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Five Thing Friday.


Happy Friday! I’m getting closer and closer to being done for the semester. The 15 page paper I finished yesterday? Yea, now I’ve moved on to the 20 page take-home exam that’s due Sunday night. Oi, vey (sp? maybe? I have no idea).

I see these posts floating around once in a while, so I thought to do my own version. Enjoy!

5 Things I Ate Yesterday

1. Pecans.

2. A peanut butter chocolate cookie.

3. A rice cake with a mix of cream cheese and blueberry goat cheese on top.


4. Birthday Cake Jell-O Pudding. It wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be…next time, I’ll go for ice cream.


5. Chicken fajitas. I cooked two chicken breasts topped with salsa in the slow cooker, then combined it with a mix of peppers and onion. Sour cream and cheese on top.



5 Things I Will Eat Directly Out of the Container:

1. Peanut butter. Duh. (Taking a hint from Julie!)


2. Cream cheese. (Is that weird?)

3. Ice cream. With this stuff, wouldn’t you?


4. Strawberry jam.

5. Cottage cheese. (that’s probably weird too, right?)

5 Actresses I Would Consider to Play Me in the Movie Version of My Life:

1. Julia Stiles. When I was a kid, a lot of people told me I looked like her in the “10 Things I Hate About You” era.

2. Laurie Holden. Yes, she has 20 years on me. That’s ok though, because she’s on the Walking Dead (not that I think I’d have to fight zombies at any point in my life, but you never know).


3. Milla Jovovich. Because she’s badass.

4. Natalie Portman. Because who wouldn’t want to be played by Natalie Portman?

5. Charlize Theron. I asked Eric this question and this is what he went with. I’ll take it. Although I’m not sure if I could pull off that collar.

5 TV shows I plan on starting/getting caught up with over the break:

1. Top Chef.

2. How I Met Your Mother – I’m a few episodes behind and desperately need to catch up!

3. American Horror Story – I’ve heard interesting things, so I want to give it a shot.

4. Grimm – Same as above.

5. Glee – secret Glee nerd right here. I saw them live about a  year and a half ago and it was amazing! Although, Artie not in a wheelchair always freaked me out a bit.


5 Things I’m Looking Forward to in the Next Month:

1. Dinner tonight. The boy and I are ordering Chinese. Open-mouthed smile Clearly, I love the fortune cookies.


2. Being done with my papers. Couldn’t you tell?

3. Christmas. So excited!

4. London Food and Wine Show. Chelsea, please tell me you’re going!

5. December 21st. Eric gets two weeks off for the holidays as well, so we’re going to enjoy some couple-y time. Open-mouthed smile


Love it! (/him! Smile with tongue out)

Of course, Jenny’s challenge!

I answered this question yesterday, but to reiterate:

I like real trees. I grew up with them! Considering our small apartment, we have a small, apartment size fake tree. Not as good, but I’ll take it. Smile

Enjoy your Friday! (11 days till Christmas? Craziness).

<— What are your five things today?

<— Who would you want to play you in the movie version of your life?


28 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday.

  1. Man yesterday was a delicious day for you, Sam…love the sound of blueberry goat cheese! Five things I ate yesterday:
    1) Bombay Firecracker flavored roasted chickpeas
    2) Hazelnut & Currant Green & Black chocolate
    3) Venison burger
    4) Turkey & cheese omelet
    5) Greek yogurt

    ..and cottage cheese straight out the tub is totally normal ;)!

  2. Ok the blueberry goat cheese looks amazinggggggggggg…and I totally eat right out of the cottage cheese, ice cream, and pb containers too. Five things I ate yesterday:

    1.) Pumpkin spice oats
    2.) Cookies from Molly
    3.)Turkey, tomato, honey mustard, lettuce, mozzarella cheese, roasted red pepper sandwich with hummus chips and dipping veggies
    4.)cottage cheese with blueberries, cereal, and justins chocolate hazelnut butter
    5.) a huge veggie omelette over a sweet potato

    And I would want Jennifer Lawrence to play me…love her 🙂

  3. Haha I totally eat that ice cream out of the container too. 😀 And I keep on meaning to go to that Food and Wine show every year, but I’ve never gone. I’ll definitely go this year if it means getting to meet up with you!!

    Five things I ate yesterday: banana egg white oatmeal with figs and soy nut butter, homemade Irish soda bread, a homemade pumpkin chocolate chip cookie, sausage and white bean soup, and tofu Sunbutter stir fry.

    • You would love it!! A lot of the restaurants downtown have setups there. I’ll let you know when I’m planning on going (Saturday afternoon, most likely) and we’ll see what we can plan! A meet up is long overdue, I’d say! 😀

      That soup sounds delicious…I’ve recently discovered how awesome sausage is in soup.

  4. that blueberry cream cheese looks soso good and id eat all of that stuff out of the container, i always eat hummus out of it so weird lol and i ate a butternut quinoa burger, double chocolate cookies, biscottis, falafel with tzatziki, and kale chips.. sucha balanced day ;-)!

  5. Ahhhhh you’re so close! I can’t wait fr you to get home and eat PB right out of the container with a side of ice cream either 🙂

  6. Who wouldn’t want Natalie Portman to play them, indeed. Love her! To be honest, though, I have noooo idea who I’d cast as myself in a movie about my life, soooo I’m gonna go with 5 things I’ll eat straight from the container instead… almond butter, yogurt, ice cream, salsa, hummus. Serving sizes be damned when it comes to those foods.

  7. I’m pretty sure that’s the ONLY way I eat peanut butter these days. Except for on oatmeal, of course 🙂 And I could totally see Evan Rachel Wood playing you in a movie. It might be the hair, plus, she’s pretty edgy 🙂

  8. hm we are the same person I eat cream cheese, cottage cheese and jam straight from the jar like that. hilarious i thought I was the only one. I also eat salsa straight from the jar, so darn good

  9. I’m doing Jenny’s 25 days of blogging challenge too! SO fun. 5 things I ate yesterday are: a huge salad, peanut butter, oatmeal, dark chocolate sun cup, and sweet potatoes!

  10. that blueberry goat cheese sounds good! i know a lot of bloggers who love rice cakes and i ate them like a fiend as a little one but somehow my love for them waned. it’s a texture thing. maybe i have to try them again.
    so not weird to eat cream cheese outta the container. i used to straight up eat those mini containers of cream cheese from my school caf. my friends thought i was so weird.
    that bday cake pudding sounds fun! too bad it was a disappointment. maybe you were just truly craving ice cream!

    • I wasn’t a fan of rice cakes for a long time, until I realized that they really just make an awesome vehicle for toppings.

      Hehe at least I feel better about that the cream cheese thing. :-p And that is a high possibility, good thing I have ice cream in the freezer!

  11. Peanut butter from the jar is the best!

  12. Haha loving this post Sam, I may have to copy it and put in my own answers sometime! The part about which foods you would eat directly from the container… I could not agree more with ALL of your choices, and no, cream cheese is in fact NOT weird 🙂 And wahooo that is great you are done with your papers, shout out your glee woman! Enjoy the Chinese food with your man tonight and have a wonderful weekend

  13. I looooove Natalie Portman!! Kate Beckinsale, Emma Stone (or maybe it was just bc of Crazy Stupid Love), Zooey Deschanel, Kat Dennings have a special place in my heart too! Hey, I watched Glee last night #gleek – Coach Sylvester secret santa, Becky pregnant slut moment, Kurt/Blaine #onceacheateralwaysacheater. Artie without a wheelchair? you as a witness? weird

    I can only eat things out of a jar. can or container if I have a spoon (or other utensil), or food to dip. I just can’t do the finger thing lol

  14. Reading this Saturday night and wishing you strength to get through the next 24 hours!! Hope that the paper is coming along well!!!!! I loved this. So much fun!!
    Thanks for giving me THE biggest pudding craving EVER!! Gonna need to get on that ASAP. Oh dear. haha
    And now all I can think about is which 5 celebs I’d want to play me. Scarlett Johanssen, Emma Stone, Evanna Lynch, Ginnifer Goodwin and Emma Watson. Pretty sure. Not going to laminate it though (name that show!!) 😉

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