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Six Months and Goal Talk–January.


So…I’m a believer in half birthdays. Mine is April 24th, and I fully acknowledge that every year. Because really, I’m always looking for an excuse to eat cake.

So in that spirit, I need to point out that today is my 6-month blogging anniversary (blogiversary?).


I can’t believe I’ve already been at Better With Sprinkles for six months! The connections I’ve made and support I’ve received in the blog world makes me so happy, it’s ridiculous. Thank you SO MUCH for supporting me and finding value in my daily ramblings. Smile with tongue out Seriously, I love you guys! ❤

Special Delivery

I got a pretty fun delivery yesterday morning.


A package of Nature’s Path goodies I won over at Life After Bagels a few weeks ago! I didn’t expect to get it this early, so that was a lovely surprise. The package includes:

  • Que Pasa Chips and Salsa (I was happy to see that it was medium – I like a bit of spice!)
  • Two kinds of granola: Coconut Chia and Love Crunch Red Berry
  • Breakfast cereal: Cranberry Qi’a
  • Three kinds of granola bars: Berry Strawberry Chewy bars, Maple Pecan Chewy bars and Apple Pie Crunch bars
  • Red Berry Crunch Cereal

Such an awesome bundle! Thank you Morgan and Nature’s Path!


Of course, I had to open a package for breakfast.


I made a quick peanut butter, chocolate and banana smoothie (cottage cheese, almond milk, a frozen banana, chocolate PB2 and cocoa powder) and added some of the Coconut Chia Granola on top.

I loved the granola! I’m a huge coconut fun, so I loved that it came with a good amount of big coconut flakes. It was sweet without being overpowering – and only 9 grams of sugar for 3/4 cup serving, which is pretty impressive!


And…broke into the stash again for lunch.


I used the chips and salsa to make homemade nachos. I added turkey (chicken nachos are amazing…turkey is a little iffy, but it worked), black beans, yellow bell pepper, cheddar, and a bit of sour cream on top. Both the salsa and the chips got my approval! The chips taste a little plain (they’re low salt) so you definitely need something to dip them in, but once I had the salsa, I was happy. Smile

December Goals

I know it’s January, and everybody makes New Years Resolution. But…not me. I find I do much better when I think about goals as they come, as opposed to the whole “tomorrow is the new year, so I can be a brand new person” approach. And in all honesty, I’ve usually forgotten what my resolutions are by March, or they become less of a priority. So I’m going to stick with my monthly goals approach.

Let’s review how I did in my goals this past month, shall we?

1. Blog Redesign

Clearly…this did not happen. Same header as always up there. But I did update and reorganize my recipe page, so I get half points?

Recipe Collage

2. Read a book.



I read both Gone Girl and Gaining at the end of December. And I finished reading Room yesterday…after starting it the day before. I was actually up until 2 am reading Room the other night. Such a great book! Actually…they were all pretty awesome. This is just showing me that I need to make time to read for pleasure more often!

3. Enjoy family time over the holidays.

Done and done! I had an amazing holiday, both with my family and Eric’s.

4. Enjoy a much deserved deload week.

This has been the Christmas vacation of laziness, and I’ve been loving it. The deload week has pretty much turned into two weeks – I’ve got one yoga session and a foam rolling session under my belt for the week, and that’s it so far. I am planning a walk today though – I was going to go yesterday to pick up my books for this semester but the store was still closed from the holidays. I’m completely fine with the time off; it means I’ll be bursting to get back in the gym next Monday!

And the new goals:

1. Blog redesign.

Yup, this is a rollover goal. I’m hoping to see what I can do with it over the next couple of days!


2. Learn more about photography and my camera.

I’ve been using the same camera since the spring, and I’ve never picked up the manual or made any sort of attempt at learning how to become better with it. Considering that this is (somewhat) of a food blog, I should probably learn about that aspect of it, shouldn’t I?



3. Follow my nutrition plan…in a way that works for me.

When I purchased my new fitness plan, I took the plunge and bought the nutrition plan to go with it. I‘m still working on gaining muscle, and obviously, nutrition is a big part of that. That being said, I’m not going to follow it 100% to a tee. I know what my body likes and doesn’t like, so I’m making a couple of minor adjustments to make sure that I’m meeting my personal needs, preferences and daily routine. While I want to reach my goals, I want to do so in a way that’s comfortable and enjoyable to me – I don’t want a lot of restriction or a “no-sugar-allowed” sort of diet. And if there’s a day (or a weekend) where the plan goes completely out the window, that’s cool.

Yea…I could probably use more of those.


4. Remember to take my vitamins.

Currently, I take a multivitamin and fish oil twice a day. Buuut…most of the time it’s only once a day, because I keep forgetting to take them with dinner. So I want to make sure I’m remembering to take them!

The multi’s I’m taking currently.


Overall, I’m happy with how I did in my December goals and I’m excited for what I have planned in January! 

<— Would you rather make yearly goals, or take it month by month?

<— Do you take multivitamins? Do you tend to forget to take them?


42 thoughts on “Six Months and Goal Talk–January.

  1. Happy half birthday, Sam- that’s definitely worth celebrating :)! And way to go on meeting your goals for the most small feat! I prefer the idea of making short-term goals because a lot can change over a year, including our goals and priorities. I take vitamin D supplements but am so bad about remembering to take them- looks like I have a new goal for January :)!

  2. Happy Half Birthday!!! I’ll celebrate just about anything with cake! I think your goals are great and you did a pretty good job getting through all of them! I’m not a big goal setter because I hate feeling disappointed if I don’t accomplish them. But I certainly give props to those who can!

  3. Hah, I love half birthdays, too! Happy 6 months in the blogosphere! (I ran in the race that meme is from!)
    Good luck with your resolutions!

  4. I’ve never added cottage cheese to a smoothie! I’ll have to try that sometime. I celebrate half-birthdays too 🙂 I take a multi-vitamin, calcium supplement, and a probiotic. Probiotics I just started 6 months or so ago and I’m never goin back!

  5. I definitely prefer monthly goals because I feel like my goals are constantly changing. 🙂 And can I just say that homemade nachos = a plate of yum?

  6. Woot! Happy 6 months, love! Here’s to many, many, MANY more months. Seriously… you’re one of my favorite bloggers, so you better be around for a while 😛 And I’m seriously loving all your goals. I prefer to make mine on a month to month basis as well, because a year is just way too long and I tend to forget or lose motivation.

  7. 6 months already! Congrats! And those are really good goals. I didn’t meet all of my December goals, but the great thing about monthly goals is that there’s always the next month! P.S. I want nachos now…

  8. happy six months to you missy! I am so happy you read Gaining, so freaking happy. I am a big fan of that book and re read it multiple times a year. it just has a wonderful message behind it. I love your goals for next month, I think the meal plan one especially. You have a great frame of mind for it and I think as long as you have what you want to achieve then it will work for you.

  9. Haha, happy 1/2 anniversary to the blog! I celebrate birthday “month”- 1 day just isn’t enough 🙂 Congrats with accomplishing your goals and your future goals sound great! I redesigned LAB in the fall and it was one of the most exhilarating [a little stressful] things… Enjoy!

  10. i prefer monthly goals because i just never know where i’ll be in a year or how my circumstances may change! i also have never heard of that ‘gaining’ book but must add it to my to-read list ASAP. thanks for the rec! maybe we can keep being book twins. love morgan, she’s the best (and that’s my middle name…morgan, not the best). i’m glad you’re already enjoying your package. homemade nachos, why haven’t i ever thought of that? congrats on a 6 month blogiversary! let you eat cake!

  11. I do take vitamins, sometimes I forget though 🙂 I think adding goals each as month as they come up is fine to do!

  12. Woo happy six months of blogging!! 😀 Love your goals, too. I always forget to take my mulivitamins… so I don’t. Bad me haha

  13. What a fun gift, and great goals, too! 😀

  14. I thought your blog was much older, your writing voice is so sophisticated. Here’s to many more (half) birthdays!!

  15. Happy 6 month anniversary darlin!! That’s awesome 🙂 I wish you many many more such anniversaries! And I like your January goals, esp how you are tailoring them to what works best for you…always a good thing to see 🙂

  16. Happy 6 months! Glad you liked Room… did you find it slow to start? It took me forever to get into, but I hit the half way mark and couldn’t out it down.

  17. Wow that is awesome that you’ve been blogging for 6 months! I would have thought you’d been doing it for a few years now. Keep it up!!

  18. Happy half blog birthday! I’m so glad you started this blog so that I could “meet” you! 😀

    I agree that making monthly goals is so much better. I made New Years goals last year and I didn’t even look back at them once after January had passed. Needless to say I didn’t really accomplish any of them haha.

    I take vitamin D and omega 3 pills, but I remember to take them maybe once a week, if at all. Oops!

  19. HAPPY 6 months!! I don’t think I’ve told you this, but I adore your blog name! Sprinkles certainly do make everything better! Even though I love your current colorful header, I’m looking forward to seeing the new one!

    I completely agree that setting monthly goals is a better way to stay accountable than setting year-long goals. I don’t think I’ve ever achieved a New Year’s resolution, because…well, two or three months later, I couldn’t remember what they were!This month I’ve set a few small goals that will (hopefully) lead me to a larger goal. I may add photography to my list too, because I’ve been taking photos on the manual setting since I bought my DSLR last year! I’m too chicken to open my manual…it seems so complicated! 😉

    Do I take vitamins? Yep! But only the gummy kind. I always forget pills, but never ever forget those delicious gummy bears!

    • Hehe I’m glad you like the name Sarah! I was brainstorming for weeks for a name, so I’m glad I came up with a good one.

      I’ve got the manual upstairs and I haven’t opened it yet…it does look complicated I think that’s why I’ve been avoiding it!
      And I love gummy vitamins! I took those for years.

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