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Clothes to Sweat In.


Before I get into today’s post, I have to discuss my dinner Saturday night. Remember how I said I was craving onion rings?


That craving got demolished Smile with tongue out The special of the night at The Piston Broke was a turkey and black bean burger with greens, onion, tomato and guacamole. Of course, that is right up my alley, so I ordered one with a side of onion rings. Oh my goodness, amazing.

Workout Clothing Necessities

So while I was out shopping on Saturday, I made it my goal to get some new workout clothes. I had a gift card for Sport Chek from Christmas that I hadn’t used yet, plus I wanted to see what I could find at Winners (if you’re unfamiliar, it’s basically the Canadian version of TJ Maxx). I was only able to find one pair of shorts that I liked at Sport Chek (a pair Nike Pros) but I found one top and two pairs of bottoms (plus another sweater that I liked) at Winners. I had no idea Winners was such a mecca for workout clothes! The stuff I got all seemed good quality, and no piece was over $20 (Lululemon, ahem. It’s so pretty but I can never get myself to actually buy anything…somebody needs to take me shopping and be a bad influence). Plus $30 for the Nike shorts.


It got me thinking…I am REALLY picky when it comes to my workout clothes. I’m not too picky about brands, but I’m really specific about what styles I like.


  • colourful. I tend to really like neons and brights.
  • form-fitting. It drives me insane when I have stuff flowing around my body when I’m trying to do sprints or the like.
  • No built-in bras. There’s no way I’m not going to wear my own sports bra when I work out, so the built-in ones just tend to flatten my (already small) chest. Not cool
  • tank tops. I don’t like tshirts or anything with sleeves.
  • seamless. Less itchiness/annoyances.



  • preferably black or neutral.
  • form-fitting. Again, nothing needs to be floating around me.
  • shorts or capris. I hate long pants or tights – I will never wear yoga pants to actually work out in (and I wonder why I won’t run outside in cold weather?)
  • Stays put. No having to stop mid run because the legs are riding up too much (or the waistband is slowly falling).

If my workout clothes don’t meet these criteria, I won’t be 100% happy with them. So far, not too bad.


(clearly taken post-workout. Yay sweaty selfies! P.S. What the hell do you do with your face for an outfit selfie?! I can never make it not awkward).

While the top has a bit of a bra built in, it’s not TOO annoying. It does have a bit of bust-flattening action, but I’ll look past it for now. The colour is pretty, I like the fabric and it only cost $17, so I won’t complain too much. But I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for some better workout tops over the next few months.

But the shorts – I’m kind of obsessed. They meet my length, colour and fit requirement. And while I was doing my treadmill intervals, they absolutely did not move. Yay good buys!

And from the back…(butt shot. You’re welcome).


(Hey, I’m proud of it!)


And moving on…


When I was making the meal plan last week, I couldn’t get the idea of steak out of my head. So, it was penciled in for last nights dinner.


Steak, a baked potato with sour cream and a side salad. Definitely made for an amazing Sunday night dinner. And I’ve discovered my favourite new way of roasting potatoes – rub with with a bit of olive oil and salt, poke some holes in them and roast them at 350 for about 45-55 minutes with a pan underneath to catch any drippings. Seriously, amazing. And think, I’d just been throwing them in the microwave all this time.

Have a happy Monday!

<— Are you picky about workout clothes? Any colour/style preferences?

<— Where do you buy them?

(P.S. – not a sponsored post or anything, just my ramblings).

32 thoughts on “Clothes to Sweat In.

  1. Nice selfie :)! I’m not too fussy about my workout gear but a few musts are:

    -Tshirt not tank top..and not too short
    -I can only stand dry fit material as bottoms
    -Preferably bottoms with pockets

    Even though the material isn’t ideal for working out, most of my workout tops are cotton polos- not sure why but I love ’em!

  2. Love those workoutclothes!!! Cheaper for the win! Nike is my fave anyways. All your food makes me jealous!!!!

  3. I’m not sure why I wsn’t subscribed to your blog before but you are hilarious. I absolutelylove Nike pro spanx…in fact it’s all I really work out in (I’m not joking). I love that the store is called winners…Tj Maxx is a winner so if they are similar then I agree LOL

  4. Yay for burgers and onion rings! And those clothes are adorable! I’m kind of the opposite with clothes though haha…I don’t like form fitting stuff on top, but I’m trying to find a happy medium with closer fitting stuff. And I’m getting better with brighter tops! I usually buy mine from Target haha unless someone really loves me and gives me a running store giftcard…I got a shirt at Target yesterday for $3, which I was super excited about 🙂

  5. I volunteer to be a bad shopping influence! :mrgreen: I have to admit that I get a lot of my workout clothes from Lulu, but I also spend about 80% of my days in them so they definitely see a fair bit of use… I wouldn’t say that I’m too picky, but I tend to gravitate towards neutral colors (except white), my tops have to be LONG, and the bottoms have to make my butt look good. Whaaaat? Just being honest 😉

  6. I hardly ever make it to winners because it’s not on a convenient bus route, but they have the best workout clothes! I’m really picky about the way mine fit. I like them fitted, but not too tight. And I HATE it when waistbands dig into my sides!

  7. Not picky about workout clothes in the least. Not gonna lie — I dish out for shoes, but the majority of the rest of my clothes are from thrift stores or Wal-Mart. I sign up for races because of the “free” tech shirt that comes with it. 😉 Honestly, don’t need to have all the goods to be an athlete. You’re only getting sweaty in it anyway, right? However, I do enjoy wearing hot pink when I train .. makes me feel like a superpowered superwoman. 🙂

  8. Ooo pretty work out clothes Sam! I’m not too picky, I’m terrible – tend to work out in old tshirts although I like a good pair of capris and a decent sports bra underneath.

  9. it is so funny because I am the exact opposite, my workout clothes include shorts and a cotton t. no joke. also, the burger, man I’m jealou s

  10. I honestly hate buying workout clothes. I just don’t wear them as much as normal clothes and I sweat in them. I hate how expensive they are too! Usually I get mine on sale at Dick’s/Marshalls. I normally wear running shorts and a tshirt. I’m boring 🙂

  11. Veggie burger! White baked potato! Nommmmm! I’ve never had an onion ring craving hit me but french fries are a whole other story…
    I looooove cute workout clothes, I just cannot get up as much excitement about working out if I’m wearing a tshirt and shorts. I love the purple you picked out!! In workout selfies or any outfit selfie I either do what you did (look at myself taking the picture) or smile. Sometimes I make a funny face that is just so ridiculous that if it looks bad, it can appear as if I made it look bad on purpose. Ha!

  12. I am picky with all my clothes, ESPECIALLY workout clothes. I figure I am going to look like hell sweating my life away, my clothes should be decent and I should be comfortable. I buy them anywhere really, JCPenny, Macy’s Target..anywhere that’s cheap and comfy! You look great in that outfit!!

  13. I love going to Winners for workout gear too – you can’t beat the deals! I do like my Lululemon too, but I usually get it as gifts so I don’t have to have a heart attack while dropping $100 for a pair of yoga pants. 😛 Also I’m a big fan of just wearing old t-shirts as a top. I’m not trying to impress anyone there haha.

    I’m pretty picky about mine too though. I like my tops to not be too short (I don’t want my tummy poking out!), but I also hate when they’re too long on me… which happens a lot since I’m so short and have a short torso. Also I like looser shorts, that are fairly short, but not booty shorts. I want to be able to stretch in them after my workout while remaining decent haha.

  14. Now I want onion rings. Thanks for that.

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