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Pinterest Fail and Blog Updates.


Good morning!

So how was your weekend? Mine was quiet – but I know next weekend will be busy, so I didn’t mind. Saturday night for me was about eating leftover spaghetti and watching Pitch Perfect again. That is going to be a movie I’ll be watching multiple times. Smile


Of course, Sunday started with errands…


hello, Laundromat…


Followed by a trip to the gym. I made sure to get a lot of stretching in over the weekend, so my knee seemed fine by the time I got to the gym. I swear – rest and stretching/foam rolling. Works like a charm. Although I’m starting to wonder if it’s an IT band issue – I noticed how ridiculously tight it was on the left side when I was rolling yesterday.

Pinterest Fail

I decided I wanted to play around in the kitchen for a little while yesterday. I had some extra-ripe bananas that I wanted to do something with.

Anybody seen that pin for homemade banana chips? Basically, you slice bananas really thin, dip them in lemon juice, put them in oven for 2 hours at 200, flip and cook for another 1.5-2 hours. I decided to give it a shot – whenever I get/make trail mix, I always make sure it includes banana chips…and then I eat them first. Always my favourite part.


All that from two medium bananas.


After 2 hours in the oven, this is what I got:



Clearly they were done at this point – even though 2 hours is supposed to be halfway. They were definitely crispy (most of them) but they were pretty hideous and just tasted like lemon juice. Yea. Fail. So those went right into the garbage (Kinda think I need to submit that to Pinterest Fail).


Fortunately, dinner was a success.


Chicken coated in mole sauce, baked sweet potatoes and steamed broccoli. I had some mole paste buried in the back of my cupboard, so I pulled that out and mixed a couple of spoonfuls with chicken broth until I got it at a good consistency.  I love mole – but it’s something that I’m terrified to try making myself (it has like a million ingredients). This turned out well though! I was pleasantly surprised that Eric liked it – he’s never had it before, and it’s a bit of an acquired taste so I wasn’t sure what he would think. But he was a fan and it’ll definitely be reappearing soon.


Dessert bite x 2 – dark chocolate with a smear of Cookie Butter. Cannot go wrong.

And something else that I did over the weekend – some much needed updating! The About Me, Blog Roll, Recovery page, Recipe page and Workout Log have all been updated. Definitely was a long time coming.

Today, I’ve got a lunch social at King’s Buffet again. Clearly, this means more sushi and Dim Sum. Smile

Have a great one!

<— Ever had a Pinterest fail?

<— What’s your favourite trail mix component? I’m also a big fan of chocolate chips (of course) and yogurt-covered raisins.


45 thoughts on “Pinterest Fail and Blog Updates.

  1. Chocolate smeared with cookie butter- I knew I liked you for a reason, Sam! Your Pinterest fail made me laugh…something tells me you’re better off eating the banana straight up in all its glory! Check out the site – you aren’t alone, my friend! Aside from banana chips, I love yogurt-covered raisins or chocolate-covered peanuts – yum!

  2. Awww well at least you tried haha and at least it wasn’t dinner 😉 I’ve never had a pinterest fail…but I also haven’t made a ton of recipes from there either so I’m sure it will happen to me with time….my fav part of trail mixes? Anything yogurt/chocolate covered 😀

  3. COOKIE BUTTERRRRR!!!!! I need to bring that back into my life again. Actually no. I don’t. I feel like everything I do on pinterest never comes out as good as the picture tells me it will. I chalk it up to photoshop 😉

  4. HAHAHA loled at your magazine. Definitely had a few kitchen failures. My first kale chip experiment was hilarious. Glad your knee is feeling better! Definitely keep working out the IT band though. Whenever I had residual pain from meniscus tears etc. it was usually caused by tightness or adhesions in the IT band and not my actual injury. Happy Monday sweet girl!

    • I’m afraid to try making kale chips – If I’m going to burn the building down somehow, that would probably be it.

      That’s what I figured – I’m going to make a point to foam-roll quite often. I did a lot over the weekend and the pain literally disappeared.

  5. I swear, half of what I make off of Pinterest is a giant FAIL. Even if it tastes good, it looks nothing like the pictures & I get majorly disappointed. I have much better luck when I just make things on my own haha I need to stop trying to be creative. I second, Sarah. It’s all photoshop!

  6. Oh no so sorry about your Pinterest fail! Your dinner looks good though. Luckily all my pins have turned out pretty well 🙂

  7. Oh man, boo to pinterest fails. I haven’t had any yet, but that’s probably because I haven’t tried any haha.
    I should get to that! Oops. I’ve heard there have been a lot of fails though, that’s so annoying.
    I’m glad your knee is feeling better! Hope that pain is over and done with.

  8. I am pretty sure I have done way too many pinterest fails. but dinner looks delicious, I guess that can make up for it right?

  9. Dark chocolate and cookie butter is my favorite! Almost everything I try from Pinterest is a fail.

  10. I LOVE banana chips, and I actually have seen that recipe floating around the Pinterest world. I owe you a big thank you for being the guinea pig with this one, because I’ve been meaning to try it! Bummer. Have you tried plantain chips? They’re my latest obsession!

    I’m a huge mole fan, and now I’m craving it big time. When I studied abroad in Mexico during college, I took a cooking class, and we made our own mole, which literally took four hours. It was totally worth it, though. I love the complexity of flavors! And what’s not delicious about nuts, spices and chocolate?! I’m glad the boyfriend enjoyed it!

    My favorite trail mix contains lots of chocolate chips, coconut, peanuts, almonds and yes, banana chips!

    Happy Monday, Sam! ❤ xoxo

    • I have tried plantain chips before, I liked them!

      And that’s so cool. I would love to make my own mole sometime, but the time-intensive aspect terrifies me. I first it in Mexico when I was 18 and absolutely fell in love with the stuff – so delicious.

      Have a great one Sara!

  11. Pitch Perfect is a fav of mine, so aca-awesome 😉 I tried a cauliflower crust from Pinterest that pretty much flopped. The banana chips sounds nice in theory! Trail mix must have some sort of chocolate to be considered legit in my book!

  12. Yogurt covered raisins are the best, I don’t tend to buy trail mix here but I always pick up a bag of yog raisins when we go to the cinema.. way too good! I don’t use Pinterest but I did have a baking fail last week – tried to make florentines and it went so badly 😦

  13. Oh my gosh that Pinterest fail is kind of amazing! You should definitely submit it. Dark chocolate with a smear of cookie butter sounds like the best dessert ever!

  14. Pitch Perfect! Horizontal running! Love that movie 🙂 My favorite trail mix ingredient is peanut butter chips 🙂

  15. I’ve tried before to copy hair styles from Pinterest and just completely fail. One made me look like I had a horn of hair coming out the top of my head so I can totally relate! At least your dinner was a success but nothing worse than spending all that time on something that you think is going to work really well and just doesn’t.

  16. I have to say I’ve been doing my best not to join Pinterest. I’m afraid I will get sucked and spend hours and hours pinning things haha.

  17. that dinner looks so great and certainly redeems the pinterest fail – holy mole! ha had to say it! i’m a nerd.
    props to you for at least trying to make the banana chips. i’m too lazy to try anything from pinterest 😛
    i’m kinda freaking out b/c my dad saw 4 movies on friday (he had a long international flight) and so far today i have read 3 out of those 4 mentioned in blog posts. weird right? he did NOT like pitch perfect at all but my mom loved it! she loves anything w/music!

  18. Oh darn, that sucks that those banana chips didn’t turn out! I think I have the same ones pinned. Maybe your oven is actually hotter than it says it is? I know I have that problem with mine. It’s at least 50-75 degrees hotter than the dial says it is. 😛

    Banana chips are totally one of my favourite parts of trail mix too. Plus dried apricot and dried papaya!

  19. LOL I don’t think you could pay me to eat those banana chips 😉

  20. Haha, I always see things on blogs that look SO EASY! Then I try them and realize that I am capable of screwing up a lot of things. I will definitely not be attempting pumpkin seed butter again, haha.

  21. ohh yeahh that dinner def looks delicious. and so far I haven’t had a pinterest fail. I’m sure that’ll be coming up real soon.

  22. never tried making banana chips… thinking using our dehydrator would be a good bet for making them. we have not had a pinterest fail — yet.

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