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Five Thing Friday.


Yup, it’s Friday. Lists of random things are appropriate for a Friday, yes?

1. Five Things I Ate Yesterday:


1. A protein pancake with peanut butter and jam. It’s been a while since I’ve had one of these! This was a vanilla-pumpkin flavour.


2. Leftover pork, baby carrots, brussels, and a purple sweet potato with cinnamon.


3. My favourite lasagna. There are few things in better than this!


Except for this, of course. Are you really surprised?

5. An unpictured post-workout protein shake. I did my first heavy legs workout in almost three weeks, so yea…ouch. Stairs will be my nemesis today.

5 Jobs I’ve Had in My Lifetime

  1. Cashier in a fry truck. My first “real” job when I was about 13-14 years old – it was actually pretty cool! I worked at all the festivals in London and the surrounding area, so I got exposed to a lot of the different events the city puts on. It’s also where I learned about the amazingness that is deep-fried corn dogs.
  2. Pizza-Maker. Not glamourous, I can tell you that.
  3. Salesperson at a Farmer’s Market cheese stand. Actually, pretty perfect for undergrad when you only want 1-2 shifts a week. I can say I know a lot more about cheese now!
  4. Daycare Assistant. This may be why I have premature baby fever…
  5. Residential counsellor in a group home for teenage mothers. Easily the most eye-opening job I’ve ever had. It was not easy, but I loved it.

5 Weird Search Engine Terms As Of Late

  1. Sleeping and sprinkles porno – I do love sleeping and food porn, so maybe it kinda works?
  2. What goes faster dish soap or ketchup – good question.
  3. tuna melts my heart – I like tuna, but that’s a pretty intense love affair right there.
  4. fruit loops crusted chicken fingers – I can’t decide if that’s genius or disgusting.
  5. I love to eat ice cream on the staircase – as good of a place as any, I suppose.


5 Things I’m Going to Do This Weekend:

  1. Going to the Food and Wine Show. Being surrounded by wine and food? Sounds ideal to me.
  2. Convince my Mom to go to Costco with me. I haven’t gone since August, and that’s just not acceptable.
  3. Girls night on Saturday with the bestie! We’re long overdue, so it’ll be a fun night.
  4. Plan a meet up with this girl! So excited to meet her “in real life!” 😀
  5. Enjoy my mom’s cooking. She’s promised me good dinners this weekend!

Have an awesome Friday!

<— What was the first job you had?

<— Fellow bloggers, what are some weird search engine terms you’ve noticed?


39 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday.

  1. Yummy looking pancake Sam. And those jobs sound so interesting – each one helps make you the person you are. My first job was helping in the yard where my horses were kept. It gave me a great work ethic, once you’ve shovelled much in pouring rain in the field for hours any job seems like a luxury! The worst part was, I didn’t get paid any of the money as it went to pay off my horses’s field rent. My first proper job was a hairdressing assistant. I learned how to dye, perm, style and correctly wash and dry hair. Lots of great lessons 🙂

  2. Ah sounds like you have an awesome weekend in store- am sure you and Chelsea will have a blast together :-)! Someone searched “Who is Khushboo Thadani’s father?”…apparently my dad is more intriguing than we gave him credit for ha!

  3. Mmmm I love seeing daily eats haha…always gives me new ideas! And yours always look soo good! I wrote down the stuff I need to get to make your chicken fingers this weekend, btw…very excited about that 🙂 My first job was technically babysitting, but my first legit job was a dairy queen/orange julius employee and is probably one of my favorites to date…working with ice cream and candy and cookies and my best friends? Win for sure 🙂

  4. Lasagna is my favorite food and man yours look amazing! My first job was working at a local amusement park pushing people who weighed 4x as much as me down water slides. Sooo fun….
    You sound like you have an awesome weekend ahead of you! Enjoy 🙂

  5. Sleeping and sprinkles porno hahaa! Yay for blogger meetups! They are seriously the best 😀

  6. My first job was at Kroger, lol! When I was 14.

  7. You have some pretty awesome weekend plans to look forward to! I hope you have the best time!
    Make sure to fit in some sleep and sprinkles porn while you’re at it 😉

  8. Your search terms are pretty hilarious, fruit loops on chicken??? mmmm sounds like a brilliant idea. I am loving all these jobs you had,especially the last one. sounds like a great experience but tough for sure

  9. Lol sleeping and sprinkles porno?? I don’t understand how these are formed. Well the first three words make since but have you ever had spamy comments talk about the later? I’m probably not helping with this search term since I just used the word again! I work for an SEO company and am always intrigued by search results. I sometimes learn news through Google’s auto fill! Happy Friday!!

  10. Eee! Have fun meeting, Chelsea! Blogger meetups are so much fun. I seriously need to move somewhere where more bloggers live – I feel like I live in no-man’s land around here. As for goofy search engine terms? 746 little matterhorn haunting, is examining your hair constntly for split ends a nervous habit, crossed spoons superstitions, shes alive xxx, when i walk downstairs my knee makes a rattling sound under the knee cap, vacuum cleaner sucking up cereal, stolen frozen yougurt machine e13, i feel better when i eat unhealthy… some pretty random people out there 😀

  11. Hahahaha those search terms are hilarious!! And, also, that lasagna looks really really good.

  12. That cheese job sounds amazing! I would love to do something like that. Some of those search engine things are hilarious. I wonder what sprinkle porno would look like… Once I got “hot girls sleeping”, so I am going to take that as a compliment? I’m very jealous of your potential Costco trip too. Make sure to pick up one the their gigantic jars of Maranatha almond butter and take advantage of the ridiculous deals on greek yogurt and egg whites!

    • One of the main reasons I’m going is for the giant tub of almond butter…I haven’t bought it in like 6 months and that’s not acceptable. And I didn’t realize they had egg whites! Definitely going to have to look out for that.

      And absolutely a compliment! :-p

  13. Your job as a counselor is so something I would love to do and wish I had in college or something. I bet it would be very eye-opening like you said. The first job I had was as a sale’s associate in a women’s clothing boutique (aside from babysitting, which I did when I was suuuuper young). And I agree that nothing beats dark chocolate.

  14. Everything you ate looks awesome! Pork, brussels, sweet tater. Ohhh baby. So jealous of your meetup with Chelsie! She’s a sweetheart, you will love her 😀 I was lucky enough to meet her at HLS. Oh and she shared her pizza with me so miss food ninja, feel free to ask her for a bite. Yes I’m assuming food will be involved in your meetup. Ugh that lasagna, looks so good too. Gotta request for my mom to make hers. I swear when she does the leftovers grow. Lasagnamagic! Envious of your Food/Wine Show event! Sounds like something I’d be all over.

  15. oh my gosh, def: “Jessica Walters Feet” LOL i was like ummm…ok? lol …ive had a lot of random jobs: waitress, learning coach at a charter school, admissions rep at a college, customer service at a grocery store and leasing consultant at an apt complex 🙂

  16. I used to get a lot of search terms for naked sexy men..uhh hahaha. My first job was at a daycare. I didn’t even like kids, but it was fun.

  17. You’ve had such neat jobs! Working around cheese would be heaven for me. 😀 My first job was working at my mom’s friend’s office when I was 15. I just did filing and data entry for her, and got $10 an hour, which was amazing since minimum wage at the time was like $6.85 haha.

    It sounds like you have an awesome weekend planned. Well, duh, obviously it will be amazing since it involves sushi with me. 😉 But going to the Food and Wine Show, seeing your bff, and home cooking sound amazing too! Enjoy it love!

    • That must have been so amazing when you were 15! I remember the fry wagon job paid me $8 per hour in cash, and each shift I would leave thinking “I’m rich!!” because I would have about $50-60 in my pocket. I kind of miss that!

      And clearly meeting you over sushi is the highlight of the weekend! :-p

  18. Your search terms made me laugh uproariously. aka LMAO. 😉 And ohhhh my goodness, does that lasagna ever look fabulous!! 😀

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