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Happiness-Inducing Weekend.


Good morning! I hope your weekend was fabulous. If you were up late watching the Oscars last night…how was it? I can add missing award shows to my list of things I miss about cable (first and foremost: The Food Network. It has been way too long since I watched a random episode of Chopped).

Between school stress and a little bit of winter blues, I haven’t been feeling quite so cheery lately. So, this weekend my focus was making sure to incorporate a bunch of little things to make myself happy. Friday was pretty average – homework, gym, a meeting with my Thesis Supervisor,  and a chicken stirfry dinner. So, we’ll just get right to Saturday.


After I did my grocery shopping for the week, I took some time to do a little bit of shopping for myself. My fruitless search for a new pair of jeans continues – apparently, I’m pretty picky. I’m planning on heading home to London for a weekend in a couple of weeks, so I’ll wait until then. I did manage to find myself a new workout top (which I shall get to in a few minutes) though!

And I did show myself some pampering on Saturday:


Mmm, manicure.

The nail salon a few blocks away does a decent manicure for $15 – I need to take advantage more often! Of course, the solitary princess nail was a must. I kind of live for the hand massages you get with manicures – I would seriously pay money just for that.

For lunch, I had to dig into some of my new grocery purchases, snack plate style:


baby carrots, crackers, hummus (x2 on the crackers and hummus), an egg + egg whites, and blueberries. Eaten while perusing this:


Any other Canadian girls (or boys) get excited when these fliers come out? From what I recall, they have a holiday edition, a blue menu (health-ified) and a summer one. PC actually has some great stuff, so I always like to see what they come out with. I did find out that they’ve started selling 0% plain Greek yogurt in the massive tubs…and I want to try those caramel yogurt smoothie bars.


The best friend was supposed to come up for the night, but unfortunately, an issue with her car prevented that. I hate it when stuff like that happens! Eric and I still managed to have a good night though. I had absolutely no intention of cooking dinner, so Eric suggested Subway. Which happens to be right next to Yogurty’s…




I got my usual bread, cheese and toppings (whole wheat, swiss, lettuce, tomato, green peppers, cucumbers, black olives, pickles, banana peppers, honey mustard) but I got a ham and turkey instead of chicken. I know – that’s some craziness right there.

But clearly the froyo was the important part of the meal.


Tiramisu and chocolate truffle froyo with yogurt-covered raisins, mini M&M’s, ‘sparkling strawberry candy (I have no idea where the sparkling aspect came from, but they were tasty), sprinkles (obviously) and iced animal crackers (I NEED A BOX OF THESE. Ahem).

I didn’t want it melting on me while I ate dinner, so I threw it in the freezer for about an hour and a half. It was pretty much the best idea ever – usually when I get self-serve froyo, it’s half melted by the time I get to the bottom. This allowed the yogurt to firm up a bit, but not too long in the freezer that the toppings froze too. Such a small thing, but definitely happiness-inducing Smile

Another happiness-inducing moment? A few months ago, Eric told me that he had never seen The Lion King. UNACCEPTABLE.

So…that’s how we spent Saturday night. Cannot go wrong with a good Disney movie, amiright? And side note – why have I never realized that Matthew Broderick was adult Simba?!


Sunday was a fairly typical Sunday – I got some homework done, updated my resume (right, I need to work this summer), and swiffered/vacuumed. I did get in a quick gym session wearing my new top though:


The pictures are not doing it justice (that, and the poor gym-bathroom lighting) – the thing is BRIGHT. Like, this bright:

Neon also induces happiness. And I love the back!


Dinner just screamed of homey-ness and comfort food.


Roast beef and mashed potatoes with gravy (and gravy can go on the list of things that don’t photograph attractively…yikes) with steamed broccoli on the side. Mmm, comfort.

So while I didn’t do anything too ridiculous or out of the ordinary, I was still happy with my weekend. I’m starting to be more comfortable with the fact that I am a homebody – I don’t need to be going out and doing crazy things every weekend. If they become my time to treat myself, relax a bit, and get stuff done around the house, than that’s awesome. That being said, as soon as the weather has improved I have told the bestie that I will be in need of a bar-hopping night Smile with tongue out

Today is (somewhat) back to the grind for me – I don’t have class, but I have a list of work to get through and my TA class has their midterm today. Have a great one!

<— What were some happiness-inducing things about your weekend?

<— How do you usually spend your weekends – in or out and about?


45 thoughts on “Happiness-Inducing Weekend.

  1. I’ll admit that I also haven’t seen the lion king! I did, however, see the stage production in London, so that sort of counts, right? Tiramisu flavour froyo? Heavenly!
    I usually spend my weekends in – I live in a very boring town so there’s not much to do!

  2. You are most assuredly not the only one who’s excited by the Insiders Report 😀 I may be biased because my dad has worked with the Loblaw company for forty years but still, exciting. What food lover wouldn’t get excited by new products?

  3. Ah sorry to hear that you have been affected by the winter blues but glad that your weekend help nip it in the bud somewhat :)! That fro yo combo looks YUM…and good call on freezing it for a bit! I hate melted ice cream/fro yo! Some of the happiness-inducting parts of my weekend include attending a friend’s wedding reception, fitting in a workout on Saturday morning, meeting a friend for coffee yesterday and dinner out with the family. It’s been a very social weekend but that can only be a good thing right :)!

  4. I’ve been struggling with the winter too so I can relate to your mood lately. This weekend definitely induced some happiness out of me, too! I’m so glad you had a good weekend with friends and food. That’s definitely pretty marvelous! Subway is on my bad list right now after Saturday’s race but you know how I feel about froyo 😉

  5. I have never seen the Lion King – is that bad? 😦

    Mm that froyo looks amazing! I wish we got good froyo here – we don’t have the self-serve kinds!

  6. All the colors in your frozen yogurt make it look that much more delicious. I prefer low-key weekends instead of being out super late.

  7. Manicures and Fro Yo!? Sounds pretty perfect to me. House Hunters and a Date Night were two of my happy things this weekend 🙂

  8. Frosted animal crackers on froyo! I haven’t had those in forever. I will have to get those soon, there the best!

  9. Iced animal crackers are amazing, especially on FroYo! They make me feel like a kid 🙂 And I swear bright workout gear makes me work harder! Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

  10. All of this food looks yummy!

  11. I cannot believe there are people on this earth who have not watched the Lion King! That is my most FAVORITE movie of all time.. I actually plan to get a tattoo to represent this love one day… a classy one because that movie holds a most special place in my heart 🙂
    We should have the BEST froyo dates together, well basically we would get the same things lol, I am loving the addition of the animal crackers. I always get those when they are available! oh and heck yes to the bright workout stuff, I go for brighter (because it’s better!) and makes you stand out more, which I like 🙂

  12. I’m definitely with you on being a homebody. It’s funny because I used to be all about going out every weekend and staying out until the wee hours of the morning, but now I find that I much prefer staying in or spending quiet time with family and friends… your weekend actually sounds pretty perfect to me 🙂 As for me, I spent the past couple of days getting a little shopping done for my upcoming trip to Hawaii and hanging out with the fam.

  13. Sorry, I’m still in shock he had never seen Lion King;)
    That’s so unacceptable haah. What the heck I never realized he played Simba either!!
    I used to be a huge party girl, but now I have way more fun staying in with friends and family and having those low key nights. I just can’t keep up with my 18/19 year old self!
    I tend to do a mix of in/out weekends, since my friends still like going out most of the time.

  14. well you know what is up! I need to take cues from you. I have been in a funk, like a big funk so it is nice to hear that self care is possible even with just the smallest things. I need that reminder a whole lot

  15. never seen Lion King – crazy… glad that was fixed 😉
    happiness things from this weekend was spending time with my sisters and running in disney’s princess half marathon.

  16. This put a huge smile on my face for you, love 🙂 I am much more of a homebody these days, so weekends like this scream “yay!!!” to me. The back on your new workout top is fabulous, and froyo while watching Lion King?? Life doesn’t get much better 😉

  17. NEVER seen the Lion King?? Whaaaaa I can’t even process that information haha. And Subway + froyo was a college staple for me back in the day! Loved both so much, my junior year I lived directly upstairs from Subway. It was amazing.

  18. WHAT?! The The Lion King was on TV last night and my boyfriend went to change the channel. I was astounded and took it very personally. Haha. FroYo is always a good idea. Yum!

  19. I agree! Sometimes it’s best to stay home and take care of yourself and your house. Sometimes I get so caught up with having to go to the grocery store, go do something fun, go clothes shopping, go out to a bar that I never have time to actually clean my house, or paint my nails, or come up with new recipes or meal plan.

  20. I love weekends like that! It’s always the low key ones with lots of awesome little things that are my favourite kind of weekends.

    I have the HARDEST time finding jeans too. Properly fitting jeans for short people just don’t seem to exist. I used to buy a lot of mine at American Eagle, but I hate how they stretch out so much and never skinny fitting for long. 😛

    Also I totally freaked out and got excited when I saw the new PC Insiders Guide was out too haha. There are so many awesome things in it! I can’t wait to try that baby kale. Also did you see the coconut water? It’s so cheap! #win

    The happy parts of my weekend were on Friday when my mom and sister came to visit! Going out for lunch at Organic Works, seeing Warm Bodies, going out for dinner at Garlic’s and then just chilling in front of the tv with them made for the perfect day! The rest of the weekend was spent studying though (ie. not so happiness-inducing haha).

    • I did see the coconut water, I want to try it next week! I’m not a fan of regular kale, but I want to give that mix with Swiss Chard, baby kale and spinach a try. If I still don’t like kale even in baby form, I can just pick it out :-p

      And at least you got that one happy day in with your mom and sister – the recap sounds like it was pretty fabulous.

  21. seems you had a good weekend! the nails are awesome! and dinner … omg. cook for moi! haha

  22. Girl, we’re definitely on the same wavelength today–I couldn’t help but laugh when I read that you’d pay for a hand massage (sans nail polish) because I said those exact words to the woman who did my nails tonight! So funny. I LOVE hand massages, and basically melt in my chair when the nail technician gets to that point in the manicure. 😀

    Your weekend really does sound perfect. And I’m not just saying that. “Small moment” weekends are my favorites because I’m able to relax and enjoy the things I love without worrying about adhering to some sort of schedule. Subway + froyo couldn’t be a better combination, especially froyo covered in seriously delicious candy (so with you on the animal cookies, too!). The Lion King is one of my favorite movies of ALL time, so I’m glad you were able to introduce the boy to all its gloriousness. I still listen to the music semi-regularly; those songs are the BEST.

    Love the neon yellow workout top–especially the back! I’m pretty certain that bright gym clothes always lead to better, more powerful workouts. 🙂

    Happy Monday! xoxo ❤

    • haha I think manicures will be happening more often around here solely for the enjoyment of that hand massage. looove it.

      “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” maaay be stuck in my head. Probably for the next week. But I’m surprisingly ok with that :-p

      Have you have a great Tuesday darling! ❤

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