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Five Thing Friday: Pinterest Edition.


So it’s pretty safe to say I’m addicted to the time-suck that is Pinterest.


29 boards and almost 2000 pins? Yea, I might have a bit of a problem.


So, this week’s Five Thing Friday is inspired by Pinterest. I’ll link back to the original sources, but they’re all things that have made their way onto my (many) pages.

Five Things I’ve Actually Made:

because really, everyone’s Pinterest pages are full of stuff they will never actually do.

1. Maple Bacon Cupcakes. The Thanksgiving dessert this past year!


2. Tina’s Tortellini Sausage Soup. I’ve made this one a couple of times and I love it.

3. Slow Cooker BBQ Pulled Pork Roast. The first slow cooker pulled pork recipe I tried. It’s a good one!

4. 52 Reasons why I Love You cardbook. My Valentine’s Day present to the boy last year. And I am not a crafty person at all, so I was impressed with myself. 

5. Jessica’s Bacon Wrapped Caramelized Sesame Asparagus. Needless to say, I’ve yet to find another recipe that gets Eric this enthusiastic to eat his vegetables.

The Next Five Recipes on the Must-Make List:

1. Slow Cooker Cilantro Lime Chicken (Pip and Ebby) . The slow cooker obsession continues!

2. Peppermint Pattie Cookies. I’m obsessed with chocolate and peppermint right now.

3. Chelsea’s Gingerbread Date Balls. Gingerbread and white chocolate…it does not get much better than that.

4. Drunk gummi bears. Next birthday/girls night, I am making these.

5. Skillet Gnocchi with Spinach and White Beans (The Picky Eater). Looove gnocchi, but I’ve never made it at home.

5 Things Good for A Laugh:


(source) Yes…just yes.


(source) When I worked in daycare, I faced this dilemma often.


(source) Surprisingly effective.


(source) Every time.


(source) I almost died the first time I saw this.

5 Over-the-Top Dessert Recipes I Must Try:

you know what I mean here…the dessert stuffed with another dessert thing.

1. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Devil’s Food Cheesecake (Hugs and Cookies XOXO) aka: everything that is delicious.

2. Butterfinger and Cookie Dough Cheesecake Bars (Sprinkle Bakes). Again, so much deliciousness at once. 

3. Super Slutty Brownies (Poet in the Pantry) – someone needs to have a birthday or a bachelorette so I have an excuse to make these.

4. Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes (Lick the Bowl Good0 – one of my favourite things about Christmas on top of a cupcake. Yes please.

5. Chocolate Wasted Cake (Art of Dessert).

That is a two layered chocolate cake drizzled in kuhlua with chocolate buttercream, coated in chocolate chips, topped with chocolate bars and drizzled with melted chocolate.

Have I ever mentioned that I’m a chocoholic? Because that cake looks amazing to me. Insane, but amazing.

And now that I’ve made myself hungry…have a good Friday!

<— Are you addicted to Pinterest?

<— What recipes are on your must-make list?


44 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday: Pinterest Edition.

  1. Thanks for including my Super Slutty Brownies on your list! They are a bit over the top, but they’re delicious!

  2. I haven’t joined Pintrest because I’m bad enough with wordpress, bloglovin and Twitter – I simply cannot allow myself to have another web addiction! It looks like there are some great things on it though, I’m sure I’ll succomb eventually!!

  3. Errr hello food porn? All recipes sound so good, especially that cookie cheesecake. It actually sounds like the cake I had on my 21st birthday: the base was choc chip cookie with chunks of cookie dough swirled in the cream cheese. If it tastes anything like that, it is to die for!! I just emailed my aunt ( a professional baker) the link of the Chocolate Wasted Cake- here’s hoping she takes a hint ;)!

  4. Who isn’t addicted to pinterest?!?!? I repost so many recipes haha. All of those things are hilarrrrrrious! Especially the 50 shades!

  5. Oh Pinterest… definitely a time suck. So much so that I actually try to stay away from it, especially because I’m absolutely horrible at actually making the things I pin. I think the last success I had with that was the chocolate mocha cupcakes with cookie dough frosting that I made for my birthday… but I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing I’ve ever made. That being said, there are TONNES of things I’d love to make, but they all look so good that I don’t really know where to start #pinterestproblems

  6. I’ve been wanting to make the chocolate wasted cake forever. I did make the chocolate chip cheesecake thing. We called it a “chubby cake” haha I think my pinterest addiction is about on the same level as yours. Glad I’m not the only one 🙂

  7. That reasons why I love you thing is so cute. I actually made a “100 reasons why I love you” list for my bff one year, I think I need a boyfriend… haha I’ve been dying to make Chelsea’s gingerbread balls too, let me know how they turn out!

  8. I go in cycles with pinterest. Sometimes I’m obsessed (more or less when I have more time in the summer). The maple bacon cupcakes sound so good.

  9. pinterest is an addiction, I swear. I just wish I could actually make something from it for once

  10. Love pinterest, especially for laughs lately! Nearly died laughing at that epic 50 shades of gray costume haha! And the OVERREACTION. Too freaking funny.

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  12. if that cake looks amazing you’d love the KILLER CAKE from my favorite deli in florida, toojay’s. it is quite the killer, so decadent and choc-ful.
    i am SO impressed by your maple bacon cupcakes. you know what’s better than (yes better) bacon wrapped asparagus? PROSCIUTTO wrapped asparagus! oh me oh my.
    i am actually not huge into pinterest. idk why, i’ve tried to get into it, but i more so have one for purposes of the blog/social media presence.

  13. Ahhhh that cake looks so good!!! I’m kind of obsessed with Pinterest, too, haha. Although I have to admit that I haven’t actually DONE much with any of my pins. Although there have been a few good ones.

  14. Omg yes I’m seriously addicted to Pinterest too! And I’ve actually found that I’ve started cooking more new recipes ever since joining.

    Thanks for featuring my balls (TWHS?! Hahaha)! 🙂

    Some things on my must make list:
    – Banana coconut pancakes:
    – Chewy date and seed bars:
    – Salted caramel date loaf:
    – Chili beef with broccoli and peppers:

    Have a great weekend girl!

    • lmao I’m glad I waited until the break in class to read that, I just laughed out loud. And no problem – I’ll let you know as soon as I try it!

      And that salted caramel date loaf may have just made it’s way onto my list…that sounds so good!

      You have a great one too! ❤

  15. Oh my goodness, that chocolate wasted cake looks incredible! I love seeing what other people pin, but I haven’t gotten into pinning myself yet

  16. I am so addicted it’s not even funny!! I made that 52 things I love about you in December for my 1yr anni with my boyfriend. I loved making that!! I try to take it easy with the pinning so that I can get around to making things, but I always get carried away! I have a craft I have been working on since November…I should probably work on that today.

  17. AH, I love this post! Pinterest is so fun! I’m totally obsessed with peppermint too! Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean we need to put away that peppermint! Oh man, totally know what you mean about the Dora thing. I used to Nanny and it was so awkward yelling back at the TV haha. It’s really bad being addicted to pinterest, because I NEVER make anything I pin! I think I need to change that!

    • hehe never put away the peppermint!

      And oh god yes, so awkward. I’m glad I was in a room of 5 year olds so at least they were yelling back so I didn’t have to.

      Considering how many pins I have and the small amount that I’ve actually made, I definitely need to get on making more of them!

  18. I am not sure if I have said anything about the header yet… but anyway, I LOVE it, a great new design!
    Pinterest, oh lordy that website is the ultimate time sucker. Aka a great thing for me to do on a Friday night like this for example, one where I am sitting on my butt, in my PJs when I probably should be venturing out somewhere, or at least trying to? ughh the indecision is always there!
    So many great recipes too…. I want to try those date balls for sure, and the chicken crockpot one too! I still haven’t gotten my crockpot out this winter! What the heckkkkkk. I am doing so this weekend though 🙂

  19. Hello! I LOVE your new header! Such beautiful pics and tasty food 🙂
    Those pictures made laugh for 2 minutes straight. No joke. And those slutty brownies?!
    OHMYGOSH! I died a little inside 🙂

  20. Love your blog! i definitely need to use some of my Pinterest recipes! I made Oh she glow’s banana cake and it turned out AMAZING so I need to experiment more often! THAT CHOCOLATE CAKE. ohmygosh, i drool.

  21. Pinterest is a time sucj! I can spend an hour on there so and it feels like 5 minutes.

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