:


Steak (yay iron!), brown rice that I cooked in beef broth, and steamed green beans. I’ve determined – cooking steak properly is difficult. I’m a rare to medium-rare girl, but I keep usually end up overcooking it by just a minute or two. I need to work on that!

Day 9

9 for 9 with this challenge. Clearly I’m enjoying it – thanks Jenny!

It’s probably a little unexpected, but the easiest person to buy for is my dad.


I feel like women talk about how difficult men are to buy for, but I have a formula down for him.

My dad loves:

  1. golf. First and foremost – he spends every moment he can on a golf course.
  2. the Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. Crown Royal/Disaronno/MGD
  4. baseball

Plus his family (of course), going to the gym, and select music/tv shows/movies. As long as I stick within this formula, I know he’ll love it! We’ve found him some interesting stuff over the years to go with his likes – one year, I managed to find him a Pittsburgh Steelers throw pillow. I think he was impressed. Smile with tongue out

Have a great Sunday!

<— Do you have trouble shopping for the men on your list?

<— Favourite kind of cheese?


28 thoughts on “It Tastes Like Christmas.

  1. Yessss I’m so glad you bought that ice cream! I warn you though, it’s extremely difficult to keep yourself from eating it all within 3 days. 😛

    I bet that blueberry goat cheese is good! I don’t even think I can choose a favourite type of cheese… goat’s, feta, brie, sharp cheddar, gruyere, taleggio, toscano… they’re all my favourites!

    • Hehe consider myself warned! (the fact that I managed to stick to a few spoonfuls yesterday was nothing less than miraculous)

      Hehe cheese in general = love. During my undergrad I worked at the Western Fair farmer’s market for the cheese guy!

  2. That goat cheese looks soo good, I love goat cheese in general, but blueberry goat cheese is on a whole other level!

    Omg yes, I have so much trouble shopping for my boyfriend, usually I just buy off of his amazon list or just ask him. He is super practical, so he only wants things that he will actually use. This means he always knows his presents, which is pretty boring.

  3. I WISH my dad was easy to buy for! I never know what to do with him! I’m in finals this week too, so my meals aren’t really planned much at all. I’m such a steak girl too, I had it for dinner last night! I like it medium rare and I always overcook it so much!

  4. Wah! I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for that ice cream since Chelsea mentioned it, but I couldn’t find it the last time I went 😦 They better come to their senses and stock up soon, or choice words will be used…

    And it kind of boggles my mind that you find your dad easy to shop for. My dad is -insanely- difficult to shop for, and what I usually end up doing is buying him some kind of hockey/movie tickets and having a father/daughter day with him. BUT! this year he’s not even the hardest guy on my list. I’ve been trying to think of something to get The Boy and I’m having no luck. What the heck do you get someone you -just- started dating??!

    • I picked it up at Zehr’s, if that helps!

      And that’s definitely a challenge! I was happy that Eric and I started dating in June one year, so we had already been dating for six months by the time Christmas came around. I’m sure you’ll come up with something brilliant!

  5. I WISH my family was easy to buy for! My mum is extremely picky and never uses anything I give her and my dad is a Buddhist and an electric guitar player, so he doesn’t want “things”… unless they come in guitar-form and that’s just a little out of my budget. I freakin’ love that goat cheese by the way, lucky duck 🙂

  6. Sounds like you had a super-fun weekend! I’m always at a total loss for men & gifts; they’re so tough to read! TJ’s has a white Stilton cheese w/ dried cranberries that is phenomenal!!

  7. Goat chevre is my favourite cheese by far (and soy cheese is a close second. haha. #noshame). And ooohhhhh my goodness it’s on the shelves AND on sale?!?! I’m heading to Loblaws tomorrow — fingers crossed it’s still there and marked down!! 😀

  8. it makes me really sad that my family hates goat cheese, I adore goat cheese but not the fruity kind. I like how bitter it is when it is plain. my dad is the hardest person to shop for, no matter what he returns what we get him. every single time.

  9. Mmm mmm mmm….I loveeeeeeee goat cheese haha…I have some in my fridge and it will now be incorporated into my lunch! And that ice cream looks great!! I am impressed that your dad is the easiest…mine is the hardest, even though I know he’ll love whatever I get him haha…and if you ever need Steeler stuff, let me know…living in Pittsburgh makes it pretty easy for me to get such things 😉

  10. Favorite cheese? That’s so tough! I’ll go with Cypress Grove Midnight Moon.

  11. Ooh, what do you use the canned mushrooms for?

  12. so jeal you got that icecream still not in any stores by me =(! meal plans always work best for me when i go a week without making it i eat such boring meals lol

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  15. Wowzer look at that cheese – incredible! I’m so envious, I’ve never seen anything like that over here in the UK and I adore goats cheese. Love the way you organised your shopping too 🙂

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