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Food Ninja.


Good morning!

So, the FedEx guy must be thinking that I’m online shopping-crazed. Two days in a row of massive packages delivered to my door.


I saw a really good package deal at a few weeks ago, so I jumped on it. For everything I got I ended up saving about $40 versus buying in-store. That makes my student-conscious budget happy Smile Everything was Optimum Protein brand, which I’ve used before and like. I ordered:

  • a 5 lb(!! that’s huge!) container Whey protein – vanilla ice cream flavour
  • 2 lbs Casein protein
  • multivitamins
  • essential amino energy in blue raspberry (I’m secretly hoping it tastes like koolaid)
  • a nifty powder dispenser (I bought enough to warrant a free gift)

I guess I’ll be really prepared to go back to gym next week, won’t I?


When Eric and I woke up today (at 9:45…yea) he got a phone call from a friend of his who has in the area and wanted to treat us to brunch. I can’t even remember the last time I brunched, but I’m pretty sure it’s my favourite meal to eat out.

We headed over to Sunset Grill, an all-day breakfast chain. It’s popped up quite a bit in the Toronto area, but the one in Brantford is relatively new so we hadn’t gone yet.

I like omelettes, but for some reason I never think to make them for myself. The omelette section of the menu immediately called to me. I ordered the sunset omelette – peameal style bacon, tomatoes, and swiss cheese.


Yea…that is a huge omelette. Pretty sure that’s bigger than my face. I worked my way through about 2/3 of the omelette, some of the potatoes and a piece of toast before I threw in the towel. It was delicious though! The omelette was absolutely stuffed with the fillings, and the potatoes were crispy without being greasy (clearly not deep-friend, which I appreciated).

Eric went with the pancakes. When they got to the table, this is what he did:


That is a syrup fountain if I’ve ever seen one. And he quite possibly harbours some secret food-stylist desires Smile with tongue out I stole more than my fair share of bites – pancakes are a particular love of mine (and pancakes kinda count as cake for the blogging anniversary, right?)

Food Ninja



I’m seriously the biggest ninja ever when it comes to meals out. I’m the sort of person who can’t just stick to my plate – I pretty much want to try everything on the table. When it’s someone I’m really comfortable with (Eric or my parents) I don’t even bother to ask anymore. I just swoop my fork in and grab a bite. Eric teases me that I’m a food ninja, I guess that’s because I’m sneaky about it?

It was a great brunch, both my food and what I ninja-d from the boyfriend. Smile with tongue out Thanks Ryan!

In the afternoon, I finally left the apartment and got in some exercise while walking around town running errands. Of course, this happens to be when it’s freezing out.


I’m seriously the biggest whiner ever when it comes to cold weather. I don’t know if I’m cold-blooded or what, but I absolutely detest it.

But, I survived and my feet only kind of felt like they were falling off. Smile with tongue out


For dinner, I made up a Jamaican-style gumbo from The Looneyspoons Collection cookbook.


It wasn’t bad, but it didn’t really wow me – besides the sweet potato, I didn’t really see where the Jamaican aspect came from. Still, it was a decent dinner. Made better by a swipe from the leftover Christmas chocolate afterwards. 😀

Movie of the night: Natural Born Killers. All kinds of messed up, but it reminded me of how much I adore Juliette Lewis.

And today is the final ‘official’ day of my Winter break. Hopefully, I’ll make it a good one. Have a great Friday!

<— What’s your favourite meal to go out for?

<— Are you a food ninja, or can you stick to your own plate? That’s why I adore family and tapas-style eating – I can try little bits of everything.


40 thoughts on “Food Ninja.

  1. Those pancakes. Look. Amazing. I would have stolen the whole plate if I were you 😉
    I hope you enjoy everything about your last day of break!!

  2. Haha I’m such a food ninja! Especially with dessert. Even when I have more than enough of my own, I just need to make sure the options aren’t better!

  3. Definately a food ninja!!! What is the difference between whey and casein protein powders??

    • whey is fast digesting, so it’s ideal for directly after a workout to get the protein to your muscles quickly. Casein is slow-digesting, so it’s best to take when it’s going to be a while before you eat again. I usually have 1/2-1 scoop as part of my nighttime snack.

  4. I am such a food ninja, I am always eating off of my husbands plate… He never wants to eat anything but his own though, he always says “I have enough to eat here” lol. My favorite is to go out or sushi!

  5. I love to try everyone else’s dish and I’m getting much, much better at sharing mine. (That being said, WHEN we have a meal together (when because we will!!), I will definitely share a bite with you!! 😀 Looking forward to it!) However, I don’t like it when people food ninja from me. I get very, very angry. Maybe it’s part of my ED coming out, don’t know. But if someone puts their fork or themselves near my food without my say-so? Ohhhhh. Big mistake!! haha.
    Your breakfast looks amazing. 😀

  6. Right if we ever meet up, we’re going out for brunch because it’s my favorite meal to go out to as well! And I’ll get a sweet dish and you get savory (or vice versa) and we can ninja off each other’s plates! I actually prefer family-style ordering in certain restaurants as selecting only one dish is too difficult! Have a great weekend, Sam!

  7. I love getting packages!! You definitely scored a deal. I love brunch, too. I usually order omelets because they make them SO much better in a restaurant.

  8. Breakfast is hands down my favorite…pretty sure I’m on a mission to try every pancake known to man in the course of my life 😉 And I am definitely a food ninja….the first thing the bf does these days is cut up a portion of whatever he ordered and puts it on my plate haha…I always offer to share with him, too…not my fault he doesn’t always take me up on it 😉

  9. I adore trying other people’s food, I like sharing plates for that reason. I am so indecisive so always double guess what I want. food budgeting at its finest right there. I have never had casein protein but keep hearing about it

  10. The title of this post cracks me up! I’m a total food Ninja & have food envy of everyone else’s plate. I wish I could say I was as good at sharing my own food as I was at taking other peoples!

  11. Brunch is definitely the best meal to go out for – soooo many good things to choose from, and it’s an excuse to have another sweet meal 😀 I often get tempted to try out things like omelettes for brunch, but when it comes down to it I always end up going for something sweet. Cream cheese and jam stuffed crepes, waffles/pancakes with syrup, fruit parfaits… pleaaaaase and thank you!

  12. I think my FedEx and UPS men are both convinced that I am shopping addict. I swear sometimes I have 7 packages sitting outside my door – Oops! I just hate shopping in stores 🙂 And I am definitely a food ninja, especially with french fries!

  13. brunch is fun to eat out, but my favorite meal to eat out is dinner. eating brunch out kinda throws me because it’s so out of my habit! also, i like to enjoy drinks out with my meals at restaurants. so dinner is an ideal time to do that b/c i can go home and slip into a cocktail coma hahaha. i think some of this has to do with my ED history, because to me brunch food screams decadence in my mind, decadence i’d have to “deal with” tthinking about the rest of the day after my brunch. however i know there are plenty of healthy brunch options out there – like your roasted taters and that fab omelette! it looks incredible. have you ever tried syrup on breakfast potatoes? amazing.
    i love your homecooked meals. they always look great! the jambalaya will probably taste wonderful leftover too.
    i’m such a food ninja, but i’m more of a ninja with my eyes. i ttoally creep on peoples’plates, but i don’t want them to know that i want the food til im SURE that they are done with it, because i’d feel guilty if they gave me something they wanted to eat. the SECOND they put the forks down i say “OH can i try that?” as if i hadn’t been eyeing them the whole time. as if i’m fooling anyone!

    • That definitely makes sense – I used to feel anxious about going out for any meal other than dinner because it would throw off my usual schedule and eating patterns. And the first step in changing those sorts of thought patterns is recognizing them, so I’m happy you’re able to connect that dots on that one.

      And I haven’t tried the maple syrup/potatoes combo – I usually use ketchup, but that sounds way better!

      • Yes, exactly, I know you feel me on that! I went out to lunch with a friend on New Year’s Day to try to break the fearful habit of only eating dinner out. Granted I ordered a salad but I’m going to count it anyway because it involved a baguette, goat cheese, and homemade dressing! I want to at least give myself credit for trying, and I handled the break in my routine well. Next time I should go for pancakes, eh?
        Ketchup on potatoes is good too, don’t get me wrong. But the maple syrup is comparable if you think about it since ketchup is slightly sweet!

  14. Hahaha, I’m such a food ninja 🙂 Those pancakes and omelette look incredible!

  15. Haha, love the name, Ms. Food Ninja! My hubby and I don’t usually make it out for breakfast since I wake up at the crack of dawn and he prefers to sleep in, but we do have breakfast for lunch and dinner often… Breakfast any time of day is delic!

  16. I love going out for brunch too! There’s something about brunch foods that make them so much more satisfying than other types of foods. A bagel with lox will always be one of my favourites. 😀 Also I’m a total food ninja as well. I always have so much trouble deciding on one thing to order, so being a food ninja is a good way to get to try more items on the menu!

  17. Optimum Nutrition is a great choice! I miss having protein powder, but I’m hoping to reintroduce it this month. And that is one insane looking omelette!

  18. I’m a big food ninja, although I’m not particularly stealthy. I just kind of take or ask for bites of anything anyone’s eating. I mean, why stick to just what is on your plate when there are bites of other things to be had?? I really want to try casein, but haven’t had the guts to buy a whole bucket of it yet. What do you think of it?

    • hehe that’s the best way to look at it! And i like it, I’ve been using it since September-ish? It’s definitely useful if you’re trying to build muscle, I usually mix half a scoop in with Greek yogurt or cottage cheese as a nighttime snack. I don’t think it’s 100% necessary, but it helps with the muscle building process.

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