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WIAW: G o Tea.


Good morning! I just want to take a moment to thank everything that commented, emailed, or tweeted me about my post yesterday. That was not a particularly easy thing to post, but I do think it’s something that needs to be said. Considering the comments I received, I think it’s safe to say that I’m not the only one whose noticed these sorts of patterns. Really, the important thing is to be aware of them and to not let if affect you or your relationship with food or health. Don’t fall victim to the comparison trap!

But moving on.

Clearly it’s Wednesday. That means:

Thanks to Jenn for hosting, per usual.

So, when I was looking over my food pictures from today yesterday,  I realized that this summed up a very typical day in how I eat. There’s veggies, chocolate, the use of my slow cooker, protein powders (yup, totally influenced by blogging. But I don’t consider it to be one of the negative influences), Greek yogurt, eggs, chicken, nut butter…basically, my diet staples in one day. Enjoy!

Wake up

The usual ACV drink happens right when I wake up.


I’ve realized that the big thing apple cider vinegar seems to do for me is take care of my acid reflux. I used to get it on an almost nightly basis, but when I started taking ACV daily it disappeared. The last time I stopped taking it for a few days, it was back instantly. So if all else, it does work for that, in my case.


About an hour later, it’s breakfast time.


1/2 cup oats made with vanilla almond milk, cinnamon, 1/4 cup egg whites, and some honey. Topped with one over-easy egg and about another 1/4 cup egg whites. I don’t know if it’s because I just really love this breakfast or I’m too lazy/uninspired that early in the morning, but this is my breakfast most days of the week. Easy and delicious.



Around 10:40, I went over to the gym for an upper body workout. I think I’ve realized why I’ve been loving BCAA’s so much (besides the kool-aid like nostalgia it brings); I don’t drink coffee or energy drinks, so besides  a little bit of chocolate and the occasional Diet Coke, I don’t typically have caffeine in my system. So I’ve developed a bit of sensitivity – not in the “gets me super jumpy” way, but in an “I feel like Wonderwoman” way. Awesome.


I got home from the gym around 11:45 and made myself my usual post-workout smoothie. Vanilla almond milk (only a little bit because I like a thick texture), frozen banana, vanilla protein powder and spinach.


Topped with a bit of Nature’s Path cereal for the crunch element – I’ve determined that it is not a meal/snack unless I can crunch something.


Before heading out to my 2:30 class, I made myself lunch. I had a little bit of chili left in the fridge leftover from last week, so I decided to finish that up.


Topped with a spoonful of Greek yogurt. The container was almost empty, so I finished that on the side with some almonds.


It’s-Cold-And-I’m-Dying Tea

When I got home around 5:30, I was dying from the cold a little. I know it’s worse in other parts of the continent, but I seriously can’t handle this shit. When I woke up in the morning, it was –16, and –24 with wind chill (-11 for my Fahrenheit people). Ridiculous.


Clearly, tea was required. In a GoT mug. G o Tea.

(wow, that was lame. #nerdalert).


Lately, we’ve been having dinner right around 6 when the boy gets in from work. Because I’m still in love with my slow cooker, I had a chicken cooking all day.


Served with BBQ sauce, steamed green beans (my go-to dinner veggie, one of the few the boy actually likes) and leftover cornbread. Delicious. I also had a few more bites of chicken when I was putting leftovers away.

Daily Chocolate


I’ve been slowly working my way through the Campesino chocolate bar I bought at the Food and Wine Show a few weeks ago. This stuff is intense – 74% dark chocolate with raspberry cacao nibs. Seriously awesome if you like really rich chocolate.

And because variety is the spice of life:


Reese’s Minis. Of course – the fact that these come unwrapped just make it so damn easy to throw back a couple every 5.5 seconds, which is kind of what I want to do some days.

Before Bed

I’m usually in bed around 11 (as I’m writing this post at 11:21 Tuesday night…I said usually) so I eat a snack around 9:30. Otherwise, I will wake up at 4:00 am ready to chew my arm off.

Foodie problem: you open a can of pumpkin, you use a couple tablespoons, and then you have the rest of a can of pumpkin that you need to do something with. I remembered that a few weeks ago someone (cannot for the life of me remember who) left me a comment saying that they mixed it with casein protein. So a few nights ago I gave it a shot with a bit of stevia and I was happy with the outcome.


Texture is a little mushy, but I like it. Especially when you add almond butter, because almond butter just always makes it better.

(side note: I will never call any of my casein concoctions ‘pudding’. A weird pet peeve of mine – to me, it implies that I’m eating it as a pudding replacement, which I’m not. If I wanted pudding, I would eat pudding).

So that’s a very typical day of food for me. On days when I don’t post everything I eat (aka: every other day besides Wednesday) it probably looks something like this. It keeps me happy and keeps me going!

<— What are some of your ‘typical’ meals?

<— What time are you usually in bed?

<— What do you do when you have a bunch of pumpkin to use up? I find it requires some creativity.

41 thoughts on “WIAW: G o Tea.

  1. Sam I adore nut butter, apple and almond butter I would eat probably every meal of the day if I could! With heaps of cacao nibs thrown in for extra crunch. It is so, so good! Last night I was in bed super late for me (11.30pm) as my alarm rings at 5.30am. I actually slept awfully last night, had a lot on my mind and couldn’t get it to shush! I usually try to be asleep by 10/10.30. I wish it could be earlier but I don’t get home until 8pm some nights so with cooking etc it doesn’t work out. Gotta love Reece’s Minis, what a great day of eats you had Sam 🙂

  2. Looks like a delicious day of eats for me! I’m quite intrigued with oatmeal topped with a fried egg…I love egg whites cooked into oatmeal but I’m pretty sure a runny yolk would be even better! A typical day of eats for me usually starts of with a yogurt bowl (raw oats, yogurt, applesauce, peanut butter & almonds) with a side of cooked egg whites; lunch is usually toast with PB, veggies and scrambled eggs, dinner could be anything but yesterday I had meatballs with brown rice, veggies, salsa and cheese. Like you, I love my bedtime snack and that’s usually yogurt with applesauce and almonds. I almost always end lunch & dinner with a square of dark choc!

  3. Ahhhh I love GoT!! Need to catch up though…read all the books but have only seen the first season…not ok! Your typical eats look sooo good haha. Mine include oatmeal with tons of toppings since I love to include a little bit of everything (and i completely agree with the crunch factor being necessary), egg scrambles, chicken/turkey, veggies, apple and nut butter, sweet potatoes, and froyo…lots of froyo…and leftover pumpkin usually either goes into oats or a baked good (bread or cookie usually)

    • I’m thinking next time I’m in the situation I’ll have to make bread. It’s been so long since I made a quick bread!

      And yeessss catch up! Of course, the books are better (because it’s pretty much impossible to beat them, they’re amazing) but HBO does a pretty good job. I’m counting the days until it starts again!

  4. I loveeeee fancy chocolate bars! My staples are waffles, chocolate milk, grilled chicken, pasta, green beans, froyo, dark chocolate caramel…. lots of stuff 🙂

  5. Oh my gosh -24?? Bless your heart!! I don’t think I’d be able to even come out from under the covers. I’ve eaten the same first four meals for the past few weeks (pancakes, smoothie, salad, rc combo). Hey if’s not broke, why change it up??? 🙂

  6. G o Tea! Omigosh I love it! You know I’m nerding it up right there with ya 😀

    As for what to do with leftover pumpkin, my favorite is to use it to bake up a loaf (especially with chocolate chips) or to make some chili. I have a couple of go-to recipes on the blog that I always use when I break open the pumpkin. And I’m kind of all over the place with my sleeping habits… some nights I’ll be in bed by 11, and some nights I’ll be up till 2. It really depends on what I’m doing and how tired I am.

  7. Your food looks scrumptious! Now that I’m incorporating carbs into my diet while I build I’ll have to try the flax cereal 🙂 I’ve been shooting apple cider vinegar for awhile I dilute it with water and add iced tea for a boost of flavor! Love and shine courtstar

  8. It’s been absolutely freezing here too (although not as bad as where you are, I can’t even imagine!). When it’s in the single digits all I want to do when I get home is wrap myself in a blanket on the couch and not move! haha. You’re totally right about the Pumpkin foodie problem. I had a half can of pumpkin in my fridge for probably a bit too long and took forever to come up with something I could do with it. I think I threw it in oatmeal? Whatever works!

  9. If i work early I am in bed by ten! Or earlier if I can 🙂 some of my typical meals are protein shakes…oatmeal with stevia and added nutbutter and other toppings, or eggs!

  10. loving it all, and i love the casein mixture, very cool. ok so question for you – i was just sent some of that ACV but have no clue how to drink it… help a girl out?

  11. I’m usually in bed by 11 because I need my sleep! My go to meals include grilled chicken and turkey sandwiches. I’m boring!

  12. Greek yogurts should always be on top of chili & soups. Always. 😉

    I am in bed by 930. Like a charm.

  13. I still haven’t got the chance to watch your vlog, but I will be soon! All your eats are looking fabulous!! Wow, that is chilly!! I’m glad I don’t live in your part of Canada;) just kidding. Yay tea! I’m seriously obsessed, I drink it like 5 times per day. When I have leftover pumpkin, I either use it in oats, muffins, bread, or a pumpkin chili!

  14. I love Nature’s Path cereals! And I agree with you about food needing some sort of crunch – that cereal always hits the spot for me! I’m usually in bed between 10 and 11 on the weeknights, but on weekends I’ll go to bed as early as 9 or as late as 1! And as for the pumpkin, muffins or cookies are always a good bet. 🙂 If you’re not into using it for baking, I’ve seen people add it to chilis or spread it on toast with a sprinkle of cinnamon!

  15. I’ve been eating oatmeal for breakfast every morning too. That usually happens where I eat the same thing for a month or so then move on to something else. Hot oatmeal is just so good when it’s cold out. I’ve been trying to add pumpkin to my oats (and anything else I can find) to use up my can! Def a foodie problem

  16. Haha I totally agree – I need to be able to chew something in order for it to be considered a meal/snack! Ugh and I can’t stand this weather either. Can it be spring already!?

    Some of my typical meals are oatmeal, yogurt + cereal + fruit, sandwiches, stir fries, and meat + grain + veggies.

    I like to be in bed by 10:30. 10 is even better, but that hasn’t been happening lately. 😛

    I use pumpkin in oatmeal, pancakes, with Greek yogurt, in pumpkin bread/muffins, or in chia seed “pudding”! I haven’t tried many savoury meals with it, but I’ve heard of it being used in curries and “cheeze” sauces too!

  17. I completely agree with you about the necessary crunch factor during meals! If I make a smoothie (or even protein “goop”), it HAS to be accompanied by granola, rice cakes, cereal, nuts etc.

    Everything looks delicious–especially the casein + pumpkin concoction. I always eat mine in block form (topped with peanut butter, of course!), but I’m super intrigued by this variation, and will definitely be giving it a try. 🙂

    As for those Reece’s pieces? Yes, please! I bought Reece’s hearts last week, and dare I say it, the bag is already half gone. 😉 Happy Wednesday (almost Thursday, Sam!). xoxo

  18. Ah, the “so cold I’m dying tea”. I am familiar with that in these parts. I think I was actually in tears walking home the other day. And then they froze to my face… I’ve totally mixed pumpkin with protein powder before, it’s delicious!

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