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Five Thing Friday: 08-02-13.


Happy Friday! Hopefully you’re not buried in snow, wherever you are. I’m typing this up Thursday night so I don’t know what it’s like Friday morning, but they’re predicting one hell of a snowstorm for the area. Hope you’re staying warm!

(edited to add: yup, it’s a snow day! University is closed).

5 Awesome Things About a Quick Trip Home:

1. Seeing my family. That’s kind of a given!

2. Taking over the washing machine for a night.


That is what 3 1/2 weeks worth of laundry for two people looks like.

3. Having the bestie stop by for a little while so I can see her gorgeous face.


My birthday weekend last October.

4. Seeing this adorable little furball.


Such an adorable face.

And yes, that is my dad’s Steeler’s PJ pants in the background.

5. This one too.


Except for the fact that her meowing woke me up about 3 times Wednesday night…not cool.


5 Workout Classes that I would love to try:

1. Spin. I’ve never actually tried a class. I think I’m going to need padded shorts before I give that one a shot.

2. Pole Dancing. It’s legit exercise, people! Smile with tongue out

3. Capoeaira. It just looks like fun.


Because I could absolutely do this.

4. Power Yoga. I’ve done it via podcasts and videos at home, but I’ve never done an actual power yoga class (I’ve done intro yoga and hot yoga, though).

5. BodyPump. Especially if Annette teaches. Smile with tongue out



5 Pet Peeves of Mine:

1. Incorrect use of grammar or language. Seriously, you do not want to be one of my students who mixes up they’re/their/there or you’re/your when I’m marking papers. Drives me insane.

2. People who don’t put away their equipment at the gym. Really? I’m sorry, is twenty seconds to put shit away too much to ask?

3. Slow walkers. In the middle of the sidewalk. Sigh.

4. Drivers who don’t use a turn signal. I don’t get too ragey when I drive, but that just annoys me to no end.

5. Rude waiters. It doesn’t matter how awesome the food is, if the waiter/waitress is rude or annoys me, I ‘m not going to like the restaurant. Customer service, people!


Although, this movie has taught me never to rude to waiters…


5 Books on My To-Read List:

1. The Name of the Wind. Because Amanda compared it to the Song of Ice and Fire series, which is one of the best series I’ve ever read. I trust her judgment Winking smile

2. Terra by Gretchen Powell. Gotta support the fellow bloggers – plus I’ve been hearing good things!

3. Divergent by Veronica Roth. Yes, I haven’t read this series yet. I’m disappointed with myself.

4. Inferno by Dan Brown. Looove Dan Brown books. The movies, however…not so much.

5. How To Tell if the Cat is Plotting to Kill You by the Oatmeal. Because you know that book has to be hilarious. And I’m sure, will verify why I consider myself to be a dog person.


Talk to you later!

<— What’s a workout class you’d like to try? Please tell me I’m not the only person who would take a pole dancing class.

<— Next on your reading list?

<— One of your pet peeves?


43 thoughts on “Five Thing Friday: 08-02-13.

  1. OMG all those pet peeves drive me LOCO- especially bad grammar and rude service. THe latter especially can truly make or break a dining experience! Another thing that drives me crazy though is seeing people rude to servers…a superior attitude is just tacky :)!

    On a more positive note, glad you had a great time at home and enjoy your impromptu day off school! Hope the snow isn’t coming down too hard!

  2. MG all those pet peeves drive me LOCO- especially bad grammar and rude service. THe latter especially can truly make or break a dining experience! Another thing that drives me crazy though is seeing people rude to servers…a superior attitude is just tacky !

    On a more positive note, glad you had a great time at home and enjoy your impromptu day off school! Hope the snow isn’t coming down too hard!

  3. so funny story, I used to do capoeira. I loved it actually. It was pretty sweet and totally core strengthening.

  4. If you do it with me, I would take a pole dancing class 😉 Haha, actually I think that would be a lot of fun for part of a bachelorette party or something crazy for some girlfriends to do together. I’d be interested in taking a body pump class just to see what it’s like since I’ve been hearing about it for ages. I just started The Name of the Wind and you have to, too. Pet peeves…totally the same thing with the turn signal…except I get mad. Like real mad.

  5. Spin is awesome, def give it a try!

  6. I really want to take a pole dancing class too! My roommate always makes fun of me when I say that. But power yoga- DO IT. It’s awesome. I totally have the same pet peeves as you and I am so happy you got to go home and see your fam! I miss mine so much. 35 days until I get to see my mom. I can make it!

  7. SPIN SPIN SPIN! Do it! I’m obsessed. I hated it at first, then it was the only cardio class that worked with my schedule. I fell in love and now I teach it!

  8. I do spin and Body Pump regular at my gym – BP is my FAVE. I’m a fan of power yoga, but the classes don’t fit into my schedule very well, unfortunately. I took capoera in a multicultural dance class in college once and tried pole dancing (they offer it at my gym). I wasn’t a fan of it as a workout (lots of standing around and just stretching), but let me tell you something: skin + pole = painful friction. You burn and bruise and it’s incredibly painful – just a head’s up 😉

  9. I want to try pole dancing too! I need someone to go with though, and none of my friends are interested :/ Slow walkers drive me nuts, too. My biggest pet peeve is probably when I can hear people chewing. I cannot stand it.

  10. Oooo girl you are going to LOVE The Name of the Wind! Dare I say that I might even like it more than GoT? The writing is just beautiful, and you don’t spend so much time getting lost in petty detail. And I really enjoyed Divergent as well, but that might have been solely due to the fact that I developed a huge crush on Four 😆 You’ll understand better when you start reading.

  11. Oh I would SO try pole-dancing, it looks like fun. I kind of want to try one of those ariel silk classes but I’m pretty sure I’d fall on my head! “The Kitchen House” is supposed to be an awesome read, that’s next up for me. Your list gave me some great suggestions, thanks! A pet peeve of mine is people talking on their cells while checking-out somewhere, the grocery, the bank, SBux, etc. It’s so rude to the person helping you! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

  12. Haha I do the same thing with my laundry every time I visit home. The machines at my apartment suck and they never fully clean my clothes! Also I hate how much it costs, but that’s a given.

    I would totally try pole dancing. 😀 And I’ve been meaning to try Body Pump for ages, but it still hasn’t happened. It’s so hard to motivate myself to actually go to a class.

    And YES to all of your pet peeves. Also – people who merge too slowly on the highway. It drives me NUTS when I have to slam on my brakes because some idiot merges at like 60 km/h. And when my roommate leaves our wood cutting board in the sink. And when she fills a large pot to the very top with water to boil a handful of vegetables, resulting in it boiling over. Every. single. time. Ok, rant over lol. 😛

    • hehe I think I need to organize some sort of blogger pole-dancing class, apparently there’s a few people who would do it!

      And oh god – it’s so damn expensive! Plus we don’t have one hear so I have to lug everything to the laundromat down the road.

  13. I think i would be one of those slow walkers that drives you crazy, oops! Pole dancing would be so fun to try, one of my friends did it with a bachelorette party and she said they all thought it was fun. A pet peeve of mine is people who dont pick up after their dogs at the dog park. They provide bags and trash cans, its really not like it’s hard.

  14. oh you must try spin! you know how much i love it! i never needed the padded shorts but most people i know do have to do a few classes before their butts get “used” to it. idk why it was never a problem for me!
    omg i hate slow walkers. HATE THEM. but to be fair i am a fast walker, not even normal speed.
    taking laundry home is the best. sometimes i waited WAY too long to do laundry at school. i’d come home with a month’s worth. my poor mother. have fun with your furry friends!

  15. Hah! I’ve actually read that cat book. My brother-in-law had it and randomly showed it to me. I read the whole thing in one sitting. It’s hilarious!

    I also agree that there’s nothing worse than a rude waiter or waitress. It just makes everything worse.

  16. NOPE not here at University of Toronto downtown campus! I swear we were the only university not closed .. -_- Well at 2pm they decided to cancel classes, which is dumb because there are no afternoon classes fridays .. So I had to plough my way through the blizzard towards biochem class this morning! Boo ..

  17. Well, clearly you read my mind since I needed book suggestions! Horray for that!
    Oh my gosh. Try spin immediately! Well, guaranteed not everyone loves it, but it is my favorite thing ever!
    Slow walkers! Ah, my nightmare. Worse is in the hall way at school and there are just a group of people standing there, like I need to get around you move haha. I’m not that mean, but in my head I might be;)
    Totally agree about the rude waiters and driving signals too! Seriously, big pet peeves of mine!
    Oh my gosh, stay safe in the snow storm!! How come your part of Canada gets lots of snow, and mine has had ZERO this whole Winter. Boo to that, I love snow!

  18. Slow walkers in the middle of the sidewalk piss me off so bad. I just feel like pushing them aside sometimes! Also, I am learning to drive right now and can totally relate about drivers who don’t use a turn signal. Imagine how nervous I get when someone just cuts into my lane!

    Also – spin is great! I don’t enjoy group classes, but spin is the only exception!

  19. You should totally try a pole dancing class! I did one for a bachelorette party a few years ago and it was a SUPER hard workout 🙂

  20. Oh my gosh, ok, I have 2 MAJOR pet peeves. First off, I’m sorry, I understand that people have allergies, but for GOSH SAKE would it hurt to use a tissue instead of sniffing the gunk back up your nose? That noise KILLS ME. The second is when people don’t put lids back on containers. For instance, when I make breakfast in the morning, I always have to put everything back, or I just can’t go finish getting ready. My sister, on the other hand, has no problem getting her butter, and leaving the lid off and letting all those germs infect our butter. EW!

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  22. Hahaha my boyfriend got me “How To Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You” for Christmas and it’s hilarious! You HAVE to read Terra — it’s really, really good.

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