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Rehashing February.


Recapping Better With Sprinkles in February!

Recipes and Reviews:



Working on my Fitness:


Moments of the Month:

IMG_1024 A

Random Stuff I Blog About:


Despite the general dreariness of February, I’d say there were some gems in there. Smile Hope you have an awesome Saturday!

<— What are some of your best moments in February?

22 thoughts on “Rehashing February.

  1. That’s a great quote from Ellen. Best moments in February would definitely have to include visiting Hawaii and going sky diving, really getting inspired to blog more and eat much more natural unprocessed foods and just generally enjoying the warm weather we’ve been having here (in Australia)

  2. I love that Ellen quote, so true! I hope March is an awesome month for you!!

  3. I’d say Feb had some pretty awesome moments, love 🙂 Think your random posts were my favorites (although I loved the others too)….March is going to be better for everyone!! Longer days, slightly warmer temps, spring coming…win 🙂

  4. I’m glad feb is over because spring is soon!

  5. love that Ellen quote — so so true! and I couldn’t agree more, it’s all about the little things. Love your blog pretty inside & out :]

  6. This was a good month for you. So many amazing posts that i still Star in my reader. Hope march is just as inspiring.

  7. Any month that involves homemade pasta sauce is a good month! 😉

    Some of my best moments this month were when my mom and sister came to visit, cooking dinner with friends, going home for family day, and eating all the chef’s delicious creations at work haha.

  8. Mmmm, delicious! I loved February, full of love. Can’t wait for springtime though

  9. I love Ellen! February was ok I had wisdom teeth removed and the design of my website was finished so making progress! Hope you have a great March! LOVE + Shine Courtstar

  10. Love this! My best moment of February is spending time with my sorority sisters. 🙂

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