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Grocery Strategizing.


Around here, Saturday is my usual grocery shopping day. I’ve mentioned before (and you can tell by all the different brands) that I tend to hit up multiple different stores for my shopping trips. So this time around, I’m going to break down my grocery trip by the different stores I go to and the motivation behind it. It is time consuming, yes, but I feel like I get the best value out of my weekly budget.

So here we go!

Stop 1: The Farmer’s Market


  • cooking onions
  • bell pepper
  • green beans
  • red onion
  • garlic
  • eggs

The market is always my first stop every week (unless I can’t get to groceries until Sunday, then I have to skip it). While I don’t get all my produce there, I usually pick up half to three-quarters of it. Eggs are a must – between Eric and I we eat 2-4 eggs a day, so I usually pick up a flat every two weeks. I get meat there on occasion too; I prefer to support local farmers when I can.

Stop 2: FreshCo


  • frozen meals
  • apple juice
  • whole chicken

FreshCo is where I usually get all my weekly staples – however, this week I only went for sale items because Zehr’s was having a no-tax event. Frozen meals because Eric likes them for lunches when there’s no leftovers around, plus the apple juice and chicken were on sale.



  • hazelnut butter
  • cream cheese
  • taco kit
  • sour cream (in French…forgot to turn the container around)
  • cottage cheese
  • steak
  • salmon

On regular items, Metro’s prices tend to run a little high. However, they get some amazing deals (especially on dairy and meat – the two priciest things in my budget) that warrant an almost-weekly stop.


This was absolutely an impulse purchase – it was on sale for $4.00. HALF PRICE. When you see Nuts to You products on that cheap, you just cannot say no (plus I realized the company is actually located 10 minutes away from me. I might have to look into that).



  • frozen breakfast
  • mouse traps (I know!! I think we got rid of most of them, but there’s been a couple signs that suggest we may still have one or two hanging around. So I’m prepared)
  • cilantro in a tube (best idea ever)
  • Eric shampoo (except I was supposed to buy conditioner…oops)
  • BBQ sauce (I was intrigued)
  • dish soap

I do go to Walmart almost weekly, but more for non-food and shelf-stable food items.



  • bananas
  • shrimp
  • oats
  • baby carrots
  • tomato
  • soba noodles
  • avocados

Usually, Zehrs has the same approach as Metro – more for the meat sales than anything else, plus a couple of President’s Choice products that I like. But the no-tax sale warranted for picking up the rest of my produce and a few pantry items there.

So there you go! A method to my madness.

Meal Plan

  • Saturday: out for dinner
  • Sunday: steak, baked potatoes and salad
  • Monday: salmon, rice and veggies
  • Tuesday: whole chicken and veggies
  • Wednesday: chicken stirfry (from the chicken leftovers)
  • Thursday: taco night
  • Friday: Thai shrimp soup (a new recipe for me)

Enjoy the last day of your weekend!

<— Do you have a grocery shopping strategy?

<— Any new or fun meal planned this week?


36 thoughts on “Grocery Strategizing.

  1. Woah you go to so many different grocery stores! Can I just say I’m really excited for your dinner tonight? That’s my favorite in the whole world 🙂 I go to two, maybe three different stores if I am low on something I can only get there but for the most part, one grocery store is all I really need.

  2. Wowww that’s a whole lotta stores! I usually just go to the farmer’s market and Loblaw – I love the President’s Choice items and they tend to have good quality produce. Except yesterday I was so not impressed with their beets or Brussels sprouts. 😛 I can’t wait until it’s the summer and we can get fresh, local produce again!

    I’m eating a lot of fast meals and risotto leftovers this week, but I’m also hoping to make a leek and potato soup! It’s one of my favourite meals that my dad makes. Mine’s going to use a lot less butter and cream though haha.

    • Yup – I definitely make a couple hours of it. Fortunately the’re all pretty close together!

      I did shop at Loblaws most of the time in London, the one in Masonville is really nice. And oh goodness yes – one of my favourite things about summer!

  3. haha i love going grocery shopping store hoppin’!!! gotta get the best deals!!

  4. I only have a couple strategies for grocery shopping–1) Bring a list. 2) Go early and avoid the crowds. 3) Do not shop HUNGRY! 🙂

  5. I am officially impressed! I need to get better about making lists and getting to the store. When I don’t have a list, it looks like I was a contestant on Super Market Sweep Stakes, running through the aisles and putting as many items into my cart as I could! Good for you though-this is awesome!

  6. Agreed with the produce market being awesome for deals, but we only have Loblaws (for PC) and Metro close to me for big name stores (wish we had a FreshCo/Price Chopper/ No Frills, but they’re FAR!!). For the most part, Loblaws is within price range, but I really have to only shop the deals at Metro (mind you, they have some AMAZING sales, so their flyer is my favourite!!).
    Also, how AWESOME was it to walk into Loblaws yesterday afternoon and to be surprised by their no-tax event?! Bonus!!

  7. Im having my wildtree party tonight so I will have some fantastic meals planned for the week!

  8. LOVE that you plan out your meals like that. I really need to get on that.

  9. I love that you plan out your meals. I typically just pull out some meat from the freezer each morning and wing it each night. It certainly leads to many nights where dinner gets blown off.

  10. I also go to several different stores. It’s a fun challenge!

  11. I wish I had the power to go to multiple stores, it is hard without a car and lack of time so I try and save money however I can by coupons.

  12. I really only go to one store per week for grocery shopping, and it’s the one that’s closest to me. When I make my grocery list, I write everything in the order I know they’ll appear in the store, so I can easily just go through the aisles I need without missing stuff. I wish we had a farmer’s market nearby to get produce!

  13. Mmm I thought I was a badass with three stores on Saturday morning but you far surpass me 😉 I love hitting all those shops, too, haha so I can get a little bit of everything! And that hazelnut butter looks amazing!! I am trying out your chicken fingers finally!! So excited too 🙂

  14. So many stores! I love that your sour cream has a French side to it – I would feel way more refined shopping if the labels were in French 😛

  15. Hazelnut Butter! ooo. I’m jealous. Like, VERY jealous. And HALF-OFF? Um, I think I need to move to Canada now 🙂

    I generally do have a grocery shopping list, but sometimes (read: OFTEN) I end up with things in the cart that leave me wondering “really? REALLY? Did I REALLY need 2 jars of peanut butter? ”
    Sigh. What can I say? I love food 🙂

  16. I love that you have an ‘old fashioned’ way to shopping Sam – actually looking around for the best deals and products instead of going to one place for it all. It might take longer but I bet your body and wallet thanks you for it!

  17. Wow how long does this take? I’m actually going grocery shopping this evening and I’m planning to go to 2 stores to get good produce and good foods. (Harris Teeter, our local grocery store and Trader Joe’s)

  18. I love grocery shopping! You should link this post up to my Shopping List Friday link-up that starts on Friday mornings and ends Sundays at midnight 🙂

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