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Cookie Butter: Delicious and Durable.


Good morning! Did you have a good weekend?

While mine wasn’t bad, I wouldn’t exactly call it exciting, either. Basically, it involved a lot of this:


Doesn’t look too exciting, does it? I have a meeting with my thesis supervisor at the end of the week, so I wanted to get as much work done as possible over the weekend so I could prepare for the meeting during the week. I actually managed to get everything done that I had planned (surprising, because I set the bar pretty high), but it meant that it was a low-key weekend for sure.

Although, I did manage to fit in some other things too!


  • cleaned the apartment (including the bathroom…worst thing ever)
  • developed a new recipe…


(to be revealed tomorrow!)


Jamie Eason’s pumpkin protein bars, made with pecans and french vanilla stevia. It tastes more like a less-sweet quick bread to me, but I’ll take it!

  • I escaped the kitchen for a night:


(Subway will always be amazing)

And I finished season 2 of Downton Abbey.


Seriously, how am I just getting into this show? I’m usually not a huge fan of historical-type drama but I’m obsessed. And Maggie Smith – I can’t even. So funny! I’m still getting caught up, obviously, but I’m hooked right now.

So I guess I can’t complain too much, can I?

When I woke up yesterday, I was starving, so I immediately tossed back a few handfuls of cereal before putting breakfast together. An old favourite:


A sweet potato with almond butter, a bit of honey, and two runny eggs. I hadn’t had this one in a while – a few years ago, I never would have thought I’d be eating a potato for breakfast, but damn, those things are versatile.

Not a lot of highlights from yesterday – more DA, being impressed with myself for getting shit done, and heading to the gym for a quick interval session on the treadmill.

Fun fact of the day: Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter is not only delicious, it’s reinforced or something.


I accidently knocked the jar out of my top cabinet, where it dropped on the counter and rolled onto the floor. The lid cracked, but the jar itself – not even a scratch. Durable, apparently.

And dinner last night – yes, that was a highlight for sure.


Annie’s Mac and Cheese with cut up (all-pork) hotdogs and green beans. Of course, ketchup was immediately added post picture. This will forever be one of my favourite meals to make on a lazy weekend.

I hope your week gets off to a good start!

<— Tell me something fun/exciting about your weekend. Mine was pretty tame, so I need to live vicariously through you guys.

<— What tv shows are you obsessing over right now? I can add Girls to that list…Lena Dunham is so, so brilliant.


35 thoughts on “Cookie Butter: Delicious and Durable.

  1. Ah Downton Abbey is a favorite of mine! I just finished up season 3 when I was in London and all I can say is that the show keeps getting better & better! Looks like your weekend had the perfect mix of fun & productivity. Mine involved watching old movies (Serendipity & Step Mom), a couple of meals out with friends, and plenty of Starbucks trips :)!

  2. Omggggggggg I LOVE Downton Abbey…and Maggie Smith is my hero in that show (and in her other stuff too….love that lady). Seriously, anytime she opens her mouth, I start laughing. Yay for durable cookie butter! And your dinner last night looks delicious 🙂 Love throwback recipes! Nicely done on getting your work finished as well, girl…I don’t envy you Foucault…I had to read him for one of my literature classes senior year at Pitt….my head still hurts, although I felt very smart to be reading him at the time 😉

  3. I feel your pain, my weekend also involved statistics! hah
    I’m currently obsessing over Person of Interest and am usually not a big fan of cop shows.

  4. Lots of studying time Sam but I bet you are doing a great job ploughing through! Those bars look great, cannot beat pecans at the moment, esp in baking :). I haven’t watched Downton Abbey but everyone raves about how good it is! I actually interviewed one of the actors for work and he was very charming so I should start it up. Have a great week Sam!

  5. I have never watched Downton Abbey but I’ve only heard positive things. I really want to get into it!

  6. Bwaha! I seriously burst out laughing at your cleaning the bathroom comment… those are my sentiments exactly. I was really productive and scrubbed down my entire house this weekend, and while I don’t mind cleaning and actually even find it quite enjoyable, bathrooms are no bueno. That being said, I wish I had some fun and exciting news from my weekend to share with you, but it ended up looking a lot like yours – reading, cleaning, cooking, baking, and just staying pretty low key. Still enjoyable, though.

    Happy Monday, girlie!

  7. Great job getting so much done this weekend! Productive weekends are pretty awesome. I’m obsessed with Downton Abbey and Maggie Smith pretty much makes the show. Her expressions….there are really no words! Love her.

  8. I too love downton abbey! I can’t believe I’m just getting into either.

  9. OMG annie’s mac and cheese and cookie butter? Can we be real life bff’s soon?

  10. Cookie butter is my favorite! I really need to start watching Girls; I hear nothing but great things about it. My favorite shows right now are How I Met Your Mother, The Bachelor, Biggest Loser, Pretty Little Liars, New Girl, and Modern Family. And I can’t wait for Walking Dead to come back!

  11. well you had a super productive day! that is what I love about Sunday… well when I don’t have to work

  12. ive been eating my weight in almond and coconut butter lately 🙂 Ive seen those pumpkin bars before and now I am going to make them! Thanks for the reminder!

  13. Totally need to start watching Downton Abbey…and Girls! Both sound like they’re really good!!

  14. Mmm Subway. I love that place. My friend and I have been going once a week since grade 9. It never gets old. And it’s never bad! However, it could be seriously improved by adding avocado and hummus to its toppings bar!

    I really want to watch Downton Abbey and Girls! There aren’t really any shows on tv right now that I’m obsessed with… I watch Glee and Grey’s Anatomy but I’m not really hooked on either. I swear all the best shows happened 5 years ago. 😛

    • I used to go all the time, but I hadn’t been in a couple months – I do need to start hitting it up more often, I love it. But I 100% agree about adding hummus and avocado, that would definitely convince me to hit it up more often!

      Just you wait, I’ll try to get you hooked on Game of Thrones :-p

  15. LOVE me some Annie’s mac and cheese!

  16. I’m in LOVE with your new header!! Holy crap Sam it looks awesome! And dear sweet lord I want all your food. Seriously it looks so yummy! And Annies is my freaking jam. Its so wonderful!
    Happy monday! xoxo

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