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On the Off Chance…


…that I don’t mention Christmas enough on this blog, here’s a Christmas survey for you. (And I wrote the majority of a 15 page paper today. So quick easy post it is).

I saw this survey on Ashley’s blog, by the way – whenever I’m looking for a survey, I look to Ashley (I saw Courtney jump on this one too) Seriously, I love surveys.

1. Favourite Christmas Album/CD/Song?

Trans Siberian Orchestra – yup, I’m obsessed. Wizards in Winter is currently my ringtone.

2. Run on Christmas morning or take the day off?

In the past, I’ve forced myself to work out on Christmas, just because I didn’t want to take the day off – doesn’t sound to celebratory, does it? This year, I’m taking the weeks before and after Christmas to deload, so I will definitely NOT be running. I’m going to be too focused on spending time with my family, and eating awesome food. Smile

3. What do you usually eat on Christmas morning?

I don’t think my family ever has a real tradition when it comes to breakfast. At my parents, we usually did omelets or Eggs Benedict. Mimosas included! This year we’ll wake up at Eric’s, so no plans yet! We’ll see what looks good that morning.

(I don’t think mine usually turns out that pretty!)

4. Favourite holiday or Christmas tradition?

I answered this question a few days ago – watching Christmas movies with my dad! I spoke to my mom on the phone today, and we’ll do our family Christmas movie night on the night of Christmas. Looking forward to it so much! It has been an entire year since I’ve seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and that is far too long.

5. Real tree, fake tree or no tree?

Right now, we’re rocking the fake tree. I always grew up with a real tree; my extended family would take an afternoon where we would all go to chop-down-your-own-tree places. So much fun!

Unfortunately, there’s no way we can fit a real tree in our tiny apartment, so mini apartment tree it is.


Mushroom cap angel and all. Smile

6. Christmas pajamas: yay or nay?

Never were a big thing in our family. Somebody usually gets pajama pants or something as a present, but we don’t have actual Christmas pajamas.

7. Where do you spend the holidays? Your own house, your parents’ house, extended family, in-laws, friends?

Really, we try to squeeze in everyone! We’re only going to be home for about 3 days, so we’ll do our best to fit in everyone we can.

8. Food that you always have during the holiday season? Favourite Christmas food/treat?

I am the master of desserts on my family – on Christmas, I go nuts. I have a list of cookies I will be baking, and desserts that I’m making for various family gatherings.

(yup, want to try one of these this year!)

9. Open presents all at once or take turns? Stockings, yes or no?

Of course, stockings! We rip into those ASAP. As for presents, we take turns so we can see what everyone gets.

10. Favourite Christmas(ish) movie?

Look here!

And to top it off:

Jenny’s Challenge! (of course)

My favourite Christmas book is actually the same as one of my favourite Christmas movies.

Seriously, such a great story.

Have a good day!

<— Do you have a special Christmas breakfast?

<— Favourite Christmas book?

27 thoughts on “On the Off Chance…

  1. Wow a 15-page paper??? Nice going on getting it done! I don’t have a special Christmas breakfast but I like the idea of it- might as well start the festivities first thing…or better yet, perhaps a mid-morning peppermint hot choc ;)! I used to always work out on Christmas to offset some of the calories from the Christmas meal. This year I still plan to eat but exercise will be a spur of the minute decision, and nothing too crazy either.

  2. I just got into Trans Siberian Orchestra this year…totally loving it! ANd it sounds like your holiday is going to be a blast!! HOW HOW HOW did I forget about The Polar Express?? Tied with The Grinch for my fav….can you tell it’s been a long week at work ha? Nicely done on that paper, love! So happy you’re almost done!

  3. We always do omelets on Christmas too:) And it sounds like its going to be a fun holiday!

  4. I’m such a grinch! I barely even notice that Christmas is going on, haha. No presents, no tree, no nothing!

  5. Our xmas breakfast tradition used to be this amazing eggy, bready strata that my mum would make. Sooo good! Then I took over making xmas breakfast and I always made a frittata (with half egg whites) because I was afraid of bread. This year, I am finding the best-looking strata recipe out there and conquering it!

  6. I have never had a yule log but i always have wanted to munch on some of those candy mushrooms. yum!

  7. PROPS for getting that 15 page paper goin like you did! Very cool, a blogging break was WELL deserved. I am not a big mimosas fan during brunches, more a bloody mary fan. That being said, if someone offers me a mimosa on Xmas morning, I don’t think I’ll say no! Your little fake tree is cute, my parents have one at their new condo in FL 🙂 gotta make do with what space you have! I loved the Polar Express book but never saw or wanted to see the movie – weird huh? My mom makes cinnamon buns on Xmas morning, only time all year she does. I love it! And I’m not sure if I’ll work out on Xmas morning or not but I plan to go with the flow and do what I WANT to do. Being kind to ourselves is the best Xmas gift we can give!

  8. Congrats on writing so much of your paper! I haven’t written one in forever and I don’t miss them 😉 Christmas pajamas are the one tradition my family doesn’t do, but I always kind of wished we did. The Polar Express is also my favorite movie and book!! So much holiday spirit.

  9. 15 pages in a day?! Kudos! That must feel good. 😀

    We’ve always just had bacon, eggs, toast and fruit salad on Christmas morning. Last year I made baked oatmeal to serve as well and it was a hit! This year I want to try another new recipe, but I haven’t decided on what yet. Maybe baked a baked french toast casserole or pancakes?

  10. There’s no such thing as mentioning Christmas too many times. Loooove it 😀 Although it’s hard to feel the Christmas spirit here in Vegas lol. Anywho, I really want to try to make a roll cake one day too, and that one looks absolutely amazing. Chocolate and some kind of chocolate/mocha filling? Swoooooooon. Love it. As for Christmas breakfast, it’s usually something like buttermilk pancakes dusted with powdered sugar, or cream cheese and jam filled crepes.

  11. that yule log looks so good ! and we use to always just order from this place xmas morning for breakfast but since im only child home now its not nearly as exciting..but i started making cinnamon buns for breakfast now and its my favorite thing ever!

  12. I know you rocked that paper, girl!! I’m excited about you being nearly done!! You deserve the break!

  13. Haha I have a mini Christmas tree in my flat too! It’s way too small to fit anything bigger in. Yours is very pretty though 🙂

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