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At Least I Have Cookies.


So…it’s two days before Christmas. And I feel like crap.

(yes, I am absolutely using my blog today to whine. The benefits of being able to choose content on your blog).

I’m stuffed up to the point of ridiculousness. I’m drinking water and peppermint tea like it’s my job and googling the hell out of “how to cure a stuffed nose.” I tried the inhaling steam thing – it worked a little bit? I’m thinking I may need to try saline drops next. I might be making another trip to the grocery store today.

Ugh. But at least I have cookies.


Lots and lots of cookies.


That would make anyone feel better, right?

Cookies are done, but I still have Christmas dinner desserts to do…that’s the plan for today. Smile

Because I baked (and sampled) all afternoon, dinner was on the small side.


Salmon (Maple BBQ flavour, bought pre-marinated), brown rice, and broccoli. Nutrients make colds go away, right?

Ugh. On to cheerier things:

Jenny’s Blogger Challenge

Here’s the plan of attack for Christmas this year: Eric’s family Christmas Eve, my immediate family Christmas day, and my Dad’s side of the family Boxing Day. Although it’s not a Christmas plan per say, I’ll count it anyways: on Saturday I’m back in town for my cousin’s baby shower. She’s due in February and I am so excited for her!

<— Any go-to cold remedies?

<— How many events do you have for Christmas this year?


27 thoughts on “At Least I Have Cookies.

  1. Being sick at Christmas is THE worst. Hope you find a remedy. I know you’re in your 2 weeks off, but I find that a good quick sweat session is great for clearing my sinuses. Although go to the gym at a time when it’s empty so others don’t fear the contamination. Best of luck, hun!! That blows (literally!)

    • 2 weeks off starts tomorrow, so I may pull out some more p90x or Turbofire or something today – it does seem to clear the sinuses a bit! Hopefully it runs it’s course quickly, I would hate to be sick through my whole vacation!

  2. I hope You feel better. We have 4 days of straight plans Which started yesterday. Go go go.

  3. Awww I hope you feel better! No fun to be sick on Christmas! But you’re right, at least you have cookies…they make everything better 😉

  4. My favourite remedy is how water with honey and lemon, it always makes me feel better. I kinda like your cookie idea better though, I would keep experimenting with that one if I were you.

  5. Yea COOKIES! Have you ever tried a “Neti–Pot” for congestion? I thought they were very strange until I tried one about a year ago & am a huge fan, they will “rinse out” your sinuses! We have back-to-back-to-back Christmas events! Enjoy yours & hope you feel better!

  6. i see some coconut macaroons my favorite!!! i hope you begin to feel better!

  7. Ooo now so so sorry to hear you are feeling gross Sam! But like you said, at least you have cookies and man oh man, do those look good! Are those chocolate chip cookies with caramel on them? Oh dear lawdddd. My go-to when I feel sick is to have a few cups of green antioxidant tea, pop some multi-vitamins and eating oranges/clementines! I don’t know if that actually helps with healing, but I feel like I am having all kinds of great vitamins and such and mentally I at least feel better 🙂
    Have a lovely day ms Sam!

    • Yup – salted caramel chocolate chip cookies. 😀
      It is a great excuse to pick at the giant box of clementines in my kitchen right now! I have a feeling those will be my snacks today.

      You too Tessa – have an awesome holiday!

  8. I’m actually a little jealous haha.. I baked a whole bunch of Christmas cookies and now I’m too sick to eat any of them!

  9. Boooooooooo on being sick 😦 Sending all my positive thoughts to you that you’ll feel better asap! Cookies are def the way to go when treating colds too 😉

  10. Ah sorry to read you’re feeling down with a cold- hope you’re better in time for Christmas Eve :)! I hear cookies are the perfect remedy and there’s only one way to test that theory ;)! This Christmas we are celebrating with a traditional lunch with some family and friends- I”m looking forward to it :)!

  11. Awwwr sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well, hun 😦 Hopefully it’s just one of those short-lived bugs and you’ll be feeling better before Christmas proper rolls around. Rest, water, vitamin C, and soup are usually my go-to remedies for colds. Oh, and garlic boiled in milk. I know it sounds ridiculous, and it’s disgusting, but garlic has anti-bacterial properties, so my mom would always crush up a clove of garlic and toss it on the stove with some milk and voila… Nasty, but it usually worked.

  12. Nooooo getting sick before Christmas is the worst. It has happened to me a few times because of being so busy aka rundown and the bugs that are floating around this time of year. I really hope you wake up tomorrow feeling a lot better! Any cookies are the perfect remedy to any ailment, in my opinion.

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  14. Hope you feel better soon. I thought I was coming down with a cold a few days ago and kicked up the vitamin C, tea, and night time meds and feel great now.

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