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Why I Love Nigella.


Good morning! I hope your week has been treating you well. And if it hasn’t…well…at least it’s almost Friday?

I don’t have cable, so I don’t get the chance to watch a lot of TV/hear about a lot of new shows. But checking out Katie’s blog last week, she mentioned a new show I hadn’t heard about – The Taste.


When I heard that Anthony Bourdain was on it, I knew I had to check it out – he is one of my favourite people ever. But as I watched the premiere, I found my attention and thoughts continuously going back to the lone female and the judge representing the home cook – Nigella Lawson.



Back when I had access to the Food Network, I used to watch her show whenever I got the chance. And now, I’ve remembered why I’ve always had a slight girl-crush on her.

Her attitude and her relationship with food is one of the most admirable things I’ve ever seen. Watching her describe food serves as one of the biggest reminders ever that food is meant to be enjoyed. Everything she makes looks homey and comforting, and you can tell that she truly enjoys everything that she puts together.

Really, it reminded me that we tend to overthink our food. We tend to be so concerned over calories, over macros, over the guilt that we feel for eating something that we ‘shouldn’t’ that we completely lose the joy that dining is supposed to bring.

Tell me, what’s more enjoyable – eating a delicious homemade chocolate cake, savouring every bite, or eating that same cake while you’re wondering what the calorie content is, or how much extra time you’ll need at the gym the next day to burn it off? Somehow, I think it’s an easy answer.

Yes, once in a while, we’re forced to grab something out of the fridge and eat it in the car because we’re running late, but whenever I see Nigella describe her cooking or describe the flavours in the dish she’s eating, it reminds me that I need to make sure as many meals as possible are enjoyed to the fullest. Yes, food is necessary for survival, but I also think that GOOD food is necessary for sanity and for happiness.

And really – look at that woman. If that isn’t an argument that eating butter, red meat and chocolate can be good for you, I don’t know what is. Woman is 53! While she’s obviously very blessed, genetically, she’s also a fabulous example of why you don’t need to be a size two or have flat abs. Yes, she is absolutely beautiful, but she also comes across as a very warm, comforting, intimate human being.

So basically, what I’m saying here – food is meant to bring you health and energy, but it is also meant to bring you comfort, warmth and happiness. It is meant to draw people together and is a huge part of bonding experiences. So remember that next time you sit down to a meal – make sure it’s something you enjoy, and if you can, take the time to savour it. If it brought you happiness, never, ever regret it.

Hopefully, my dinner last night would have made Nigella proud:


Salmon with a cilantro-dill sauce, brown rice, and steamed broccoli. All flavours that I loved and made sure to savour.


I’m sure she would have been cool with the chocolate that followed, too. Smile with tongue out

Have a good day!

<— Is there anyone whose relationship with food you particularly admire? someone you know or a famous chef/food personality?

<— Do you ‘eat on the run’ a lot? It happens once in a while, but I do my best to avoid it.


24 thoughts on “Why I Love Nigella.

  1. I hate eating on the run, I do it as little as possible. I always have to at least have a leisurely breakfast and dinner. I can’t believe that woman is 53, go Nigella!

  2. I love Nigella, she makes the kitchen seem like a playground more than a battle zone. She looks fab and seems to be enjoying life – treating her friends and family to good food in great settings and why not!

  3. Wow I honestly thought Nigella was in her 30s after seeing that photo- she really is an inspiration! I hate it when people try to argue that food is just fuel….of course it gives us energy but like you said, it brings so much more! The blog world is a clear example of that- one of the things we bond over is food….and imagine that without food, these wonderful friendships would not exist (at least not to this extent)!

  4. Ahhh Joe LOVES Anthony Bourdain…he’s coming to Pittsburgh in May, and I’m hoping to surprise him with tickets! This is something I need to work on haha…it’s not even that I count calories or feel guilty (most days anyway), I just eat pretty mindlessly, reading or watching tv while I do so, and I know it would be better for me all around if I savored my food more…especially when it’s something I’ve (or more likely Joe haha) worked hard to make…and I’m not a huge celebrity chef fan…I don’t know many names, which horrifies the boy since he lives for the food network…something I’m sure I’ll pick up once he’s home for good!

  5. I love people like Nigella. Food ishould definitely be made to be enjoyed. It’s one of life’s simplest pleasures, yet we ruin it by overthinking and overanalyzing. I actually consider myself really lucky to have a mom who has an amazing relationship with her body and food. I honestly can’t remember her ever dieting or ever worrying about gaining a few pounds after indulging in things she loves. And the funny thing is that she looks really awesome for her age even without all of the obsession. Definitely something I aspire to, and I’d like to think that I’m on my way there 🙂

  6. I watch Food Network and shows like that all the time, so I’m surprised I’ve never heard of Nigella. But she sounds awesome! I have the Taste recorded on my DVR, I can’t wait to watch it soon.

  7. i actually have never watched her or know a lot about her, never been a big food network girl myself. however, I think the way you describe her I want to know her

  8. I love this! I need to check out that show. I would much rather enjoy those foods I’m preparing than obsess over them. There’s just something so wholesome about cooking…basically food network is my jam.
    Pro tip (because I’m clearly an expert): check out the online websites for the networks. Or has every show and movie imaginable.

  9. I love Nigella too! Have you ever seen that imagine/pin or whatever that has a picture of Nigella with “Eats butter, red meat, and chocolate” or something and a picture of a healthy-obsessed eater who only eats such-and-such? They’re the same age and it’s amazing how much healthier and better Nigella looks. I gotta google it and find it!

  10. Ah, we’re apparently really missing out over here not being able to watch a single one of Nigella’s shows. But from what I’ve read on countless blogs she must be a true inspiration. Maybe I can find her shows online somewhere?

    While I wouldn’t know of any famous persons whose food relationships I find admirable I do have an inspiration: My mum. Ever since starting recovery I’ve aimed to achieve her mindset towards health, food and fitness. She enjoys cooking meals from scratch – often using organic ingredients and vegetables from our own garden. But she also doesn’t say no to treats, doesn’t stress about intensive exercise (for her it’s mostly using the bike instead of the car and riding her horse) or has any other worries regarding food. All of that and she’s maintained a slim body for her whole life. It might sound childish but I truly want to be like her growing up – not only in regards to food.

  11. Considering how much I watch The Food Network, it’s weird that I’ve never seen one of her shows! But man, girl looks GOOD!

    And I love the message of this post. I totally agree that food is meant to be pleasureful – maybe not every single meal, but at least most of the time. Which is why I can never understand how some people live on a diet of egg whites and grilled chicken and steamed broccoli. Healthy, yes, but enjoyable? Heck no!

    • She was on at a really weird time – most of her shows were on British channels. To be honest, I don’t even know if the Food Network still runs her stuff!

      My thoughts exactly – my life requires the occasional dose of chocolate and cheese!

  12. Nigella helped me so much in my recovery (obviously not personally – I wish!) and you’re right, it’s her philiosophy on food and cooking that is so admirable.
    You have to check out this picture – it’s so true!…0.0…

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