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WIAW: I Have a New Obsession.


Good morning! And happy…


(What I Ate) Wednesday! Thanks as always, go to Jenn for hosting.

Admittedly, I have a lot of foods that I’m obsessed with. Chocolate, bananas, nut butters of any sort, buffalo sauce, sushi…

But at lunch today, I discovered a new one. That I will have to eat again…like ASAP. So, so good.

But first, Breakfast.


A protein pancake topped with PB & Co.’s Cinnamon Raisin Swirl. So, I bought that jar on Saturday…and I’m pretty sure it’s almost half gone already. What can I say? Stuff is delicious.

So lunch.

Yesterday was going to be my grad student social at Taal’s Indian lunch buffet. But, due to lack of availability of other students (there were only 5 out of 11 of us) we decided to just go out for lunch on our own and save the social for another day. Someone suggested we head over to King’s Buffet, and I was immediately down. I hadn’t been to a Chinese buffet in forever (at least a good 2-3 years) and I had heard good things about Kings, so I was instantly down.

Round 1:

I found sushi!


I threw together a small salad with Italian dressing (so I could get something green in my meal – I guess there’s a little bit of this months “love your veggies” theme in there!) and grabbed a few pieces of sushi for my appetizer plate. There’s a piece of octopus sushi (is it weird that I love it?), a piece of salmon skin sushi, spicy crispy salmon, and mango salmon. I hadn’t had the mango and salmon combo before, but it was really good.

Round 2 is where the magic happened.

I was carrying my plate around the buffet lines, bypassing all the North American Chinese stuff (chicken balls, lemon chicken, the like) when I noticed some wicker baskets down at one end. I was looking at them all curious-like when Justin (my Asian friend) told me that it was Dim Sum and that I should try it.


So I grabbed the sticky rice (the one wrapped in the leaf), a steamed bun, and a steamed pork bun. I also threw some shrimp, mussels and a cream cheese wonton in there for more deliciousness.

Umm..WHY have I never eaten dim sum before?

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I unwrapped the sticky rice and took a bite…and wow. Just wow. The steamed pork bun was  amazing as well (the plain steamed bun was just that…plain, so I didn’t finish it).

Of course, I took my plate back up to try the other dim sum offerings.


(clearly, I didn’t choose the best seat at the table, lighting-wise)

I got a siu mai (open-topped shrimp and pork dumpling), a pork dumpling, and that pink-topped one, which was a sweet dumpling with fig paste inside (another note: why don’t I eat more figs/fig flavoured things? Because they’re pretty awesome).

So yes, my first foray into dim sum was amazing. And now someone needs to take me to a real dim sum restaurant. Please? I have been missing out, apparently.

Of course, I needed to hit up dessert.


A piece of tiramisu cake, a nanaimo bar, and a banana/strawberry mix.

For the record, nanaimo bars = my favourite dessert of all time.


Lunch was (evidently) on the filling side, so it lasted me all through the afternoon.

For dinner, I made up a Quesadilla Casserole, recipe courtesy of McCormicks. I subbed the beef for turkey and used less cheese (maybe just over a cup? I use a really good old cheddar, so I didn’t need as much).

Basically, it’s a lasagna with Mexican flavours – black beans and corn added, and with tortillas instead of lasagna noodles.


I think black beans and corn have to go down as one of my favourite food combinations. They just work together brilliantly, don’t you think?

I had a piece with sour cream and guacamole on top.


I got a little bit of work done after dinner, then I decided it was baking time. I’m heading home for the night (so my mom and I can attend this tomorrow morning) and because my parents don’t get to experience my awesome baking as much as they should, I usually try to bake up something to bring on a trip home.


I got two recipes-in-a-jar for Christmas, so I decided to try one. I’m never sure how it’s going to turn out – beating all the ingredients together at once goes against everything I know about making cooking (first you beat the butter and sugar, then add in the eggs and vanilla, then you add the dry ingredients, then add-ins).


Clearly, it worked out well though!

Weird fact: I’ve discussed often how much I absolutely hate coffee..but I adore coffee flavoured desserts (if mocha-chocolate cookies and tiramisu are any indication). So, maybe I secretly like coffee if I can drown it in fat and sugar?

I think I need to test this theory…aka, attempt one of Starbucks signature drinks – maybe I’d actually like it!

I had a couple of these warm out of the oven (and of course, had beater/spoon privileges) and that definitely did me in for the night.

Pretty much the best day of eats in a while. More sugar than I really need on a random Tuesday (Tums was definitely needed before bed) but sooo delicious I don’t even care.

Today I am off to the gym, then office hours, class, and at my parents in time for dinner, where my mom has promised me beef stroganoff (no one makes it better than my mom. Seriously).

Have a lovely day!

<— Ever tried dim sum? Did you like it/do you think you would?

<— Ever tried a recipe-in-a-jar? I’d say this one was a success!


40 thoughts on “WIAW: I Have a New Obsession.

  1. So, now I am officially hungry. This is all looks so good! These cookies look out of this world.

  2. ER yum! I love dim sum- in fact gong out for dim sum for Sunday lunch was a tradition when I was going out- my favorite were always the ones filled with shrimp! And I don’t get how bad sodium is for our health- nothing pairs better with dim sum than soy sauce ;)! Have fun with your parents- I’m sure they will love those cookies if they taste anything as great as they look!

  3. I’ve never tried dim sum, but now I think I need to haha! If you hate the regular taste of coffee you will probably like Starbucks. I hated coffee for years and then tried their Skinny Vanilla Latte and loved it. The lattes are mostly frothy milk and less coffee.

  4. Omgggggg those cookies! I’ve never tried a recipe in a jar, but I have given them as gifts. Apparently it’s a good gift!

  5. Those cookies look amazing. I would eat the whole batch right there I think. Anything chocolatey is right up my alley. I’m not a big chinese food person so I don’t think I would like that lunch. Actually, I know I wouldn’t haha but the mexican lasagna is interesting! I’ve never seen it made with tortillas instead of noodles. That’s a cool idea for something different!

  6. Mexican lasagna is the best! I’ve only made it once but my sister keeps begging me to make it again. Definitely love the corn tortillas!

  7. Ive never had a recipe in a jar..thats funny that you like coffee flavored desserts and you dont like coffee.. I dont really like coffee either, im much more of a tea person…Sometimes Ill eat mocha flavored things but not too often!

  8. Mmmm, I love dim sum, but I haven’t had it in years! My dad used to take me and my brother down to Toronto every so often to get it and it was so good! I think the trick to getting AMAZING dim sum is to go to one of those very authentic Chinese restaurants in Toronto. You know, the kind that has chicken feet and everything. The dim sum (minus the chicken feet) is divine. And isn’t it hilarious that Chinese buffets in Canada always seem to be loaded with sushi, pizza and french fries?

  9. I still love you even if you hate coffee. Truth be told, I was never big on it myself, but then college happened and…. yeah. I love it black now, but when I first started I had to drown it in sugar and milk just to get it down. It’s definitely an acquired taste, and one that I’m extremely happy to have taken a liking to 😀 As for dim sum… I’ve never had it. I Tend to avoid Chinese restaurants because of my peanut allergies, so I’ve never really come across any.

  10. i can understand that coffee thing. I don’t mind peanut butter flavored stuff but hate peanut butter. weird but eh. I think it may be a texture thing. i have never eaten dim sum.. I have always wanted to. I love being able to try a lot till I am one happy person.

  11. Oh man, dim sum is delish! I lived in China for a year & got a chance to eat a ton of varieties, amazing stuff! Your dessert plate has me drooling lady 🙂

  12. I really want to try that peanut butter, sounds delicious! I’ve never had dim sum, now I’m really interested to try it, especially with fig inside (love figs!). I don’t drink a huge amount of coffee but I adore coffee desserts (ones that taste really, really strongly of coffee!).

  13. Holy crud, all of your eats look delicious, no joke! I opened the cinnamon raisin PB this morning and topped my pancakes with it- I’m betting that half the jar will be gone by tomorrow 😛 That stuff is insanely divine! I’ve never tried dim sum but now I wanna… And major yum to your lasagna- I love both Italian and Mexican and that looks like the best of both worlds!

    P.S. Love the new layout girl!

  14. Oh my gosh, everything you got looks so delicious!! I’ve never seen an Asian buffet have that kind of stuff before, that’s awesome! I wish there was something like that around here.

  15. So I’ve never tried either but you have me convinced my life won’t be complete till I do. Well played, Sam. And you just made me hungryyyyyyy…looks like it’s time for a snack for this girl!

  16. I’ve never tried dim sum before! I have to be careful when eating out in restaurant with more ethnic dishes because lots of them use mustard powder without realizing (since it’s usually just in spice mixes) it and then I get an allergic reaction which is um, no fun to say the least haha. I’ve also never tried anything in a jar! I feel like I wouldn’t be able to get my hands in there or something haha, that sounds super lame now that I think about it.

  17. I’ve never had dim sum at a restaurant, but I had a steamed pork bun from a food festival this summer – does that count? It was amazing!

    And oh my gosh I love Nanaimo bars too. I actually just got a few free ones to take home from work today. Score! 😀

  18. Dim Sum!!!! Love love love! It tastes divine, isn’t it? Thank you for reminding me of steeping away from the usuals and pulling something tasty from the jar – you manage those great.
    Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas!

  19. I want all those cookies!!!!!

  20. Ummm there are so so many great things going on here woman! First allow me to mention the Peanutbutter & Co nut butter… heck YES to that flavor, it really is a good one! And i have never tried dim sum either! However, it seems that it is officially a must try from the way you described 🙂

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