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Apparently, I’m a Foodie.


Hi friends!

After a slightly harrowing drive home yesterday (there was a good snowstorm Wednesday night, so Thursday morning stretches of the highway were not the greatest) the boy and I made it back to Brantford. I have to say, there are few things more satisfying than sleeping in your own bed, wouldn’t you agree?

When we got home and were unpacking and putting away presents, I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of my presents revolved around food. Apparently, my family and friends all realize that I’m quite the foodie!

One that I was VERY excited to get:


First thing on my Christmas list: a new set of pots. An eleven piece set – that is massive to me!


So shiny!

My old pots weren’t of the best quality, so I’m excited to have some nice ones in my kitchen. Of course, I had to test them out come lunchtime.


A can of Amy’s reduced sodium minestrone with some added spinach (on it’s last legs – I need to use that up!) and some leftover turkey I snagged out of my mom’s kitchen. It did the trick – especially considering that we came home to a near-empty fridge and I have no intentions of doing groceries until tomorrow. We make it work. Smile

Another fun foodie-gift:


Slow cooker for my birthday, the cookbook for Christmas from my aunt, uncle and cousin. Open-mouthed smile I’ve already glanced through it and it’s got some really good-looking recipes, including one for Philly Cheesesteaks which Eric is already requesting. They also sent me a silicone baking mat, two cookies-in-a-jar recipes and some dessert candles (pumpkin pie and cinnamon bun). Yup, they know me all too well. Open-mouthed smile

My brother’s girlfriend got me this really cool-looking wooden box.


Like pirate-meets-nature, no?

I immediately found a use for it.


It’s become my tea-box! I love how it looks sitting on my counter.

From the best friend:


An apron with matching oven mitts and a cake server shaped like a show. Ok, I’m a foodie who also loves shoes. Smile

And apparently I’m particularly fond of cupcakes…


Good advice. Smile

There was also utensils, serving platters, chocolate, gift cards for froyo…yea, I think my family knows I like food. A lot.

A somewhat un-foodie-like dinner:


Frozen pizza and carrot sticks. Hey, it worked for me!

Have a great Friday!

<— Did you receive any foodie-like gifts?

<— What pantry/freezer items do you go for when you’re low on groceries? I try to keep canned soup, frozen pizza, and pasta/pasta sauce on hand at all times. And frozen veggies – always prepared!


31 thoughts on “Apparently, I’m a Foodie.

  1. I also got a cookbook and a huge kitchen aid mixer which I’m pumped about!!

  2. So many delicious cooking things! If you aren’t a foodie yet you’re well on your way to becoming one 🙂

  3. Best cellphone cover EVER!! I might need to go in search of one. 😉

  4. The box is gorgeous, what a neat gift! I got a knife block & some new knives, I was ecstatic! It’s funny how we get excited over certain things. Your pots & pans look awesome!

  5. Seriously loving that wooden box! I have a monstrous collection of tea and I’m always looking for cute ways to store it. Good thinking, girlie 😉 I didn’t receive TOO many foodie gifts this year, but I did get a KitchenAid stand mixer which I’m super excited about… now I just have to finish off all the Christmas cookies before I try to bake any more…

  6. Ahhh i love those new pots!! I need some desperately ha…boy and i are making a list of things we need to start buying when he is home for good in march….99.9% of it is kitchen stuff haha since we are foodies too…i love the froyo giftcards, as well. I get super excited anytime i get one of those 😉

  7. Haha a lot of my presents were food related too! A food processor, a cast iron pan, some culinary fiction books, and a gift certificate to Indigo that I plan on using on a cookbook. 😀

    That’s so awesome about the set of pots and pans – they’re so nice! And I love that cupcake apron!

  8. Ooo! I love foodie gifts! Those pots look awesome. I really want to invest in some good cookware at some point, but I am going to wait until I’m not living with roommates anymore. Stuff tends to get pretty banged up when university students use it.

  9. I got a lot of foodie gifts too! My favorite is a food processor, which I desperately needed. I always have frozen pizzas and soups on hand as well for days when I have nothing and don’t want to go to the store yet.

  10. that kitchen ware is awesome, holy crap you will have so much fun with those toys!

  11. You racked up on some great gifts! Can’t wait to see you pictures now that you’ve got some fancy appliances 🙂

  12. Wow your family did WELL with the gifts…food is always a good gift in my books! My bro must have caught on because as part of my gift, he gave me an assortment of gourmet dark choc- one thing I can never have ‘too much’ of! 🙂

  13. I really need a new set of pots and pans!

  14. I love that you got all those foodie items for Christmas! That’s pretty darn awesome. I need new pots SO bad, it’s sad ha.

  15. I love that phone cover, the cupcake is just a vehicle for loads of buttercream frosting…mmmm 🙂

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

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