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Gone Brunette.


Good morning! I hope you had pleasant weekend. Smile

As I stated yesterday, Saturday I was on my own so I made myself a simple dinner.


I’ve been having a massive smoked salmon craving lately, so I had some over spinach cream cheese on an english muffin with a side salad of spinach, blueberry goat cheese and blueberries, topped with olive oil and a fig balsamic vinegar. Followed by dark chocolate, Pitch Perfect (and the soundtrack has already been downloaded and added to my workout playlist), and an early bedtime.

Sunday was a productive day for me. In the morning, I scrubbed the apartment top to bottom. It should be said that I am not a clean freak whatsoever – I usually need to really kick myself in the ass to get it done. I obviously don’t want things to get too dirty, but a little mess never really bothers me.


This is my usual attitude towards cleaning…


So every time I get the spontaneous urge to clean, I basically have to take advantage.

Followed by a quick trip to the gym, and a LOT of studying.


That is one side of my two-sided cheat sheet…I have a stats midterm on Wednesday. Terrifying, because 1: I really, really hate anything to do with math. It always has and always will be my biggest struggle academically. and 2: I haven’t actually written a midterm in at least two years. Ugh. I’ll be happy when Wednesday is over, that is for sure.

Day of studying meant another simple dinner:


Pre-seasoned salmon, brown rice, and another spinach salad. I’m obsessing over salads with olive oil and balsamic right now – which I will explain in my WIAW post this week. Basically, flavoured oils and vinegars = pure delicious.

Oh, and something else that happened a few days ago:

IMG_1025 A

Apparently, that dark-haired high school picture I posted last week inspired me to change it up again Smile with tongue out

My chronic hair-dying ways compelled me to try a light brunette for a little while – this was taken the day after, so it has lightened up a little bit since. It is a fun change though.

I hope your week gets off to a good start!

<— Are you a clean-freak? I am anything but.

<— Dyeing your hair: yay or nay? I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen my hair at it’s 100% natural colour since I was about 13. I like change!


37 thoughts on “Gone Brunette.

  1. I adore smoked salmon, it tastes so good. I actually had food poisoning from a smoked salmon salad in France once and it did nothing to put me off! Have you tried it with a little wasabi and soy sauce (with a little honey mixed in)? Amazing! I know exactly what you mean about olive oil and balsamic, I have it every night. Yes I’ve tried other salad dressings and no they don’t match up. Your hair looks so pretty Sam, lovely pic! You have such a great glow about you too 🙂

  2. Hahhaha love the e-card. I love to be clean, but I’m not as bad as some people. However, I did go on a cleaning rampage yesterday and cleaned my entire apartment! Love the hair!

  3. Ok that salmon english muffin just made me drool…I’m not s huge salmon fan but I may have to purchase some just so I can make that…it looks amazing! I am not the cleanest person around, either…don’t get me wrong, I clean my bathroom and kitchen every week (kitchen after cooking too) but vacuuming, dusting and whatever else goes into cleaning? Maybe twice a month? My mum is horrified haha but that’s how I roll…and I used to love dying my hair crazy colors….haven’t had a chance to do it in a while since I’m poor (and don’t trust myself to do it so would much rather pay a professional) but hopefully sometime soon…I loved being a dark red head 🙂

  4. Okay that lunch looks AWESOME- so many great flavors & textures :)! I have some smoked salmon in the fridge so I think I will have to replicate it tomorrow! And your hair looks fab- brunettes definitely have more fun ;)! I went through a phase where I had blonde highlights and at the time, I thought I looked like the sh1t…looking back at photos now just makes me cringe haha!

  5. I would want to dye my hair, but something about the thought of it not truly being my own hair color bothers me. So maybe in the future, but not right now. I’m not a salmon girl, but even then, that sandwich was lookin’ pretty good… 🙂 Good luck on your midterms, I know first hand just how scary those are!

  6. Aw I love your new hair color!! It looks awesome! I love having brown hair. When I was younger I wanted to be blonde but I’ve grown to really appreciate it. You look awesome 🙂
    And I have that attitude towards cleaning. Yesterday I swept a little bit in the kitchen and that was a big deal haha

  7. Your hair looks good. I like to dye mine a little darker in the winter and then lighten up with highlights for summer.

  8. I am the exact same way with cleaning. I hate doing it, but when I get the urge, I will go bananas cleaning the whole day. So I really have to take advantage too.

  9. I love your hair! And I am a definite clean freak,

  10. I get these random cleaning spurts, normally after I run. I do feel bad for vacuuming at like nine in the morning on a sunday but hey when the cleaning bug hits you have to capitalize off of it

  11. Love your hair 😀 Are you ever going to go a darker brown? I may be biased, but dark brown hair is my fave 😉 I used to dye my hair a lot when I was younger, but I kind of gave up on it and decided that I like dark brown hair best. No fuss, no muss. Stats… oh gawl how I hated that subject. Math isn’t my thing either, so getting through stats required way more effort than I was used to putting into school. So glad that that’s over! And I have to admit that I’m a little bit of a clean freak… I try to keep things in order during the week as best as I can, and then I usually go on a cleaning spree on the weekend.

    • I have done dark brown before – it was actually the first colour I dyed it when I was 13-14 years old. But now I feel like I can’t quite pull off the darker colours with my pale complexion and colouring…one day, I might do it it again.

      And oh goodness, I wish that was contagious. You should see the storage space behind the couch…or the top of my coffee table…or my utensil drawer. It could all use a good cleaning/organizing :-p

  12. Easy dinners are where it’s at!
    I love the brown locks on you!!! I dye my hair like it’s my job haha. Probably once a month I change it up in a some way. I won’t ever go back to brown/black though like I used to have because my hair dresser said I looked like a vampire at that time haha. Darn pale as heck skin.
    I haven’t seen my natural hair color in so long now, who knows what it even looks like;)
    Good luck with all the studying! I’m one of those oddballs who LOVES math, seriously. It’s weird.

  13. i love the hair! it fits winter so well! and omg your simple meals are simply AMAZING looking. i love salmon 🙂

  14. D: I have an upcoming Stats midterm as well. Definitely commiserate with you on that one. Somehow our teacher deems it appropriate to teach introductory biostatistics as purely theoretical math with no examples whatsoever. I think she missed the course description. Fortunately (or unfortunately) it will occur after my Reading Week–you can guess what I’ll be doing 😉

    Brunette looks lovely on you 🙂 I’ve always been a light blonde, and have had people prohibit me from dying it ha. I don’t know that I ever really would, but I have contemplated how I’d look as a redhead.

  15. I’m a clean freak in that I hate when there are splotches of food on the counter or dirty dishes in the sink. But I don’t care if my room is messy. 😛

    Mmm your lunch looks awesome. I could seriously eat smoked salmon every day! And fig balsamic vinegar?! Where did you get that?

    Love your hair! I used to highlight my hair in high school, but my hair doesn’t seem to handle heat/dye/stress very well these days – it gets so many split ends! So I try to do as little with my hair as possible now.

  16. Ohh I love that e-card SO much!
    I have a major craving for smoked salmon now, but none in the house! I’ll have to take second best and have a can of basil-infused tuna (so, so good!).
    Ergh. Studying. I start uni next month and am not looking forward to that!
    Loving the hair!

  17. First, I am LOVING the new look Sam! It really suits you and I bet a change is fun and exciting 🙂 I have done things like that before to my hair when I have been bored- completely changing the color, like when I went rather blonde (NOT platinum blonde for the record lol) last summer. I changed it back to a more natural dirty blonde because unfortunately the upkeep was wayyy too expensive and time consuming. Perhaps when I am a rich (ya know, because that is definitely going to happen) back to blonde!

    I am a clean freak some of the time… it really depends on my mood! I feel like it comes out at the worst times actually, like when I should be doing any sort of studying/homework, then suddenly I think it’s the very best idea to clean This is not good… I confess I did that TODAY! But only vacuumed the hell out of my room before I realized I needed to stop haha

    • Thank you Tessa! I had my hair blonder than my natural colour for a while too, but I definitely agree with you – too much/too expensive upkeep!

      Hehe I find my cleaning sprees usually happen when I’m procrastinating something :-p

  18. If you can believe it I have had blonde hair since 4th grade and the only thing I have changed is from a golder shade to a brighter shade and back. There are days I want to dye it brown to see what it would look like, but I am stuck on the blonde 🙂 I woke up yesterday and cleaned out my files and clutter mail I feel so much better! I also cleaned out my closet and makeup drawers which in my eyes ,means its time to shop :-). Rid of the old to bring in the new. It must be in the air, spring cleaning is not for a few weeks but I just had to do it! Love + Shone Courtstar

  19. This post has induced a MAJOR salmon craving! The first picture was enough to make me melt (smoked salmon and fig balsamic?! <—where do you find that?), and the roasted salmon was the icing on the cake. Yum. Can I come eat with you? 😉

    I LOVE the new hair color! Light brunette looks really good on you! I haven't seen my real color since middle school either, however I know that it's a dirty dirty blonde. I've never deviated from blonde, although I've always had the urge to go dark. One of these days it's going to happen. 🙂

    Clean freak? Only my bedroom. Everywhere else? Not at all!

    Happy Monday, Sam! ❤

    • I know mine’s a really dirty blonde too! I see the roots peeking in once in a while, and that’s the colour it appears to be, anyways :-p And I got the fig balsamic in a draw from a store that specializes in olive oils and balsamic vinegars…seriously amazing stuff!

      Hope you had a great one Sara ❤

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