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Good morning!

If you’re a fan of Valentine’s Day (which I am…to the extent that it’s an excuse to eat chocolate and do something fun with the boy) I hope it’s a great one, and if you’re not…than happy Thursday!

Today is actually going to be a fairly typical day for me. Eric’s working, so we’re delaying our Valentine’s celebrations until Saturday.


Yes, it’s a Hallmark holiday. But it’s still cute, imo.


But yes…my posts for the last couple days have been on the heavier side. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, I want today’s post to be light, fluffy, and cute. So…survey time!

I’ve seen this one done by Amanda and Caitlin – two ladies who I happen to love!


Love Survey

1. Valentine’s Candy I Love:

Reese’s hearts. In literally any form (really, are you surprised?)


But lately I’ve been really loving the chocolate mint combo…so I wouldn’t mind getting something along those lines either Smile with tongue out


2. Current Workout Jam I Love:

So..the Pitch Perfect soundtrack was downloaded over the weekend. And it has worked it’s way onto my phone. The final Bella performance = best treadmill song ever right now.


3. Article of Clothing I Love:


The bestie gifted me a pair of purple pumps for Christmas. I am a huge heels girl – I’ll wear flats most of the time, but when I break out the heels, they tend to be 3+ inches. So tall, purple heels? Makes me a happy girl.


4. Something Red That I Love:

Strawberries (makes me excited for the Spring when they’re back in season), tomato sauce, and I’m going to agree with Amanda and say ketchup. Notice how I just named foods Smile with tongue out


5. Month I Love:

October. It’s my birthday month, it’s Thanksgiving, and it’s Halloween. You just can’t go wrong with any of those. I also like June – the weather has really warmed up, the days are at the longest, and all the fun summer stuff is just starting.


6. Piece of Advice I Love:


I’m not going to lie, I kind of live by this. Smile with tongue out


7. New (or Old) Blog I Love.

Whenever I need dinner or dessert inspiration, I go to How Sweet It Is. I’ve said it a million times before, but Jessica is an absolute genius.

8. Current Reading Material I Love:

I Just finished up with Drop Dead Healthy by A.J. Jacobs, and am planning to write up a review of that one. Next week is my Reading Week, which for me, will be living up to it’s name. But it will all be of the academic type. I’m hoping to get my literature review for my thesis done, so I have a sizable stack of books to look through.

9. A Memory I Love:

Considering what day it is, I have to go ahead and say my first dinner date with this guy:


Picture is from Halloween 2011 – I normally don’t dress like a schoolgirl.


We went out for drinks on our first date, and ended up talking about how much we both loved sushi. A few nights later, we went out for all you can eat sushi, and then he introduced me to Game of Thrones while we laid on the couch and digested. Great food and a great TV show – clearly, it’s the way to my heart.


10. “Chick Flick” I Love: The Devil Wears Prada, A Walk to Remember, Saved!, and Coyote Ugly are all up there. But…

I have seen this movie way more times than I would ever care to admit. Yup – guilty pleasure for sure.

11. A Special Place in the World That I Love:

My Grandma’s (Mom’s mom) house. She passed away when I was six, and eventually, the house was put up for sale. I seriously adore that house – old Victorian style house that was in my family for decades. I remember two of the bedrooms had connecting closets that my brother and I would hide in, and the house had a sunroom on both floors. Seriously, beautiful – I would love to see it come back into my family one day!

Actually a few years ago, the owners were selling. So my mom and I went to the open house so we would have an opportunity to walk through it again. Piece of advice: Safari/African style decorating does not work in a Victorian-style house. Just saying.

12. Beauty Product I Love:

Vaseline Cocoa Butter.

Seriously, it works better than any other body butter I’ve ever found. I have horribly dry skin (especially in the winter) and slathering this stuff on right after I shower makes for a massive improvement.

13. Nifty Website That I Love:

I can waste hours on Thought Catalogue.

14. A Beautiful Blog Post I Love:

There’s so many, but there’s a few that have particularly resonated with me lately.

And that’s it! Happy Valentine’s! ❤

<— What are your thoughts on Valentine’s Day?

<— The best combination is chocolate and ____?

<— Answer any of the questions particularly jumping out at you Open-mouthed smile

27 thoughts on “Love.

  1. Valentines Day is not really celebrated where I live in Australia, and I completely agree with you, it’s kind of a ‘Hallmark’ holiday!
    I can NEVER go past chocolate and orange together. Absolute heaven. I ‘gasp’ am not a huge fan of the PB and choc combo, but chocolate and orange never gets old for me.
    Oh and I love the Vaseline cocoa butter, it makes my skin so soft!

  2. Although single, I do love Valentine’ comes in all shapes & sizes right :-)! You & Eric sound like such a great couple- any people who love sushi and vegging out in front of the tv with good TV sound ideal to me…have a wonderful day, Sam!

  3. Yay!! I love that you did this today 🙂 I’m not a huge Valentine’s fan haha, but that may have something to do with the fact that Joe and I never get to spend it together so I’m slightly jealous 😉 OMG the Bella’s last mash IS THE BEST TO RUN TO!! It made me fly yesterday haha…I was at the end of my run and just going my usual pace when it came on, and I took off, singing along hahaha….loved it 🙂

  4. Chocolate and more chocolate 🙂 But seriously. I think the underwear quote is hilarious! And so true! Pitch Perfect is the new Mean Girls, for sure!

  5. Happy Valentine’s Day, girlie! Hallmark holiday or not, I can’t hate on Feb 14th… I like any excuse to get a little more excited over a day, whether I’m celebrating with someone special or not. I definitely don’t think that flowers, chocolates, surprises, and special dates should be limited to one day a year, though. Heck, every day should be Valentine’s. Aaaaand the best combination is chocolate and my mouth :mrgreen:

    • 100% agree with you, there’s nothing wrong with having another day to look forward to, Hallmark holiday or not. And I’m not one to turn down chocolate or flowers any other day of the year either :-p

      And yes, gotta love the chocolate-and-mouth combo :-p

  6. I guess I’m not the only one with the bright idea of planning to post this survey today (not that I did, but that’s besides the point). I only like valentines day as an excuse to eat chocolate too 😉

  7. Josie and the PussyCats, wow totally flashed me back to middle school!

  8. body butter feels so good. that stuff is amazing. my favorite v day candy is probably anything gummy or candy hearts. oh man or jellybeans. great now I want candy. I have to wait for it to all go on sale… you know how i do

  9. The best combination is chocolate and everything! I love chocolate and peanut butter though, your Reese’s the best. My plan tomorrow morning defiantly includes a trip to the stor to grab some Valentines candy on sale! 🙂

  10. Love this! Thanks for the shout out girl 😉 I looove thought catalog. Best website ever

  11. I’ve always been single for Valentine’s Day, but I still like it. It’s a cute holiday. And obviously I like all the chocolate involved. 😀

    There are way too many good combos with chocolate to pick one! Banana, soy nut butter, mint, caramel and raspberry are some of my favourites.

    Also I LOVE that you and your boyfriend bonded over your love for sushi. I definitely need to find a boyfriend who likes sushi as much as I do… otherwise I just don’t see it working out haha.

    And yesss, I love Saved!

    • You’ve definitely got me craving chocolate now!
      And sushi is definitely something to bond over – and it makes so that sushi is the obvious choice for pretty much every anniversary/love-related holiday, which of course, I am fine with. :-p

      And it is a fabulous movie!

  12. Josie and the Pussycats!! Oh. My. Gawd. How had I forgotten about that one? It was one of my favorite movies during high school (my mom still has the VHS tape at her house!). Next time I’m home, I think I’ll take a walk down memory lane with that one. 🙂 Another chick flick that you mentioned–Saved! Whatever happened to Mandy Moore? She was an ‘it’ girl in the late 90s/early 2000s and seems to have disappeared. 😦

    Regarding chocolate: the best combination is definitely peanut butter. No question! Reese’s are the ticket to my heart, but I also love Lindt peanut butter truffles. They’re even more decadent…if you can imagine that. 🙂

    It warms my heart to hear that you and the boy bonded over sushi. I went on a first date a week and a half ago, and the same thing happened. Except we started at a bar, chatted about the sushi, and then went straight to the restaurant. No waiting! 😉

    Thanks so much for the shout-out. Sam. You’ve written many thought provoking posts that have resonated deeply with me, so I’m glad I was able to return the favor. 🙂 Happy Friday!! xoxo

    • p.s. apologies for littering your wall with smiley emoticons!

      • hehe I love the emoticons!
        And it’s such a flashback movie, right?! I think I might have to dig it out this weekend.
        I really need to find those truffles! I’ll definitely look for it in post-Valentines chocolate shopping :-p
        I’m glad that your date went well! Sushi is definitely a great thing to bond over.

        And no problem at all love! I absolutely adore your posts, so of course, a shoutout was needed.

  13. I love How Sweet Eats, too! I’ve gotten SO many good recipes from there.

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