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WIAW: Saturday Snacking.


And, just like that, we’re halfway through the week.

I ended up with a surprise class cancellation yesterday (my prof was sick – there’s one hell of a nasty virus going around campus right now. I’ve been using hand sanitizer like it’s my job) and I don’t have any of my classes on Mondays so…this is definitely one hell of a short week for me. Definitely no complaints here!

But, because it’s Wednesday:

That means it’s WIAW time. Thanks to Jenn for her fabulous hosting duties!

I feel like I usually end up showing you eats from the day before, or from a special occasion that I had during the week. So for a change, I’m going to show you last Saturday’s eats. I don’t think my meals change up too much on weekends, but I’m more likely to to take a snacking-throughout-the-afternoon approach than I am during the week.

So, here we go:



Once in a while I’ll take the time to make myself a fancy breakfast on the weekend, but most of the time…oatmeal. Oats made with egg whites, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, vanilla stevia and cinnamon, topped with peanut butter (deliciously crunchy), blueberry jam and an egg. Never fails me.

Market Nibbles

The bakery at the market I go to always has samples – BIG ones. You know how most places hand out little nibbles of cheese or about 1/8 of a slice of quick bread for a sample? This bakery gives out cookies by the half. Seriously awesome – I take advantage often (and I have yet to be disappointed with anything I’ve sampled or bought).


Or, in the case of tarts – 1/4 of a tart. Coconut-raspberry was the choice on Saturday – delicious.


After I got home and got all my groceries away, it was lunchtime.


A chicken burger with buffalo sauce and guacamole with a side salad.


I’m pretty sure I could eat guacamole everyday. It is amazing.


In the afternoon, I put together a batch of Jamie Eason’s pumpkin protein bars (as I mentioned on Monday’s post).


I hadn’t made them before, but they’re not bad. They’re not really sweet (I didn’t really except them to be though), so I prefer them with peanut butter or something on top (more specifically, chocolate peanut butter).


I would make them again, but I would throw chocolate chips or something in the batter. Because really, chocolate improves everything.

So throughout the afternoon I nibbled a bit on the bars – you know how when you cut bars or squares, you get one side that’s a little jagged? Whenever I notice that, it needs to be corrected immediately. Cut off and eaten Smile with tongue out


Eric was at a conference all day and neither of us felt like cooking when he got home, so we took a walk down to Subway.


My go-to sub: chicken breast and swiss cheese with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, green pepper, pickles, black olives, and banana peppers with honey mustard. Basically, every veggie except for onions and green olives. Delicious.

We ate there, but I opened a Zevia upon returning.


Ginger Root Beer = Favourite.

Nighttime Snack

I hadn’t really eaten a lot in the afternoon, so my appetite caught up with me later.


Greek yogurt, a deep chocolate vitatop, and chocolate peanut butter. I went back for at least another two giant spoonfuls of chocolate peanut butter…I’m slightly depressed that I’m almost out (but looking forward to the inevitable oats in a jar).

So – there’s my eats for a Saturday. Now, I hope your Wednesday is fabulous!

<— Do your eating habits tend to change on weekends?

<— What’s your go-to at Subway?


56 thoughts on “WIAW: Saturday Snacking.

  1. All your eats look great! I love getting all the free nibbles from the grocery on the weekends! My protein oatmeal loaf isn’t that sweet either so I always top it with almond or peanut butter!

  2. Gosh do I loveeee me some Subway and your sandwich is looking mighty fabulous Sam! I have tried those pumpkin bars before as well and ehhh they are okay but there is something lacking. There are other bar recipes on the site that I might give a try to soon, I am in a baking mood! The addition of the peanut butter is an oh-so-perfect idea though 😉
    Stay awayyy from the virus! Keep on washing those hands, plenty of vitamin c and uhh just don’t talk to people or something lol–> semi kidding

  3. Er that dessert looks SO good! I haven’t tried a VitaTop but I’ve heard plenty of good stuff about it…and you can never wrong with Greek yogurt & chocolate peanut butter :)! It’s been forever since I ate at Subway but you have me craving one now! My usual go-to order is 6″ wheat (toasted) with all the veggies (bar onions), turkey, mustard & bbq sauce…oh man the craving just got worse hah!

  4. Did you use stevia in your bars? It makes them sweet and I LOVE them!!! I use a ton of vanilla liquid drops haha. Everything look soo yum!

  5. Yummmm your dessert. I bought vita tops at home and then never ate them. OOps. I was always craving ice cream!! Oh well. And those pumpkin protein bars look really tasty. I bet they’d be good with cookie butter 😉

  6. Coconut raspberry tart? Yum! I don’t think I could have stopped at just a taste, I’d have ransacked that stand ;). Your lunch looks so clean and fresh too SAm. A great day of eats 🙂

  7. Mmmm I love that you put guac on lots of things…I do the same…eggs, burgers, a spoon, my finger…you name it, I’ve probably put guac on it! Chocolate does in fact make everything taste better, so I highly approve of the addition of some to your pumpkin protein bars…my eats on the weekend tend to be a little more creative than those during the week…I’m much more likely to cook something new and/or go out to eat, which spices things up haha. And subway wise I usually get a turkey or chicken sub with tons of veggies, a cheese of some sort, and some honey mustard…yum 🙂

  8. I used to make Jamie Eason’s protein bars all the time! I made the brownie version but oddly, they would taste different every single time! I don’t know how it happened!
    My eating habits on the weekend are so strange! I tend to nibble through the day and not have a full lunch. My dinner is usually a salad beast, but it also depends on if I head out to dinner or stay in. Definitely no structure on the weekends but still clean!

  9. Ohhhh your nighttime snack ❤ I'm a big fan of the chocolate vitamuffin and Greek yogurt combination 😀

    My eating habits don't change too much on the weekends, but since I tend to be home a lot more, I definitely end up being a lot more snacky and feel like I'm constantly picking away at things throughout the day. I'll walk past the kitchen and grab a handful of this or that, and do that a bunch of times throughout the day. And as for Subway? It's actually been a long, long time since I've been. I think I OD'd on it one summer and now the smell kind of makes me feel sick 😕

    • it is definitely a wonderful combination!

      And I used to do that too, but now that I only have class 3 hours a day (and am home the large majority of the day) I’ve gotten used to being 3 feet away from my kitchen at all times, so I’ve reigned in on the snacking a little bit. Buuut it does still happen more often on weekends!

  10. I think I just love my morning oats so much that I don’t even want to make a fancy breakfast. The only time my breakfast deviates a bit is when I hit up those farmer’s market samples. They have such good stuff! Chunks of homemade bagel and macaroons, a million kinds of hummus with chips, cheeses, smoked salmon and SOMETIMES one of the cupcake places has these little mini sample cupcakes!!

  11. Definitely on the same wavelength with our posts today! haha…I am definitely more snacky on the weekends and eat less at specific meal times, just because my days aren’t really planned out or organized. I have a major craving for guac after reading this!

  12. Can I just swim in that bowl with the vitatop and chocolate peanut butter? It looks like a fluffy cloud of heaven. Not even kidding. I’m definitely going to have to try out that protein bar recipe because those things look like little squares of deliciousness.

  13. Girl, please forgive my pregnancy brain, but did I tell you I love the new site design?!! If not, I do!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    I need to g et more zevia! I ma hoping to get some today, we will see!

    Happy Wednesday love!

  14. i agree that root beer has to be my favorite flavor of those. drool. I am loving these meals. I really want to try and make bars like that.

  15. I’m glad I’m not the only one that saves my almost empty peanut butter jars 🙂

  16. Your night time snack looks unreal! So chocolatey – i get really sad when my nut butter jars have nearly run out too :(…but its just an excuse for oats in a jar 😀 Im nearly there with my Justins Chocolate Almond Butter…mmm!

  17. Ooh, chocolate pumpkin protein bars is a wonderful idea! 😉 My go to at Subway has always been black forest ham with loads of veggies on whole wheat bread. I try to keep it healthy!

  18. OMG the dessert looks SOOO good. That is like, SCREAMING me. Right up my alley.
    The chicken burger looks/sounds good too but I totally thought it was an english muffin, ha!

  19. haha, so I have to agree, everything with chocolate is better!! 🙂 Hmm.. I don’t think my eating changes too much on the weekends except that I just usually eat out on weekends, and eat in during the weekdays.

    ❤ Kelly

  20. It’s always nice when we get those sudden days off! I always loved when class was cancelled.
    Okay, so I’ve never tried a chocolate vitamuffin!!! How are they? I’ve never seen them for sale here! I wonder if it’s just in my part of Canada? Who knows…I’ve recently discovered I’m obsessed with dark chocolate, I avoided it like the plague for way too long (dumb food fear) thank god I’ve gotten over that one:) It feels good! Loving all of your eats! Delicious as always my friend!

  21. Chicken burger with guacamole sounds amazing! I love oatmeal with egg whites and peanut butter for breakfast!

  22. Thank you for the honest review of those protein bars! I saw them on SO many blogs like a year ago and always wondered about them, but based on what you said about them, I don’t think I’d like them. I like my snacks sweet! 😉

    My eating habits sometimes change on weekends depending on my plans. Sometimes I’ll end up eating at later times and/or eating more snacks. Also because I have the time I’ll usually cook more elaborate meals for myself.

    I loooove Subway! My go to order is a turkey sub on whole wheat with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, green pepper, red onion and mustard.

  23. LOVE THAT CHOCOLATELY SNACK! LOVE! I just need to get some vita tops 🙂
    On the weekend, my eating habits change because
    1. I tend to *try* to sleep in, so I don’t usually have 3 structured meals and
    2. Dessert. Lots of it. For some reason, I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have to have dessert on the weekend. There’s just no way around. Which I’m okay with 🙂
    My go-to sandwich at Subway is their turkey on whole wheat with all veggies EXCEPT banana peppers and jalepenos.
    Spicy + me = NO!

    Hope you had a good Wednesday!

  24. Can’t ever go wrong w/ subway 🙂 I always get a 6 inch on honey oat with turkey, lettuce, tomato, onion, cucumber & green pepper.

  25. Delicious looking eats! I’ve tried some of Jamie’s bars in the past & I don’t think they came out very sweet either. You’re right, chocolate does make everything better! 😉 My go-to at Subway was always turkey & ham on wheat, or chicken breast w/swiss & all the veggies.

  26. Your Subway sandwich looks good! Subway is always my go-to when I need a quick lunch or am feeling a little bit lazy for dinner. I like their turkey & ham with a whole bunch of veggies!

  27. That Zevia flavor looks awesome! I’ve never seen it before. Where did you get it!?

  28. Zevia is so good! Root beer is one one of my favs! I put VitaTops on my Greek yogurt too! 🙂

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