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Saturday Cravings.


Good morning! What does everyone have planned for today?

I’m just excited it’s the weekend – today I’m heading out for one of my massive grocery trips, plus I’m heading over to Sportchek. I got a gift card for Christmas and I am desperately in need of some new workout clothes!

So…cravings. I’ve pretty much come to accept them. If I feel like “I need a cookie RIGHT NOW, dammit!”, it’s much more pleasant for me to just eat the cookie, smile, and move on. I know a lot of people follow the idea of a cheat meal, but I know that when I force myself to hold off on a craving, I’ll either a) eat a bunch of other stuff, than eat what I was craving anyways, or b) hold off until my designated cheat meal, and then proceed to stuff myself sick. All of which can be avoided if I just eat it and move on.


So now, if I’m craving chocolate (which happens pretty much daily) I just eat it. Food is meant to be enjoyed, so I make sure that I enjoy it.

Although as I learned yesterday, not all my cravings are for sugary or salty things. When I was walking home after class for lunch, all I could think about was chowing down on a good piece of chicken. Umm, random? Apparently with all my heavy-lifting time in the gym lately, my body is starting to crave more protein.

I didn’t have any (defrosted) chicken at home, so I swung by Williams on the way home and picked up a Chicken Cobb salad.

DSCF3246 Salad greens, tomato, chopped chicken, hard boiled egg and bacon, with Italian dressing that I added at home. Delicious.

After pretty much every dinner (and the occasional lunch) I feel the need to finish off with something sweet. What I want changes often – sometimes I just want a square of dark chocolate, a handful of berries, or a peppermint. Sometimes I need something a tad more:


This is my inconspicuous freezer.


Theeeeere it is. Smile with tongue out (hidden behind the Costco bag of frozen veggies…sneaky). Yup, I’m holding onto a container of Candy Cane ice cream. I know I’m going to end up craving the stuff in like, April, so I’m trying to ration it out so it lasts for a while. Yup – I make sure my house is well-stocked with my cravings. A big spoonful and my sweet tooth was satisfied…for a little while, anyways.


I made a slow cooker version of this for dinner. Except when I was putting it together, I realized that I was missing the bottle of tomato sauce. I just used an extra can of diced tomatoes and it worked fine – the liquid was a little thinner, but still delicious.


While I wouldn’t exactly call it a craving, cornbread seemed necessary and I had a bit of time (and desperately wanted a distraction from my stats homework) before dinner, so I threw together a batch.


(although here’s a horrifying story. When I was making the bread, I went and pulled down the container of flour and opened it, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the flour looked like it was moving a little. I looked closer and OH MY GOD it was filled with tiny bugs. Ew ew ew. Needless to say, that container was immediately tossed and all my other flour/rice/grain jars were carefully inspected. Fortunately the other ones were fine and I had some more WW pastry flour. Ugh, so gross).

I have no idea why, considering that I followed the same recipe I always do (the one on the Bob’s Red Mill cornmeal package) but this was probably the best cornbread I’ve ever made. Just the right amount of sweetness with the perfect texture – fluffy without being too crumbly. I love unexpected kitchen wins.

Eric and I are heading over to The Piston Broke tonight for a date night. It’s a pub (favourited by Laurier students) but they actually have a great menu. Speaking of cravings, I think I’m feeling onion rings tonight.

<— What’s your approach to cravings?

<— Do you try to ‘save up’ on seasonal food items? I tend to hold on to gingerbread, pumpkin and peppermint stuff. Even though it’s traditionally fall/winter flavours, I know I’ll randomly crave it in the middle of summer.


34 thoughts on “Saturday Cravings.

  1. i just gagged about the flour, that kind of stuff totally freaks me out. the turkey chili thought looks amazing! smart move with the ice cream, you will be so happy in april. so happy. enjoy your saturday

  2. Ewwww… the thought of “moving flour” just freaked me out a bit. So glad you got rid of it. Sounds like a great evening planned and yummy onion rings are in the near future! I have the same mentality. I give in to my cravings at the moment. Otherwise I will end up eating everything else but what I was craving and eventually eating all of what I was craving. It’s so important for me not to deny my body’s cravings and instead listen to them.

  3. Mmmm I love chili and cornbread 🙂 Gross about the bugs though…probably one of my worst fears! I’m like you with cravings now…give into them or it won’t end well later! And I have a little sweet treat after all my meals (thank you a few TJs Powerberrins in the morning), too 🙂

  4. Love your approach to cravings- I’m the same! I eat whatever the craving is and move on…otherwise it’s all I can think about and let’s be honest, there is more to life than lusting over food! I’m having a serious red meat craving to the point that I might even order a steak for breakfast tomorrow as the restaurant I’m going to is known for their phenomenal meats!

  5. I’ve been getting cravings for SUCH weird things lately!! Spinach and havarti omeletes, PB and banana sandwiches, cornbread (I made a cornbread belgian waffle — it was AMAZING), and chicken. I used to ONLY get sugar/chocolate/candy cravings, but I think that the fact that I have pure maple syrup (often more than once) daily has been kicking that. 😉 Also, now that bagels and/or waffles and/or mac n cheese and ALWAYS cereal with fruit and berries are daily staples, my body isn’t feeling like it NEEEEEDS extra carbs. I’m liking this eating good things for good reasons philosophy that I’m now embracing. 🙂

  6. You’re totally right. It’s better to give in to your craving than to eat other things to compensate. I know I do that and then I just tend to eat more calories than I would have if I would have just had the cupcake! PS. Peppermint ice cream is my all time favorite 🙂

  7. So need something sweet after meals! Dark chocolate usually does the trick & “giving in” typically saves me from going overboard with the treats! I like to build the sweets into my day rather than label them as “bad”, which sets me up for failure! Happy weekend!

  8. I am the same way with cravings…I can’t remember the last time I completely denied a craving unless something big stood in the way (like laziness to drive far to get it haha). I always crave chocolate which is why I have an entire chocolate stash in my house at all times!

  9. Your such a good eater. I eat like 600 calories right before bed (starting at 10 pm). Don’t exercise much either. Kind of struggling with underweight, but not disordered, just I think overall burnout and anxiety and digestive issues. Ugh. Do you count cals or ever did? How to get comfortable with food when not really exercising? I don’t have a gyms near me, and don’t run (couldn’t if I tried) and with the slightly lower weight. Man, I’m lost 🙂 Especially since I keep up the “binging” attacks at night. Yipes. Email me if you have any thoughts. Thanks.

    • Hi Rach,

      I don’t count calories anymore, I knew it wasn’t a good practice for me, so I stopped. As for getting comfortable with food – there’s no real magic method. It just takes time and effort, sitting with those uncomfortable feelings until they’re no longer there.
      Email me if you want to talk about it!

  10. Oh my gosh – the same thing happened to me when I came back to my apartment in September after being home all summer – there were bugs in my flour, cornmeal, millet, etc. It was SO gross! Plus it sucked that I had to throw out so much food.

    I’m the same way about cravings – if I really want it, I’ll eat it. I don’t like the idea of saving it all up for a cheat meal or cheat day.

  11. I don’t really crave sweets! More like cheese and salt 🙂

  12. The only time I don’t give into a craving is when I’ve had too much of it. Usually that is for sweets. If I have eaten way too many in the week, I will try to quell the craving with something else. Otherwise I am all for giving in!

  13. Hehe when you said you needed something sweet after dinner and then showed the picture of your freezer, I have to admit that I got a bit concerned… buuuuuut then it all made sense. Out of sight, out of mind? 😛

    I have the same approach to cravings as you do – I don’t tend to ignore them or put them off because they usually just end up building up to the point where it becomes unbearable, OR I just feel miserable over not being able to have what I want. I find that as long as I keep giving in to my cravings in moderation, they tend to be pretty manageable.

  14. Oh my goodness! The flour…ack! I didn’t even know that could happen…as soon as I’m done writing this I will be checking my flours haha. Paranoid much? I’m weird and don’t really get cravings for any foods…not sure why. I seem to have some issue that’s not normal.

  15. I totally agree with you on cravings. If my body is telling me it wants something, then I will have it (in moderation, of course). Otherwise, I know I’ll probably end up trying to fill that hole with too many other options but never feel satisfied. It’s nice to have a treat every once and a while, after all!

    Also, I definitely keep my “holiday” items around. I eat pumpkin every week, and peppermint extract is my new favorite addition to anything I add cocoa powder to. They may be traditionally holiday flavors, but they’re staples for me. Why not enjoy the holidays all year round?

  16. AHhh the flour story is pretty dang gross but the same thing happened in my house earlier last summer! Those kind of pantry moths (well those are the ones we had, you may have had something different), love to get into flours, grains, cereals, that sort of thing, lay eggs and cause a most lovely infestation. YUCKKK. The thing to do is to throw EVERYTHING away that was open/could have them in there, otherwise they keep on multiplying. This is giving me shivers thinking about it lol, but you don’t want those suckers spreading! Sounds like you made the right move right from the start
    Anyway, cravings… I am getting much better about this but used to deny myself all over the place with things I truly wanted. Soooo my cravings were quite screwed up and mysterious to me for a while there. When I finally did start to eat more again, I would be afraid to have what I truly wanted and then end up having way too many calories filled with fake sugary crap or something along those lines, when I could have just had the one thing I craved and be done with it! Working on getting better with this, but still room for improvement among so many things 😉

    • Fortunately I store grains in mason jars, so hopefully it stopped with that one! I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on my other pantry stuff though.

      And I did the same thing for years – I was afraid to follow my cravings and eat what I actually wanted, so I’d fill up on other stuff. A situation that could have been avoided if I had eaten the damn cookie in the first place. I’m glad you’re working on it love!

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