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WIAW: London Food and Wine Show.


Good morning!

Being that it’s Wednesday, we all know what that means.

Yup – WIAW time. Thanks to Jenn for hosting!

So, today’s WIAW is from last Saturday. When I was at home in London over the weekend, I went to the London Food and Wine Show with my mom and my aunt. I’ve been going to the event every year since I was 19, and it’s one of my absolutely favourites. My favourite wines and my favourite local restaurants all in one place? Definitely can’t go wrong with that. Prepare for a picture-heavy post!


One of the awesome things about being at home: My mom makes me breakfast.


Toast, an over-easy egg, bacon, and a clementine (yes, she even peeled it for me. Love it). Accompanied with orange juice and chai tea.

A few hours later, it was off to the show.


We arrived early, around 1 pm. We wanted to get a chance to wander before the crowds got to heavy.

First munch:


Chicken liver pate on a cracker from Sticky Pudding Catering Co. My mom loves pate, but I’d never really tried it before – not bad, but not really my thing.


The first wine tasting of the day. Voga Moscato – a dessert wine, so on the sweeter side with a little hint of bubbliness to it. Delicious!

Other wines I tried:

  • Girls Night Out Riesling: I had tried GNO fruit wines before, but I hadn’t tried their regular line. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t particularly special to me.
  • Coyote’s Run 5-Mile: A combination Riesling, Pinot Blanc, and Gewurtztraminer. Probably my favourite of the day – I love a good Riesling. It was the only Niagara region winery at the show, which is a tad disappointing. Apparently, there was an Icewine festival in Niagara that same weekend, so most wineries weren’t able to come.
  • Wooden Bear L Winery Apple/Cherry – the description stated that it was like a Zinfendel, but all I could taste was cherry. Not bad, but a little weird.

And I should note, All one-two ounce pours. Making sure I’m still on my toes. Smile with tongue out


In addition to wine, I also tried the new Forty Creek cream liquor.


It reminded me of Baileys – you can never go wrong with that!

The Food

And..more food.

From the Windjammer Inn:


Sheep’s Milk Gouda with crackers, a Sangria jelly, and bacon and onion chutney. Oh my goodness, that chutney was amazing. And I’m finding that I actually prefer goat and sheep’s milk cheeses to cows – I like the extra tanginess it has.

Chelsea had been to the event the night before, and made sure to inform me of the awesome meatball from Gusto. Of course, my mom and I made a point to track it down.


She was not kidding – this was amazing! Stuffed with cheese and topped with more cheese – definitely my style.  I hadn’t heard of the restaurant before, and talking to the chef, I found out that it’s only been in London a few months. I’m definitely going to have to seek it out next time I’m in town. I’ve been looking at the rest of the menu online and oh goodness – I need to go there.

When I spot Mexican food, I pretty much have to have it.


Cheese quesadilla and guacamole. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the company – they’re a catering company that don’t currently have a storefront. However, they should get one, so I can buy buckets of that guacamole. It was almost pureed, which was interesting, but it was heavy on the lime, the cilantro and the heat – exactly the way I liked it. My mom was a big fan too (she had her own quesadilla)…so this happened.

Cup_GuacYup, we got a coffee cup and paid a few tickets to have it filled it with guacamole. Desperate times? I got to walk around the rest of the day with a coffee cup full of guac. Awesome. Smile with tongue out



A bacon wrapped scallop from The Braywick Bistro that my mom and I shared. I have been meaning to go this place for so long and I haven’t gotten around to it yet! I always try their food at these sorts of events and they always impress me.

And then…it was cheese tasting time.



While it was a cool experience, the woman leading the seminar reaaaally sped through it. As in, it was 15 minutes long. I would just be figuring out what cheese we were on and she’d be moving onto the next one. The two that particularly stood out to me were the Le Lobtiniere (top right) and the Raclette Tranchee Oignons Rotis & Poivre (bottom left). Apparently, I am a big fan of Quebec cheese.

After the seminar, I ran into my old boss. He had a stand at the show, so it was nice to catch up with him. And eat more cheese.


Taken post-nibbling: An old cheddar and a goat’s gouda flavoured with garlic. Both old favourites of mine!

I’d had my fill of cheese and wine by this point, but clearly, I needed to search out dessert.

A rum pop:


(amazing, by the way)

And a Belgian s’more – A marshmallow fluff-like filling with pecans, dipped in chocolate.


S’mores might be one of my favourite desserts in the world. Sweet tooth satisfied.

We were at the show for almost 4 hours, and it definitely did not disappoint. Already looking forward to next year!


By the time dinner rolled around, I wasn’t really hungry, but I knew I had to eat something or else I would be randomly snacking all night.


I threw together a small salad with leftover roast beef and a tzatziki yogurt dressing. It worked for me!

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that Saturday night was all about a girls’ night with my best friend. It was a night of champagne, Fragoli, girl talk and Bridesmaids.


And 11:30 pm popcorn accompanied by The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Smile with tongue out

Clearly, a great day of food! And now I’m thinking about that s’more again…

<— Out of all my Food and Wine show eats/drinks, what looks most appealing to you?

<— How awesome is it when someone else makes you breakfast? Seriously, lovely.


47 thoughts on “WIAW: London Food and Wine Show.

  1. This looks like my kind of show!! Yum!

  2. So much deliciousness, I especially love the sound the Belgian s’more…and don’t get me started on all that cheese ;)! And you’re so right about breakfast made by someone else being awesome- that probably explains why I love going out for breakfast/brunch! Yum food without cleaning up = ideal!

  3. OMG s’mores?! That would be worth the money right there. I’ve never been to a show like that before but now I think I might have to. There’s so many different things to try!! I’d definitely walk away with a big food baby…

  4. I love getting to see all the different things that you tried! I wanted to get that quesadilla, but I seriously had no room left in my stomach for it haha. Also that Belgian s’more looks amazing! I’m already looking forward to next year too. 😀

  5. I want to go next year!! Both you and Chelsea made my mouth water haha (especially with that meatball!), and I LOVE that you guys carried a coffee cup of guac all day! That is the best idea I’ve heard and definitely one I will be remembering! I love going home, since my mum makes breakfast for me too (although I’m a pancake girl, so there’s always a stack waiting for me when I come downstairs with my mug of tea) 🙂

  6. The Rum Pop and all the CHEESE! Yum

  7. This is such a fun post! You made me want a glass of wine (or 5) and it’s only 930am. I’m now googling food and wine shows in my area 🙂 And I am so freaking jealous your mom peeled your clementine! That’s one of my least favorite tasks ever haha.

  8. What a fun day!! Thanks for sharing all these awesome photos with us.. even if I am a bit jealous now :X hehe

  9. The smore’s bar and meatball looked/sounded amazing! I really wish there was a food/wine show by me soon! It looks like it was a really fun experience.

  10. Ah man a home cooked breakfast! How I miss those. Yours looks so tasty. And the giant meatball is amazing, messy to eat I bet 😉 I am drooling over that S’more.. so, so good. Glad you had a good day Sam!

  11. Hehe I’m always making a beeline for the Mexican food too. What can I say? Cheese, chips, and salsa call to me like nothing else. And omigosh I just about died after seeing your guac filled coffee cup. A girl after my own heart 😉 Foodie shows like this are awesome, but I think having Mom make breakfast for you is even more awesome. My mom makes some of the most ridiculous crepes and pancakes, and even though I’m not over there for breakfast much, sometimes she’ll cook up a batch for dinner if I ask her nicely enough. Ahh, moms are the best 😀

  12. Ahhh I want all of this!! Except the pate…Not a fan. I love going to food and wine festivals/shows/whatever and am really jealous you got to do this recently. Out of all of the things you tried, the meatball is definitely what stands out most to be because I adore meatballs.

  13. I am dying to go to a food show like this, especially to try a bunch of smelly cheeses. my favorite!

  14. Yum! Everything looks so good. I love all Mexican food too. 🙂 And a Belgian s’more? I’ll take 3 please!

  15. Awesome show and tons of tasty eats! I totally think that show should travel down this-a-way to DC, I’d gladly pay their entrance fee 😛 I love sweet and bubbly wines so the first sips you tried sound divine! And I agree about the cheeses- I’ve been all about goat cheese lately but haven’t tried cheese from sheep’s milk…

  16. Ahh so many delicious eats going on here Sam! My eyes grew when I saw all of those cheeses, flippen delicious to say the least 🙂 I have tried pate before too and I cant say whether or not I am a fan. Actually the first time I tasted it, I thought it was hummus! I remember commenting to my mom that this was the weirdest tasting hummus ever. Ehhh not so much lol

  17. I was waiting for this post because I love these kinds of events, yay! I saw the meatball on Chelsie’s blog and drooled and am still drooling. Looks so good. I bet that white blend wine would have been my fave too, I love blends, they taste most unique to me. I don’t think I would have liked the Moscato haha but I think I have had GNO Riesling before! Sounds familiar. MMMM I’d love the cheese part. Def would easily be my favorite part of the whole show. But I also love pate!

  18. That really does look like the perfect day. The wine and desserts would be my favourite. Good for you for taking it on too! At this point, that would still be a “scary” day for me, but it’s not everyday that you get to go to a cheese tasting!

  19. Aren’t moms the greatest? Whenever I get frustrated with cooking, my mom is always there to peel squash for me 🙂

    I would say that your breakfast is my favorite. Classic.

  20. Everything looks delicious! I’ve always wanted to go to a wine tasting event or something like that. I’m interested in wine and alcohol, but I’m just not that experienced yet.

  21. So many samples! GAH! They all look so good, especially the chocolate covered Belgian ‘smore. LOVE that!
    It’s ALWAYS lovely when someone else makes breakfast for me; even more so when I don’t have to move from bed 🙂

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