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Five Things Friday: 22/02/13.


Happy Friday! This is the last official day of my week off of school…sigh. But nonetheless, there is definitely some great things lately!

5 Things I’ve Eaten Recently:

1. Crockpot Coq Au Vin on whole wheat egg noodles:


Not going to lie…this was not great. It was edible, but the sauce didn’t thicken up enough and a slow cooker does weird, weird things to bacon. Time in the fridge did improve it a bit though – the leftovers are more tolerable. I think I’m going to try a traditional recipe in the future though; it had possibilities!

2. Still doing my All-Bran for breakfast a few days a week: this was 1/2 cup All Bran with a bit of Nature’s Path Coconut Chia Granola, grapes and unsweetened vanilla almond milk. 2 eggs +  egg whites on the side. And that is a candle shaped like a cinnamon bun that I got for Christmas – it’s so cute that I don’t want to burn it!


3. Shrimp tacos. Seriously one of the best dinners I’ve put together in a while – I cut jumbo shrimp in half and marinated them in lime juice, salt, pepper, cilantro, and chili powder, and then sauteed them in coconut oil. Tossed into tortillas with lettuce, salsa, guacamole and sour cream – so.good.


4. A Quest Peanut Butter Cup chopped up in vanilla Greek yogurt. I’ll be reviewing Quest products in a few weeks, but I will tell you know that the cups are greatly improved when thrown in yogurt over eating them by themselves.


5. A Waffle-wich. I inspired Sara to buy waffles, she inspired me to make a sandwich with them Smile with tongue out. An egg, a bit of cheddar, a slice of shaved ham, and strawberry jam sandwiched between waffles. Awesome breakfast.


5 Teenage Music Flashbacks: (Alex, you totally inspired this one)






5 Posts that I Adored This Week:

1. After the Ivy League – I’m Not Skinny (And I Don’t Want to Be). Seriously, the best attitude regarding health and body image.

2. Lisa Lately – Be the Best Version of You. Trying to be someone else is unnecessary – just do you!

3. Peace Love and Oats – You’re Good Enough NOW. Don’t hold off on pursuing your dreams and goals; go after them now!

4. Picky Runner – What is Perfection? I’m sure a lot of relate to the type-A personality syndrome, but we don’t have to spend all our energy trying to reach some obscure level of perfection. Relax a little and take it easy on yourself!

5. Nourish and Flourish – Trustworthy Sources (and Fried Egg Wafflewiches). We sometimes put too much faith in outside sources (bloggers, the media, health professionals) to tell us the best ways to fuel our body. Really, it should be OUR bodies dictating how we approach food.

5 Things that I’m Loving this Week:

1. Guacamole. Whether I make it, order it, or buy it from the grocery store, it never fails to make me happy. So good.


2. The fact that I’ve been wearing yoga pants and tshirts all week. Comfy house clothes for the win!

3. This granola. I finally got around to opening it this week, and it will not be lasting long. Dark chocolate and red berries – yum.


4. The fact that it is March in exactly one week. Although February is the shortest month, it’s always the most depressing. Bring on Spring!

5. Waffles. I’ve been missing out the last few years.


and now I want to go out for breakfast and order the biggest Belgian waffle I can find…


Hope you have a wonderful day!

<— What’s a teenage flashback song for you?

<— What are you loving right now?


43 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: 22/02/13.

  1. OMg I’m was bringing two of those waffles with me for lunch with the boys today…I will now be making them into an egg sandwich and perhaps I’ll see if I can get the eldest child to enjoy one with me….genius idea! And I love that Seether song…one of my favs 🙂 I am loving the fact that it’s Friday, I went grocery shopping last night so I don’t have to go tomorrow, and Joe will be home in two weeks 🙂 Teenage flashback for me would be anything on broadway at that time (rent, wicked, phantom, spring awakening, etc)…total theater nerd and loved it 🙂

  2. I love Incubus Warning – great song! My teenage flashback song? Teenage Kicks! It was always playing at gigs I went to. Yiour wafflewich looks yummy 🙂

  3. Those shrimp tacos look legit! I completely adored I’m Not Skinny and I Don’t Want to be as well. Such a great reminder of self-acceptance. Have a fantastic Friday!!

  4. Sooo I will be trying that combination with the Quest peanut butter cup PRONTO! I have been debating ordering some more bars from the site recently (ran out of my own supply the other day 😦 ) and I might just have to throw in those pb cups! Great blog posts you linked to as well! I have not read all of those, so as soon as I post here, off to do some reading
    The shrimp tacos do look good too… that is a dish I used to always order when we went out for Mexican. I am thinking it’s time to bring the goodness back!
    Have a delightful Friday Sam 🙂

  5. I was trying to pick something specific to comment on so I didn’t have a million word long comment but I have to agree with most of what you like this week. Haha. The guac and shrimp tacos have me drooling this morning. And I lovelovelove Iris. All time favorite flashback song. Have a wonderful last day free of school!! I cannot WAIT until I have Spring Break.

  6. LOVE me some waffles 🙂 Thanks for the shout out! All of the posts this week were really thought provoking in the blogosphere. I liked it! It was a nice change from the preachy-healthy ones.

  7. Thanks so much for the shout out Sam! So glad you liked my post 🙂 And I’m loving those 90’s flashbacks, Goo Goo Dolls and No Doubt? I could listen to 90’s music forever!

  8. Those shrimp tacos look amazing! I have been listening to a bunch of 90’s on pandora while studying and love when songs bring up funny memories.

  9. Definitely just got a shrimp taco craving! I can’t believe you have a cinnamon bun candle too, that would be something I would buy the second I saw it. Right now, I’m loving fresh, hearty bakery bread that my parents have at home. Sometimes, nothing beats bread…

  10. I looooove yoga pants. They are the next best thing after pajamas.

  11. well that confirms everything. we would have been best friends in high school. however I would have had to throw in some sugarcult, green day and maybe some dabble of musical tunes. but besides that identical.

  12. I love the flash backs of music! Iris, broken and Sunday morning are some of my favorite songs too:), and as for the waffles I would make a coras date 🙂

  13. Nature’s Path waffles are THE BEST!

  14. Hi Sam, I read your story and it was very inspiring. I wanted to ask you… Did you still exercise during recovery? And how many cals did you eat?

    • Hi Jan – I did still exercise a few times a week, but it was at reduced intensity and with the full permission of my doctor. I’m not sure how many calories I was taking in – it was much better for me not to know! Remember that everyone’s needs are different – do you have a doctor or dietitian you can address with your concerns over calories and exercise?

  15. ooh those shrimp tacos! yum!

    No Doubt has some good classics, and I will forever love Gwen Stefani!

  16. Yum, that wafflewich looks awesome! And I love the teenage song flashbacks. I am a huge fan of Iris 😀

  17. Mmm your shrimp tacos look fantastic! I’m on such a Mexican kick lately.

    Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls is definitely a flashback song for me! Also, Photobooth by Death Cab for Cutie and anything by the Shins remind me of high school too.

  18. Oh my god those shrimp tacos look awesome!!! I’ve actually never had them or made them, but I’ve always wanted to.

  19. I really need to try to get my hands on some Quest products! I used to LOVE that No Doubt song, however I way always afraid of her as a child after they came out with the video clip for one of the songs and she electrocutes her boyfriend in the bath… scarred for life I tell you.

  20. No doubt- : I’m just a girl, that is my JAM! I am in love with my slow cooker and shrimp tacos are always a hit for me too! I have always wanted to try quest bars but I am allergic to whey 😦 thank you for sharing hope your weekend is going well Love + Shine Courtstar

  21. Ohh lawwwd that wafflewich looks amazing, Sam- yum! I haven’t made waffles in ages but I think this post was the urge I needed to dust off our waffle iron! I love teenage flashback songs- can’t beat the amount of nostalgia they carry! N’sync, Backstreet Boys, and Destiny’s Child all take me back to middle school days :)!

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